Easy Romantic Half Updo Hairstyles – 3 Dates 3 Looks

You better turn you better behave let’s see names the my name is Josie and as you all probably know valentine’s Day is coming up and whether you have a boyfriend a friend or you just want to show yourself some love it is the perfect time to test out some new fun hairstyles. So today I’m doing just that I’m showing you 3 different hairstyles for three different Valentine’s Day occasions.

So if you are interested in seeing how, I create these looks then keep on reading. So the first step for today’s look is of course to put in my lucky hair extensions today I’m wearing my 220 grams set in the color dirty blonde since the majority of these hairstyles today involves some sort of half up half down hairstyle I’m focusing the majority of these wefts towards the bottom of my head once my luck sees are all put in, I like to give them a quick brush and then I’m just curling two end pieces. So that my whole hair looks nice and blended.

Easy Romantic Half Updo Hairstyles – 3 Dates 3 Looks Photo Gallery

So this first hairstyle today is ideal for that girls night out sometimes it is just fun to spend Valentine’s Day with some of your best friends. So this hairstyle is just kind of fun and spunky. So what I’m doing right now is I’m sectioning the top part of my head on one side of my part and then I’m just doing a little bit of a twist grabbing hair as, I go along and pulling it back towards the back of my head once you have finished your twist I’d like to go ahead and pull out some pieces to make it look a little bit bigger and then, I take a bobby pin and push it through the end of the strand to kind of hold it in place while move on to the next side of my head from here we are repeating the exact same process once you are done you are going to want to take those two pieces pull them back behind your head and tie them off with an elastic hair tie next up is to invert this little ponytail we just made you want to kind of make a hole and then push the entire ponytail through it moving back to the front we are now taking the remainder of the hair from below the twist all the way to our ear and we are creating another twist once you are done you want to go ahead and take this twist and wrap it around that ponytail and secure it off with a bobby pin next up is just to repeat the same exact process on the other side of our head by twisting it pulling it apart and then wrapping it around the back side of our head to then secure it off with a bobby pin now we are going to be creating a pull-through braid if you are not familiar with this basically you are taking two different strands of hair what you are going to do is you are going to take one strand of hair and pull it aside and it is going to be splitting the other strand in half from here you want to rejoin these two strands and tie it off with an elastic below the pulled back piece of hair and then you want to just pull it apart and bring you the remaining strand over from here you are going to repeat again split it in half bring the remaining strand above and tie it off and then you want to pull through the remaining pieces I’m actually only going to be doing this three times however if you have longer hair or you want to make it look like a more dramatic effect you can do this as many times as you want to make a really long looking braid and here is the finished look perfect for that date night out with your girls this next hairstyle is ideal for that romantic date with your significant other to begin we are going to go ahead and take hair from around the side of our neck and then also bring it from the front and we are joining them together, I kind of added a little bit of a twist here and then I’m pulling it through with an elastic and we are inverting this piece just like we did in the first hairstyle, I like to pull some face-framing pieces out and also tug on that twist that, I made beforehand to make it look loose and romantic once again we are repeating the very first step we are bringing that hair around from the back side and joining it in with the front I’m just twisting these pieces together and then tying them off of the elastic and then inverting the ponytail this hairstyle could be left here but, I decided to add a fishtail braid this is just gonna be really loose and messy but, I really think that it takes the hairstyle up a notch now I’m only gonna braid about halfway down and then I’m going to cut it off by tying it with an elastic hair tie and then from here I’m just gonna pull it out and pancake the braid just a bit for the final touch I’m just gonna take a small strand and wrap it around that hair tie and then I’m actually tucking into the back of the elastic and there’s your look this final hairstyle is perfect for those cozy nights in when you just want to be alone and spend some time to yourself this is going to be a topknot hairstyle.

So I’m just beginning by pulling my hair back, I like to kind of cut it off for my ear and then make a straight line up and pull all my hair up from there if you are in the mood to treat yourself but you are not quite feeling a hair style you can always try doing a hair mask Luxy here actually has a post on how to create your own DIY hair masks at home once you have all your hair pulled back, I like to go ahead and take a hair tie and tie it off on the top of my head next up you want to go ahead and just pull out any pieces to kind of give your hair a little bit of volume and then you are gonna take that ponytail and wrap it around to create a nice simple bun once your bun is in the desired shape that you want it to be, I like to take some bobby pins and just secure it in place, I love this hairstyle because it keeps my hair out of my face. So it is perfect when I’m putting on a face mask and spending a night at home that’s all for today’s tutorial if you guys have any photos of yourself rocking your luck C’s make sure to tag at e hair on Instagram or you can use the hashtag luxy hair anything guys are interested in seeing more of me you can head over and check me out on instagram at josie underscore sanders or you can check me out here on my blog is just josie and i’ll be linked in the description below if you want to see more you can go ahead and check outs latest post right here thank you guys. So much for reading today and I will see you later bye.

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