Easy Nicole Richie Inspired Hairstyles – Fall Hair Look Book

Hey girls Abbey here with our fourth, and final little fall look book, and this one is going to be bohemian relaxed Styles inspired by a Nicole Richie, and basically. I wanted to go with some that was really easy like not just that it looked easy but then it really was easy. Because sometimes you know you have those really easygoing looking hairstyles that they take forever, and these really relaxed hairstyles have been just coming in to trend more, and more. And I think it is just a movement that we are seeing in fashion in general is just that it is becoming more comfortable and. So I kind of like bringing that into the hair as well and, I will you know even though. I do these hairstyles here. And I like to do my hair there are a lot of days that, I will in a hurry. And I can’t spend forever on my hair. So these are the kind of things that. I run to.

Easy Nicole Richie Inspired Hairstyles – Fall Hair Look Book Photo Gallery

So hopefully you guys will like these as well they are really easy really quick, and they are just meant to be some nice inspiration for those days when you really do not want to spend any more time on your hair, and you would rather sleep hope you guys like this. And I will see you guys next Tuesday with another tutorial Wow hi okay we are going to start off with this nice messy bohemian texture that you can get on any hair type first you are just going to go ahead, and twist your hair all together, and twist all the way down the hair shaft, and then you are going to go ahead, and run your flat iron over that hair. So that it warms it up, and sets it into the new shape the bigger the section of hair the looser the waves will be, and then the tighter the little section of the tighter the curls will be, and once you have gotten it all warmed up you are going to go ahead, and pin it up against your head. So that it can cool in place that’s for me. Because. I have hard to curl hair but if your hair curls a little easier you might be able to get away with not doing that now your hair might not be naturally straight like my knee you might have some natural kind of stuff to it doing this will just kind of help but if. I get even more messy.

I kind of give it a more uniform look but if your hair already has a lot of natural waves you could just take a curling iron, and touch up a couple pieces, and that might be all you need to do for your hair either way go ahead, and let your hair down from whatever you decided to do, and you have got this nice little shape you can see you kind of have to throw it around to get it out of all the twists before it is kind of ready to go, and then you want to use some kind of products like a dry wax spray or a beach spray the dry wax is by kms, and then this Beach spray is by healthy sexy hair, and then once you have got that all done you have got your nice messy hair if you have naturally messy hair all you really have to do is put some of that product it, and it makes it look like you did it on purpose instead of just rolling out of bed. So this next half up half down style you are going to take a section of hair that’s right next to your face, and twist it backwards to the center of your head, and take another section maybe four or five inches back, and twist that section loosely until you have both twisted towards the back of the head go ahead, and pin them in place you are going to do the exact same thing on the other side. So take a section for the front twist it back take another section from the side twist it back again, and then you just pin those two together, and you have got your little half-up half-down style that’s really simple especially if you woke up with that messy hair texture all you had to do is make those little twists, and you have got this nice loose messy bohemian style. So now we have this up to you which is kind of a knotted up do, and have two options here.

I have this one with the ends kind of hanging down. So it is a little bit of almost a pony tail kind of thing or you can do this one where it is kind of this cool-looking knotted but it is very like Sailor sequel. I guess or nautical either way you are going to take your hair spy it in half, and you are just going to tie a half knot with it now you might not have enough hair to tie more than one knot that’s okay you can still just stick your pins in place right here, and also be a nice hairstyle but if your hair is long enough tie it twice, and once you have got it tied in place you are just going to go ahead, and stick in some pins into that knot to hold it in place. Because the hair is knotted it is going to have the hair really compacted. So that it is easier to hold those pins into it. So there’s your first option you have got you kind of like ponytail thing going on which. I like. I think it is kind of cool to have that hanging down but just in case you want kind of a sleeker updo or just a different look, I will going to show you guys how to do it with the other way basically you are just going to take those ends, and tuck them underneath, and pin it in place. Because of the way the knot is done it just looks like you are finishing off the knot. So that you have got this like cool looking knot in your hair nobody really knows how you did it, and then you want to make sure that you pin any flyaways away also. Because they are not too cute, and you have got your cute little knotted. So that’s it guys. I hope you guys will like these bohemian inspired styles here’s the rest of the styles in the series be sure to check back next week. I have some more great fun hairstyles coming up, I will see you then bye you.

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