Easy Loose Waves Inspired by Emily Maynard And Khloe Kardashian

Hey girls Abbey here. So a little while back. I did a post on my very favorite hair dryers. And I had this hair for it, and people asked for a hair tutorial. So I decided. I would do it, and basically it is kind of inspired by Emily Maynard, and Khloe Kardashian. I the whole time. I was watching The Bachelor of the season when she would have these loose curls. I would be like. I need to do a tutorial like that, and now that the season’s over. I highly a.m.. So I hope you guys like this if you want to kind of change it up a little bit um. I think Emily’s curls were a little bit less voluminous on top obviously Khloe Kardashian does a lot of volume. So if you wanted to do less volume, I will going to give you guys some tips, and tricks during the post, and if you want tighter curls than this also tips, and tricks in the post just. So you know hope you guys like this. I will see you guys later this week with another tutorial, and that’s it what-hey for this look, I will using Conair mega self grip rollers, and they are going to help to get the volume, and the shape, and these curls you are going to start out by parting your hair. I parted my hair on the side for this hairstyle although in the original requested style.

Easy Loose Waves Inspired by Emily Maynard And Khloe Kardashian Photo Gallery

I parted it in the middle it is up to you whichever way, and then part your hair in front of the ears on either side, and secure those out of the way we are going to work with the back first as. I always do. Because. I prefer that step two is to curl the top you are going to take a section that says wide, and as deep as your roller right on the top of your head make sure you use some heat protestant the is the smooth, and protected by straight sexy hair, and just go ahead, and spray that onto your hair, I will using a one-inch curling iron to go ahead, and curl my hair back and, I will keeping that hair elevated.

So that it creates a good bit of volume you can do this with a clip less curling iron as well if you like go ahead, and release that hair, and then you are going to take your roller, and start at the end, and wrap it forward until you reach the base if you feel like it is a little wobbly you can always use a clip or a pin to hold it in place, I will actually using a bobby pin step three is to split, and curl it back you are going to spy it in half, and then curl each side. So do not forget your heat protestant and, I will actually going to do this in two sections. So, I will going to split the hair in half, and go ahead, and curl it, and then wrap it on to the roller now if you have more hair than. I do you might need to do three sections just play it by ear, and once you have that curl to go ahead, and wrap it up now you see that, I will holding the roller on the hair at a degree angle to the head that’s going to create a placement that is halfway on base now that might sound a little weird but here’s the base then. I have a pair, and the is where the roller is placed it is halfway on base which gives you a little bit of lift but not a ton if you want less lift you are going to lower that roller.

So that’s underneath the base if you want more lift you are going to lift it up. So that it is actually on the base, and to do a half base you want to make sure that you are holding it at a ninety degree angle from the head to do it less line base you are going to hold it a little lower, and more on base you are going to hold it a little bit higher that might sound really technical but just play around with it is a lot easier than it sounds, and then you are going to repeat this whole thing on the other side now if these curls aren’t tight enough for you what you are going to change is the roller size they do a lot of different sizes of these rollers. So just pick one that’s a little bit smaller you can use whatever size curling iron you have it won’t change it to too much but the rollers are going to make a big difference now step four is to curl the front.

So, I will actually going to split the deep side in half the side that has the most hair and, I will going to curl that hair straight back all the hair on the front we are going to curl straight back if you are doing this with the middle part do this section immediately on top of your head on either side of the part, and then once you let the curl down you are going to go ahead, and repart your hair just a little FYI for those of you guys who like middle parts, and here you can see how, I will wrapping it around there. I like to wrap the ends around just like that. So I have a full rotation, and then roll it up, and then you are going to go ahead, and do that same thing on the second section on that side just to curl away from the face, and then place your roller into the hair what’s great about the is that it is really only seven curls, and rollers. So it is a little bit easier on your hair. Because you are taking larger sections of hair, and it’s. So much faster, and it creates a nice long lasting curl. Because you are allowing the curls cool in that place which is creating your volume, and your shape now make sure to use some hairspray, and then you can let them down but you want to wait until that very last curl that you placed is completely cool, and once it is completely cool, and you are good to go. So you can go ahead, and take them out you just want to be really gentle it shouldn’t be too difficult to take them out. So do not worry, and you are just going to pull them out, and let them down, and then you can arrange them as you see fit once you have done that now for that last curl, I will going to go ahead, and take it out, and then spray the base with some backcomb in a bottle not teasing it just put a little bit of spray there to make it lift a little now, I will going to use some hairspray, and scrunch, and this actually adds to the shape a little bit, and it makes it hold longer. So here you go you have got your nice long loose waves. I love this but if you wanted a little tighter again just pick some smaller rollers it is a great way to mix up what you have. So if you only have one curling iron the is how you can mix up your looks here’s some more posts to check out, I have got two different curl patterns, and an easy vintage updo for you to check out hope you guys like this, I will see you my next post bye.

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