Hey guys today’s post is inspired by all of you and not because you are lazy but because.

I know how valuable your time is So I really hope these hairstyles help to simplify your daily routine okay. So you want to save time in the morning but still look good and you didn’t have time to wash your hair. So my secret to freshen up my hair, I’m sure it is no surprise is dry shampoo my go-to dry shampoo is the chlorine one with O milk and, I’m thrilled because they’ve just launched it in a more eco responsible non-aerosol bottle which is awesome because. I can pack this in my carry-on when. I go on vacation this weekend and fun fact that.


I didn’t know is chlorine was actually the creator of dry shampoo and they are the only dry shampoo that is plant-based it is prequel and already ahead of the beauty trends you guys they are the botanical dry shampoo expert which is great because they use safe and effective plant-based products while respecting and preserving nature which. I think is great. I highly recommend checking them out they also have a complete range of dry shampoo for every hair type they just recently launched the chlorine dry shampoo with nettle which. I love but they have it in a natural shade for all of you darker hair girls, I’m dying to put. I shampoo in my hair it is looking. So flat. So, I’m going to use the new non-aerosol one and you just want to shake it up before you use it and then.

I just roughly section off my hair around the crown of my head and you just gently squeeze the bottle to release the product and you want to hold the bottle vertically and about ten inches away from your head and then you let it sit for about two minutes and just let that oh and plant extract hydrate and soften your hair. I personally like to remove the excess powder by roughly running my fingers through my roots. I think it just adds. So much volume but you can also brush up the excess powder or use your blow dryer on a cool setting feeling way more refreshed. If you want to get your hands on some of this chlorine dry shampoo we just also sulfate paraben and sodium chloride free it is available at drugstores across Canada. So now that our hair is prepped and refreshed and it has a little bit of texture in it thanks to the dry shampoo we can go ahead and get started this first hairstyle is a casual spin on a classic updo, and it is my favorite gather your hair into a tight ponytail but on the last loop do not pull your hair all the way through. So that you create a little fun now to give it a more effortless appearance loosen up the bun by pulling on the sides and then just pull in small sections of hair around the crown of your head this will also help to create more volume hook a finger underneath your bun through the elastic and then take your ends and just wrap them around your ponytail and tuck your ends through the elastic.

So they are held in place. I actually really liked the appearance of the ends sticking out but what you can do is take them and then take a bobby pin and just pin them out of the way and that’s it a super quick vine that you can do while you are running out the door next is an easy half of hairstyle with only three steps first to grab all the hair at the sides of your head and then tightly secure them together with the hair elastic the second hole into your hair elastic with one hand and then bring your ends up interlocking them in your fingers and, I’m pulling your ends down and through where the two sides are connected and then continue looping your hair as many times as you like. I did it twice and then to take some bobby pins and secure the loop to your head and there you have it a quick half a pair style that looks great but does not take forever to do next is a simple way to create the perfect bun in a hurry create a ponytail where you want your bun to sit and then begin a twist in your ponytail counter clockwise and as you are twisting it begin wrapping it around the base of your ponytail counterclockwise until you have reached your end the best part take a comb or a pencil and insert it through the top of your button. I mean you could leave it like this or you could take a couple bobby pins and quickly secure it the bun to your head and once it is secure just remove your comb and you are good to go and that’s how you can easily create a chic bun on the go okay this one may also be my favorite it is just a simple half a pair style, and it is a perfect way to get your hair up out of your face yeah they are all the hair that’s above your temple and then divide it down the middle into two equal sections why do you have your two sections to hide them around one another by crossing your right section over your left section and then bringing that left section up and through. So it is basically the same step as the first step of tying your shoe and then just pull it your two sections tightly and then ease on to secure them together with a small hair elastic then to really transform this hairstyle just pull on the sides of the knot to help it appear larger and help it stand out and there you have it an easy half up half down knotted hairstyle that’s a quick way to get your hair up out of your face ah. I love this one. It’s so pretty I’d love to know which hairstyle was your favorite and if you didn’t see it my previous post that.

I did with chlorine. I created a big voluminous ponytail using their dry shampoo with oat milk. I will link that down below but. I hope you found today’s post helpful if you liked it do not forget to give it a thumbs up and comment if you are not commentd already but. I need to go pack get ready for my vacation and, I will talk to you guys when. I come back bye.

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