Easy Everyday Fall Makeup Tutorial Lorac Pro Palette

Hi friends thank you for reading this post it is going to be very simple and easy, I look for the father that I have been wearing lately. Because my face is not perfect, I do need some help and this foundation has been my friend thank you I’m going to apply some primer to my eyelids. Because, I do live in Florida and as you might know it does get hot and muggy here. So, I do not my eyeshadow creasing on me I’m going to go with the color white it is matte color and I’m going to apply it from the inner corner to halfway and that above the crease just apply as much color as, I want to get the color payoff that, I need now wanted it pretty pretty white and then just blending out the corners then I’m going to quote the color taupe with the blending brush to 1:7 for Mac and then just blend blend blend and my crease a little bit above the crease and then just in my corners just blending blending blending windshield wiper motions ladies windshield wipers mention those on your eyes that’d be.

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So weird then I’m going to go with the color sable with the 209 brush from Mac also and I’m going to make a slight V and then just apply it as close as possible to the lash line and, I just blending it out a very outer corner of my eye it does give a little dimension a little more dimension to the eye, I think it looks very pretty then just blend blend blend and blend some more this is the two on seven brush and then I’m going to go with another two to four brush and then just blend blend blend then even more I’m going to go back with the color white and then just reapply it on top of the white color that where we applied before. Because we did with some of the color while we were blending we do want to cut the color way to pop out make size bigger, I think then going in with the color nude it is pink and sparkly and, I think it complements the brown it looks really pretty in a highlights thigh then go on with eyeliner this is one of my favorites it is really really easy to work with do you ladies sit this closer than your as, I do when applying eyeliner yeah took me a while, I guess my hobby got tired. So, I started posting outside sorry baby here I’m just cleaned up my eyeliner trying to make it straight then I’m going to go with the color sable again with the same two 1:9 brush and I’m just going to apply some color on my lower eyelashes just you know blend it out as much as, I can.

Because I’m not going to apply a new eyeliner down there. So, I just want a little bit of you know darker color down there then apply a lot of mascara or little whatever you prefer, I prefer her a lot here I’m going to go with Maybelline fit me concealer with the color white. If you do have dry skin like me it is very moisturizing, I like this concealer Lots really pretty and then just blend it out with a damp Beauty Blender and then set the concealer with NARS translucent clear powder, I think it is crystal clear one of those names and it makes skin look beautiful really really beautiful then I’m going to highlight my eyebrows with the color it is a matte cream color then bronze up my face a bit chiseled those cheeks yeah this color is. So pretty. So pretty for fall has the perfect color of shimmer it is beautiful and this lipstick I have been wearing this non-stop every single day it is pink and shiny who does not like that, I do thank you for reading this post, I hope you really liked it let me know what you think love you.

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