Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another middle of boot post it is a girl Milania here and today, I bring you some really cool hair accessory styling tools to make our life easier on our hair it is supposed to be easier and faster I’m excited let’s put this to the test with my shorter hair and by the way I’m getting a haircut and a hair color on Thursday it is going to be very different hopefully.


Because I’m changing the color of my hair. So today, I have a bunch of hair accessory tools that we are going to test out on my shorter hair which I’m excited to see. If it actually works and. If it does save a lot of extra time let’s get started the first one we are going to start off with the swirl bun it looks really interesting it looks like a really pretty elegant updo that’s perfect maybe for like work or like a really cool party date night whatever it looks really interesting, and it is by the brand Mia and, I will have everything linked to where you guys them below if, I can find them, I did purchase all of these from Ulta. So when you unwrap it you will feel and see there’s like this velcro part right here this is this is what helps your hair attach and stay in place with the little wrap when you do put it together and then in one end you have a hair tie and then the other end you have a little slit in the back of the Boxee of the four-step instruction to help you make your life easier when you do try to achieve this swirl bun look. So let’s get started step one is to unroll this whole bun which, I did until it is flat and then put your hair into three sections and actually shows in the first picture a B and C the three different sections. So let’s do it.

So here are the three sections you are going to have two sections on the side and then one big middle section that you are going to gather into a ponytail wherever you want your bun to be. So it is going to be kind of like halfway towards the bottom of my back of my head next step is to take the hair type and make sure your actual swirl bun when it is flat the Valcour part is going to be facing outwards not towards the scalp it is me kind of going towards the top. So your hair is going to be laying on top of it. So tie off the hair into a ponytail. So the next step is you are going to take your ponytail and you are going to pull it pull it through the slit on the other end of. So now that, I have my hair put through the slit it is not going to work or it is not really working with me just. Because my hair is way too short, and it is not going all the way around the wrap or the swirl.

So this hair tool hair accessory is definitely not recommended for short hair this is definitely for the longer medium to long hair to make sure your hair wraps all the way around the wrap of the swirl and then basically what you do once you have it wrapped around you just take these sections and you kind of just go on top this world to kind of give it that really pretty swirl bun this is a fail. So far. But we are going to see. If we can try to make this work with shorter hair it might be a fail. But it might be a successful thing alright. So what I’m going to try is I’m going to take a ponytail out of the slit and then just take the swirl bun and then just to wrap it around the ponytail a cold spot which is a clear elastic in my scalp nice and tight if, I can. So next what I’m going to do is I’m going to take the ponytail and do kind of like that pointing tail bun that, I do, I take the hair spread it around and just place a clear elastic on top of it to kind of make sure the hair is covering the entire swirl bun then what I’m going to do with these sections on the eyes is going to take two I’m going to divide them into two sections.

So I’m going to take a first section from the back and I’m going to bring it over on top of the bun and just make sure it is pretty tight and then just wrap it around the bun too underneath and then just secure it with a couple of bobby pins some do the same thing to the other side divide into two sections then just take the section that’s towards the back and just loop it around the top the same way as we did the first one. So I’m gonna do the same thing with these front sections going to bring them over the top, and it is just secure it alright. So this is our overall look we did something with it it is definitely not is the world bun per se. But it definitely kind of resembles or. If faked. So that, I have a lot more hair in the actual bun which, I always appreciate. Because the Turner here it is kind of difficult to make those really nice voluminous buns.

So overall, I can’t really give a rating. Because, I didn’t accomplish the Sirah bun. But we did accomplish something out of it to see. If you could actually utilize the which were here and, I think we did a decent job, I think it looks pretty cute. So overall it took us like five minutes to figure out what we wanted to do with the actual swirl bun and two minutes to put it all together. So it is extremely fast it is really easy and, I think for like every single day or like early morning. If you are like in a rush or you mean even.

If you have wet hair, I think you do something with this test it out for yourself and let me know, I think it is a pretty cool hair accessory the next one we are going to try and test is the con air of vintage lines ponytail poof it says it is suitable for mid to long hair. But we will see. If actually can do something with my shorter hair, and it is easy to use lightweight and comfortable let’s test it out see how good it is. So it comes with two hair ties the little poof with the comb on it and then six bobby pins. So grab a nice healthy section of hair towards the front going towards the back and you are going to place the pouf right on top of your crown and back of the section with the little teeth the comb going facing going into your scalp basically into your hair. So next what it says you can actually take your hair that’s going to be covering the little pouf and give them a little tease just to add a little bit more volume and texture and dimension to the overall look and then just take the hair just bring it back and kind of cover the pouf you are going to pick up in a ponytail this is a veil nope that just looks very wrong alright. So overall, I think this is a definite must it is pretty genius especially for short hair it gives like the nice evil and gaited crowned head that looks like an alien you know that we always are striving to get you guys I’m kidding this thing is not good do not get it do not waste your money on this unless you have longer hair, I think it might work it look pretty cool and vintage on the box.

But for shorter hair no no unless you are looking for that look, I do not know to each their own right. So this next one is also a Conair vintage line, and it is the vintage twist and, I thought this was kind of cool. Because, I love my French twist, I want to see. If this would actually hold better without using like a bunch of bobby pins will see this work first step gather all of your hair into a ponytail. If you can. If not just do like a half updo with the French twist and, I will show you guys if, I can do or accomplishment and then you are going to start twisting it towards the bottom then you are going to pick it up towards the top finish twisting it and then bring it towards like the middle underneath and then bring it all together you are going to take your vintage twist tool and make sure the slant see how it is going kind of curved the curve is going to go towards your scalp. So you are going to take this to tool and make sure you grab the top and the middle of the twist.

So you did the insert it kind of like you put it underneath and they are using to secure it down what do we think of this one actually kind of like and appreciate it that it takes so much faster and much easier than just doing the regular way with bobby pins and putting it up first and then wrapping it around and then putting it again even though that way, I feel like you can get it a little bit more polished. But this one is extremely fast it is extremely easy and, I do appreciate it pretty good I’m gonna submit the next care accessory or tool is this wrap up by the beach waver it looks really cool you can do a lot of cool things with it, and it is basically a bug maker or kind of like a full bob maker, I thought it looked really neat, I love fun makers they make my life so much easier with short hair. So this is what it looks like it looks very similar to a lot of the other ones on the market the ones that make the bun very easy yes we do no work. Because, I already tried several these out for you guys. So I’m going to do something different and see if, I can create something else with this type of tool and we are going to try to create a French twist that, I just did. But with actually this as assistance to actually create the twist make sense right hopefully make sense kind of make sense in my head we will see. If it works.

So what I’m going to do first is I’m going to take my hair and pick it up into like a low ponytail I’m going to take this wrap up tool and take it instead of taking a horizontal I’m going to place a vertical and take the hair through the split I’m going to bring it out as much as, I can without taking it without the hair falling out I’m going to start bringing it and twisting it towards my hair or my head I’m going to take the ends and kind of secure them around the hair taking it inside alright it did something it is a little bit see. But I’m just going to take some bobby pins and just clean it up a little bit. But there we go kind of made the French or the vintage twist a lot simpler myself since it kind of does the twist for you that’s amazing even though it is not meant for it make your own stuff up for it it is a hack what do you guys think of this one another hack that we found for this little slit looking bun Baker is we are going to create like a vintage roll on the bottom or the back of our head instead of using like a headband we are going to do it this thing, I think it is actually a lot better and more secure. Because you will just slit and you actually roll it with the slit and then you secure it, I think it is cool let me show you guys what I’m talking about. So you do the same thing you are just going to gather your hair and took a low ponytail I’m going to take some nice hair out first. So gather into like a low ponytail and put it through the slit. So just tighten the slick and kind of spread the hair out just a little bit to make it a little bit longer.

So it is not all one big section and then very gently hold a little roll down. If some hair falls out that’s okay we are going to be able to pin it backwards back again. So just start rolling. So these ends you going to take them underneath or inside the roll and then do the same thing on the other side now take your bobby pins and then secure do like three to four bobby pins one on each side and then maybe two in the middle just to secure it. So there we have it a very simple kind of a roll up to, I think it is a really cute very whimsical romantic and just effortless a really chic and pretty you can leave it like this with like your hair is like hanging down or you can just take little sections and just take them on top of the little twists that we did it just to kind of like shove them inside it is going to stay put all day long. Because you already rolled it, and it is nice and secure with the bobby pin or. If any more extra security or you feel like it is nice and tight just take my bobby pins and just secure them in there what do we think of this one, I love this hack and, I like that you can utilize or come up with your different renditions for any type of hair accessory or tool and making your own, I really like this one, I think it is really cute it is really simple and it nice and secure and yeah you do not have to use like a headband, I love this one, I give it an A+ let me know what you guys would actually come up with instead of a bun what kind of hairstyle you would do with this wrap up by the beach waiver company really cool products, I like these this next hair accessory tool is kind of cool it is the canary Topsy tail tool and it comes with five pieces you have the one regular size top to tail one Topsy tail junior likes a smaller version and then three hair elastics I’m kind of interested, I never really understood the point of a Topsy tail the actual tool.

Because you can just do it yourself just twist it over, I do not know, I think you guys know what I’m trying to say here maybe it is great for like longer hair where you have a lot of hair to pull through, I think that’s where, I can kind of see the logic. But for short hair I’m not sure you really need this I’m going to do like a half updo just going to gather the hair use one of the hair elastic. Because they provide. Because why not it is right there even though it is black it is okay you can take your Topsy tail pull it through like this put your ponytail through the Topsy tail just like that and then you are just going to pull the Topsy tail through the ponytail, I can see why people like these. Because it keeps your actual top to tail nice and tight and secure whereas. If you do it with your hand you kind of have to loosen it in and pull it through and then you have to really tighten it what this kind of keeps it tight for you I’m going to do the same thing now we are going to take a smaller section right underneath with the ponytail I’m going to be just a small clear elastic. But this time I’m going to do the tiny one the tiny little Topsy tail jr.

sees that actually does anything or difference not bad, I guess for smaller sections of hair obviously this is preferred. Because you have less tugging to do instead with the bigger one to get all of this through, I mean these are kind of cool, I kind of like them, I might keep them. So, I goes top to tail updos they are kind of cool, I just tried pulling the lowest section and, I broke it honey air why you gotta be. So cheap, I guess we are going to use the big window. So there we have it, I think i’m converted to the top to tail even though, I thought it was pointless it definitely does a job for you what it really does it pulls the tail through to create top to tail which is incredible it saves the time and energy and effort. But I wish they made them a little bit more tougher. Because that’s pretty bad, I only did it twice on the third time it broke, I mean, I think would be better it would like really pliable metal like soft to spin metal maybe tougher plastic, I do not know Connor step up your game that’s pretty sad.

So last. But not least this hair accessory looks extremely interesting and very promising this is the lock a lock style pony connect. So you get like these two, I mean oh you would call them to kind of look like bungee cords you know what I’m talking about like bungee cords. But would like a little clip in the middle that connects them. So it could be very disastrous. If it snaps and like it could really hurt your hurt your head. But it looks really interesting and, I think this is really great especially.

If you have really short hair and you can’t connect your hair in the back and you want to create like a ponytail or something of the sort. So let’s give it a go and see. If it works. So in the very front of my hair if, I have a split down the middle or. If parted in the middle, I have some fringe that’s pretty short and it does not make it way to the back. Because it is obviously short. So we are going to test it out see.

If it actually works. So we already have a problem that I’m noticing the elastic is way too big and the hair is too short. So this is the problem it is a complete fail. If you have short hair the elastic is way too big and it does not hold the hair at all I have barely pulling it in the hair is just falling out completely like it is kind of no sense of this little invention that they have going on, I think it is a cool concept. But I do not know who would use it, I know, I said this product seemed promising it is not I’m not understanding who will use this and why you would use this just use a hair tie seriously. So that concludes this post, I hope you guys liked it. So these hair accessories, I think there were some of them are really cool some of them are really cheap some of them were kind of pointless and useless maybe just for short hair some of them made me work for a longer hair better obviously.

But there is not only just one way to use it correctly or properly you can create your own ways of utilizing the hair accessories like, I did some of the hairstyles all of them took me from one to three minutes tops they are super simple they are extremely fast and easy to use as you guys saw, I think are definitely worth checking out let me know which hair accessories you guys use to make your life easier thumbs up this post. If you enjoyed it and I will see you guys in the next one bye.

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