Easy Updo For Short Hair

Hi everyone my name is Ashley today I’m going to be showing you guys how, I achieved this really simple really cute updo now this updo is my go-to hairstyle usually when, I start pushing third or fourth day hair my hair starts to get really greasy updos are great for dirty hair because the oils within your hair will really help hold the hairstyle and make it last all day. So if you want to see how, I achieve this look just keep reading before, I start this hairstyle I’m going to clip in a few of my custom cut dirty blonde luxy hair extensions usually when, I started pushing third day hair, I find that my hair starts to get a little limp and flat.

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So, I had a few laughs for my old set cut to match the length of my hair this is an awesome trick for any of my short hair girls who love their cut but are looking to add some more volume to their hair now let’s get started for this tutorial all you will need is your favorite hair band a few bobby pins and a hair elastic before, I start this hairstyle I’m going to quickly brush through my hair to make sure the hair is smooth before sliding on my headband, I purchase this headband from ardennes but you can use any headband you like once you have the headband positioned on your head carefully brush or pull the hair at the back of your head down this will help to avoid that little poof in the back if you find that your headband slides a lot in this position you can always bobby pin it down to secure it in place now that. I have gotten my headband secured where, I would like it to be I’m going to separate my hair into three sections two sections in the front of my face and one in the back I’m then going to grab the back section of hair roll it up towards that back elastic and tuck the hair carefully into it now this part can be a little tricky. So be careful you do not want to move that had been around too much once all the hair is tucked in you can then pin any short layers that are sticking out moving on to the front section starting with the right side I’m going to create a Dutch braid going down the right side of my head if you do not know how to create a Dutch braid no worries we will link a full tutorial for you down below now that my Dutch braid is completed I’m going to carefully fan this braid out for extra volume if you have a lot of layers like myself be very careful when fanning out your braid to make sure you do not pull out any layers once done I’m going to tie that braid off with an elastic and tuck the braid into the bun at the back of my head for all my girls with layered hair be sure to add any bobby pins needed to your braid to help secure those hairs down now for the other side, I like to keep it simple.

So for here, I gently twist the hair towards the back of my head and tuck it into the other side of the bun and of course secure any loose layers with a bobby pin the struggle was short layered hair is real guys once everything is secured gently run your hand over the button to make sure everything is tucked in and that’s it you are good to go and then you have a very cute very simple perfect hairstyle for those who have short hair long hair curly hair any kind of hair that you have this doll is perfect for you. So give it a try and let me know in the comments below what you think I’d love to hear from you guys and do not forget to Like and comment for more great hair tutorials see you guys later bye.

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