Let’s walk back to my blog today. I want to share with you a really beautiful and super simple updo. I absolutely love this hairstyle because it looks incredible and it is so easy to do you guys absolutely loved my last simple updo it was my most viewed post of 2016. So thank you So much.. So I really want to share another one and, I know you guys are going to love it all you need for this hairstyle is a hair elastic it could be a little clear one or you can use a regular-sized one does not matter and if you have ever gotten up dude before you know that you will also need some bobby pins. So, I’m starting off with freshly curled wavy hair. I find that just gives the whole look softer more romantic appearance but you can definitely do it with straight hair as well it will give it a more chic sophisticated look okay.. So I ended up swapping out my clear elastic for this thick one because.


I just know that it is not going to be strong enough. So what you want to do is just throw all of your hair behind your shoulders and we are just going to gently gather up the sides. So nice and loose and then we are going to create a ponytail on the back of our head now to help add some volume into this hairstyle, I’m just going to hold on to my ponytail with my one hand and then starting on the right side, I’m just gently tugging upwards on small pieces of hair just to create a more rounded shape at the crown and then as you can see it gives that really nice lift without having to tease your hair okay now grab a part of your elastic at the top of your ponytail and pretend as if you were taking your elastic out of your hair but only pull your hair half way through to create a mini bun and then you want to wrap your ends around your bun then you want to create a hole just above your ponytail almost like as if you were creating a Topsy tail but you do not want the hole to go all the way through just a little pocket now we are going to flip our bun upwards and into the hole and step it into that pocket we created if you have a lot of hair like me you will have to work a little bit harder to get it in there but it will go how amazing is that you can see it forming now. So you just want to take some bobby pins do not be shy with them. I used at least seven and slide them through part of your elastic and secure it to your head and then put them throughout just for extra support this will help secure it all night long feel free to stop here but. I love adding more volume to this hairstyle to really make it pop. So, I’m holding my hair into place and gently pulling on small pieces of the bun this is just going to give it a fuller appearance especially if you have thinner hair this is just going to create the illusion of fuller thicker hair and because we created a hole above our ponytail the top section is a little separated.

. So I just added one more bobby pin just to tie it all feel free to lock it in with some hairspray if you want to help last you all day long but that’s it you guys that’s how you achieve this really simple beautiful updo you guys. I’m completely in love with this hairstyle like it looks way too good for the amount of effort that actually goes into it like. I promise you it is just as easy to do as a look. I think this would be. So perfect for a special event if you paired it with a strapless dress, I’m really pretty earring. I think that it would look absolutely gorgeous this would also be really good for work if you work in an office some more business business casual kind of vibe.

I think this hairstyle would really set you apart and stand out you guys have to try this trust me it is amazing and you will have to let me know what you thought in the comments down below if you do recreate it do not forget to share with me on Instagram. I love waking up in the morning and checking my Instagram and seeing your recreations it honestly makes my day yeah thank you guys. So much for reading and I will talk to you in my next post sign.

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