Easy Beachy Half Up Hairstyle for the Holidays

Hey Everyone Abbey here with this beach hat up to it is got what, I will calling beach ringlets, and then a little fishtail that you can do either messily like. I did or a little bit more properly. I actually like stuff like this in the holiday season. Because sometimes it is nice to kind of pull out Blake Lively, and pair a beach hairstyle with a really nice looking dress. So let’s go ahead, and get started step one is to curl the hair, I will going to give you guys the curl pattern that. I use for these Beach adrenal it is but if you do not like how they look you can always do something else you are going to separate your hair from your ears up, and clip it out of the way, and we are going to work with that lowest section first basically all that you have to do is wrap either a three quarter inch iron or a one-inch iron, and you can do this with the one with a clip or clip us one like, I will doing, and then once the curl is done you just go ahead, and let it fall that’s going to create a looser curl which is good on this bottom layer. Because it makes your hair appear longer once it is curled rather than if you were to do a tighter curl. And I think getting great mermaid beach hair is all about having nice blog looking hair. So it is great to do this. So that your hair looks a tiny bit longer even when it is curled. So once you have got that layer done we are going to move on to the second section of hair to create your second section you are going to split the remaining hair in half unless you have a lot of hair, and then just go about two inches up from your previous section, and then clip it out of the way now we are going to take your iron, and you are going to wrap your hair around just like we did in the first section but for this one once it is done you are going to go ahead, and let it fall into your hand.

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So you are holding it in that curled shape kind of pull it all together. So that it makes a donut sheet, and then roll that donut up towards the top of the hair. So it is right against your roots, and then use a bobby pin or like where. I’m a single prominent clip to hold it in place, and you are going to continue that around this layer that’s going to make these curls much more voluminous.

So it is going to make your hair look much more full, and like you have tons, and tons of hair which is again very mermaid, and beach without creating too really looking hair. Because for the top layer we are going to do something different. So for this top layer you are going to go ahead, and let the rest of your hair fall down again if you have tons, and tons of hair you can split that into sections if you need to, and you are just going to do what we did with the first section which is to wrap your hair, and let it fall that way these curls look a little bit less perfect, and it gives you that great beach look while still having the volume from that middle section. Because that kind of poof’s off the hair a little bit then it gives you that great from a tee look, and once everything is done you can go ahead, and take these little clips out, and let the curls fall back down, and you will see that you have some great curls going on if you feel like they look a little bit too perfect still just take your fingers, and kind of shake them a little bit do not brush through them. Because then you will lose the ringlets but you can always shake them a little bit if they look a little bit too perfect to you, and once that’s all done. I also recommend hitting it with a little bit of hairspray. Because that will always help it to hold a little bit better as well, and now for the half up portion of this hairstyle you are going to take a bit of hair from the front on each side in this demonstration.

I took all of the hair from the front which. I actually kind of regret. I think you should just take about or inches around your part. Because that looks a little bit more beach then you want to take a corresponding section on the other side, and secure them together with a small elastic band once you have those secured you are going to go ahead, and loop the hair through. So that it creates this cool little twisted effect on either side of the bream, and a great traits a great kind of transition into the fishtail braid. So once you have got that looped to your liking, and it looks twisted enough to you are going to go ahead, and split that hair in two, and you want to create a fishtail braid, and you are going to go ahead, and do that all the way down the hair, and once you have gotten to the bottom of the hair or secure it with a small band, and of course once you have that secured you want to go out back, and pull the braid apart a little bit to make it look extra big, and beach looking, and of course if you do not like fishtail braids or they are a little hard for you could always replace this with a normal braid or your braid of choice whatever that is once that’s done your entire hairstyle. I hope you guys like this you can definitely wear it to a holiday party or maybe just out shopping with friends in this holiday season. I hope you guys love it make sure to send me pictures if you try it out and, I will see you my next post.

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