E.L.F Cosmetics Full Face Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! In this post I will show you a one brand tutorial using Elf products So actually I had already bought these products from this early January But because I didn’t have time to try out these products So I have been postponing the review until now I had tried these products yesterday and I’m sure with my review of it So finally today I shoot this post! Also by the end of this post, I will tell you the best and worst of Elf’s products And if you are curious with their products read this post till the end And let’s get started! The first product.Elf Poreless Face Primer This primer is used to minimize pores Let’s try it out. I’m using one pump of it. Focusing on the nose area And areas which have large pores The texture is so soft and silky So it feels like silicone After using it I feel that it makes my pores look blurry Not making it small or big either but blurry effect So yeahh.so far so good Now I will be using its concealer Elf HD Lifting Concealer This colour is light The reason why I use concealer first is because the tone is not too white but more of orange-toned colour The colour is darker than my foundation so I have to use this first in order for my foundation to cover the concealer The texture is quite thin not too dense But the colour is not too good Its undertone is quite orange coloured Quite peachy and orangey I do not think you can see it clearly from the post but the real colour here is quite orange-brown mixture So this is the result I’m pretty impressed because it is so natural As if you did not apply anything on your skin This is suitable for daily use but if you want to cover your acne scars I do not think this can do the trick It is more to low to medium natural coverage For the foundation, I choose Elf Flawless Finish Foundation of porcelaine colour It does not have much choice for the colour and when I browse Google, the choice of the colour is. hmm.

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Full Face One Brand E.L.F. Cosmetics Tutorial

It’s very hard to choose the colour so I choose the whitest colour and I always choose my foundation’s colour to be lighter one shade because as you can see my body’s skin tone is lighter than my face I do not know why maybe it is because I often do my photoshoot or post under the sun for a long time, sometimes even up to an hour So my face is more exposed to the sun that causes my face to be darker Actually I have used this before and the result is so natural so you do not have to skimp while using this This is the result of the foundation (I used 3 pumps) I have never used foundation that much before It looks good and flawless on my skin also very natural does not feel like using 3 pumps of foundation It feels so light so if you use only 1 pump the result is too natural as if you do not apply anything But if you prefer foundation that gives more coverage this is not for you the result is not too dewy also not too matte so it is right in between When you touch it, it is not sticky at all Now I will set everything using this Elf Loose Powder I will apply it on my cheek. I will apply this much only because if I apply too much powder the lines under my eyes will show obviously and if I smile, it looks like wrinkles I will recommend this product to those who have oily skin because it sucks up the oil and holds the oily skin pretty well but if you have dry skin.

A little bit too dry so I will sweep it off. For the eyebrows, I use. Elf Brow Pencil and it has the spoolie brush which is a good thing now I will fix it up a little bit This product is super pigmented so you have to draw it slowly or else your eyebrows will be too dark In my opinion, it is easy to apply it also has the spoolie brush so it is very convenient Ouch.my eyes often dry up while applying make up because I use softlens Eyebrow.done! I will continue to the other side It’s doneeee and now for the eyes, I will first apply. eyeshadow primer This is the Elf Eye Primer People say that it is very good but.. I do not see any significant differences I will even it up using my hands looks like I apply too much For the eyeshadow, I will use Elf Prism Eyeshadow in naked colour Actually I have used it before in the Valentine’s Day make up tutorial post so the colour is like this.. I will first show you guys the coloursswatches So this is the swatches. I lost my clip while using the first colour, so I apply the fourth colour on both my upper and lower eyelids applying the last colour on the outer corner Afterwards, I apply the last colour on 1/3 of the lower eye corner to darken it Now I will apply the third colour on my inner eye corner Now it is time for the eyeliner and I use Elf Black Gel Liner The content is like this So I have tried the eyeliner before and its texture is super creamy It is easy to apply, not causing pain to your eyes and it is also pretty long lasting So the eyeliner is very creamy and black the result of it is excellent But since I’m not good at gel liner and I’m not familiar with the brush So I will show you up to this point This is the result of the eye makeup I only clipped the eyelashes and applied mascara So here is the result I did not buy Elf’s mascara because I’m very picky about mascara I fear that the mascara does not have any effects so I would rather not buying it I’m not in the mood to put on eyelashes today so the result is like this. Now I will move on to contouring I will use Elf Contour Palette it has 4 colours I will first show you the sread that is the white colour this is the beige colour and this is the darkest colour and I will mix both of these Afterwards, I start contouring from here AFTER CONTOURING BEFORE CONTOURING here you can see the difference I will apply it on the jaw and chin For the nose part, I will apply the lighter colour because I do not like strong contouring on the nose a little bit here.

Cosmetics Full Face Makeup Tutorial

Okay I really like this contour palette The last time I tried, I applied it too little so I couldn’t see any significant differences But today after applying it all, it actually looks very nice For the blush and highlighter, I bought. Elf Bake Highlighter and Blush in rose gold colour This is the blush. and here is the highlighter. wow.the highlighter looks nice The texture is quite hard. .so I have to dig a little deeper in order for the colours to pop up or else it is pretty hard to apply Oh yes, the blush also contains the highlighter Okay, because the blush did not pop up its colour so I will use the highlighter directly wow. Oh no.so beautiful. I feel like my highlighter is a little bit too much here. so I will wipe it off a little bit using beauty blender here too.on the bridge of the nose For the lipstick, I’m using. Elf Matte Lip Color in hot commodity colour The texture is nice even though it is matte but not too dry it is creamy and pigmented In my opinion, the lip colour is beautiful And lastly, it is the setting spray Elf Makeup Mist & Set I will spray it onto my face So this is the final look! Okay everyone, this is it! The one brand tutorial using Elf products and so far, I think their products suit my skin well there are only a few that I do not really like it So now I will let you guys know the BEST and WORST of Elf products according to my opinion For the best product, the first one will be Elf Contour Palette because the colours are really beautiful on my skin and it is not patchy at all, really smooth and the colours are really beautifuulll, I really like this so if you are looking for affordable contour palette I would really recommend Elf The next product that I like is. Elf HD Lifting Concealer I have watched other posts of Elf products and many of them do not really like this product but personally, I like this very much So this product is really suitable for those who like natural result those who do not want to use foundation daily who use concealer only to even out their skin colour this product is really good for them The only flaw in this product is only its colour Its colour is light but I personally think that the colour is quite dark hence, the shade is not really nice Next, the product that I like is. Elf Gel Liner Even though I rarely use gel liner but I think this gel liner is very good The colour is very black and its texture is also very creamy so it is very easy to be applied The last product that I think is quite good.

Elf Prism Eyeshadow This is very suitable for the summer look because it is shimmery but if you do not like shimmery then DON’T buy this because all of its colours are shimmery no matte at all and there is no blending shade in this The next product is the one that I do not really like and the first one is.. Elf Flawless Finish Foundation Earlier just now I said that this product is very good it is good indeed, but. I do not know whether you realize this but it oxidizes too much It started off as white but as time goes by (1 hour, in this case) the colour oxidizes and turn into browner and darker whereas this is the whitest colour of all this is the whitest foundation that they have but as you can see now my face is darker than my body Actually this is not so bad because the result looks good, natural and flawless But yeahh.it oxidizes too much and you need to pump a lot, apply a lot There is plus and minus in it, but I’m just not a fan of it Next one is Elf Loose Powder Okay I just want to say that this is the product that does not suit my face so that does not mean that this product is bad Actually the product is quite okay but it is too dry for people with dry skin so I do not really like it but if your skin type is oily then this is good for you And the last one is this Actually I really like the highlighter, but the blush is not good For me, it is not so much of a blush but more of a highlighter So I would suggest you to buy a product that is really a highlighter The rest that I do not mention is just so-so neither too bad nor too good Okay so this is it! The one brand tutorial on Elf’s products and the BEST and WORST of Elf I hope you enjoy reading this post because I myself really enjoy making this post today Maybe it is because it has been too long since I last shoot a tutorial post So I hope you guys like the post and if you want me to have other one brand tutorial post comment below on the brands that you wish So thank you so much for reading and see you guys next time Bye!.

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