Hi my lovelies we are back we are still in New York we are gonna leave probably Thursday. Because we are gonna help my sister move to Tennessee that’s exciting. So today I’m gonna show you guys a few simple hairstyles that are perfect for greasy or oily hair for me that usually means either before the gym or after the gym. So, I will usually wash my hair every three to five days depending on how intense my workouts are. Because we did start going to the gym every day Monday through Friday it is a very active lifestyle especially for my hair even though, I do have a quite a bit of hair, I still do not want my hair to lay flat and just lifeless when it is greasy or it is ready like second third or fourth day hair, I always love doing some kind of updos or something fun and different.


So these are the hairstyles that, I like to do and there are. So many other variations first step dry shampoo, I always do it before and after the gym never app, I dry shampoo on wet hair it will cake up that’s a no-no first hairstyle is going to be super simple it is basically two ponytails you twist and you create into a button it is really cute it is really feminine, and it is a great for after the gym, I love this one you are gonna take each ponytail divided into two sections and just do a twist and then you are basically going to twist one side just kind of 1/2 over 1/2 over, I literally can’t even concentrate on the hairstyles right now. Because we have. So many deer and turkeys plane and eating with each other in my parents backyard. So now take one of the twist and put it on top of the ponytail and the other one you are gonna do on the bottom of the other ponytail and then secure with many bobby pins obviously my hair is gonna fall apart. Because, I have a lot of layers that’s okay, I like it and then I’m gonna take apart to each twist and voila all, I did was pull out a little bit more hairs towards the top to make it a little bit more uniform a little more texture and dimension and that’s it completes this look you have beautiful updo that is super simple it is gonna stay in place all day long and it does not look like you have super greasy or dirty hair next hairstyle is going to be with a scarf and a braid. Because braids scarves you see here are perfect combination I’m gonna do a simple French braid and then just kind of keep the fringe in the front to kind of hang you down and loose to make it a little bit more romantic and girly and then just add the scarf towards the end just kind of tie it off and kind of hide some of the hair subscribe it a section in the front leaving some of this hair out and then divide into three sections to start your French braid.

So outer sections over the middle now I’m gonna take apart the braid just to give it a lot more volume texture dimension and, I do not want the hair sitting very close mess scalp collecting more oil and now we are gonna add some kind of headband or a scarf, I found this one and my brother’s old bedroom it is a pocket square. But we will make do. So now basically I’m just gonna place it right in this area where my fringe and my braids begin I’m gonna do it nice and tight and double knot this pocket squares. So cute, I like it Valentin. If you are reading this thank you it is really cute and then to hide the bottom of the brain I’m just gonna tuck it right under the scarf to make it all cohesive and there we have it, I love this hairstyle. Because it looks stunning and it looks. So intricate.

But it is a little look you have really dirty greasy hair and with the help of a little scarf or a headband it kind of hides some of your hair right in the front we didn’t bring any extra lights with us and it gets really dark here up north. So we are gonna move on with this awesome lighting of ours for the next year the next hairstyle is going to be a reverse Topsy tail starting from the back of our head going towards the top it is really fast simple gorgeous let’s do it. So for the first section I’m just gonna grab all of my hair kind of make my section in the back now create a ponytail with that section divide it in half on top of the clear elastic and then we are gonna bring the ponytail going towards the top not bottom up and then I’m just gonna keep doing the same exact thing letting down the hair grab in a section and then picking the rest of the hair up and away. So we do not touch it and make sure you incorporate the ponytails from below into the new section once, I reach the crown area I’m gonna stop and doing the tops of tail and I’m gonna finish off with a bun with the rest of this hair or right here I’m gonna try to make it Messier just. So it is that sleek down to my scalp and then I’m gonna go into the top details and just pull apart a little bit of each section just to give a little bit more texture and dimension and there we have it for all the hairstyles, I hope you guys like them these are great for greasy oily after the gym before the gym hairstyles they are very simple to accomplish, I think you guys will like them let me know which one was your favorite, I love all them. Because they are all different keep a look out for the post I’m gonna do with tips and tricks on how to deal with greasy hair and, I think that’ll be a great post as well thank you for reading and I will see you next time bye.

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