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I wanted to throw in an extra post this week. Because, I have been gone, and not uploading posts for a couple weeks. So hope you guys like this the is actually extremely easy. I think the is one of the easiest updos, I have ever uploaded, and it is great. Because it kind of works with like a formal is um hairstyle. So it could work for like prom or homecoming or being a bridesmaid or a bride now. I had a white dress laying around. So I decided just to throw it on to go with this the is not my wedding dress, I will anticipating people asking that in the comments. So just clear the minds know. I would not wear my wedding dress in a post before my wedding not going to happen um. So that’s it. I hope you guys like this and, I will be back next week with more tutorials be sure to leave me comments with requests for what you guys want to see next, and that’s it, I will see you guys in my next post what hi first we are going to section the is really easy to separate the hair in front of your ears on either side, and make sure to clip them.

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So that they do not get in the way, and that is it for sectioning super easy now we are going to bump it basically go ahead, and take the hair from the top that’s right behind where we did that sectioning, and tease it, and then you can take another section that’s about an inch wide, and tease that as well you are going to tease up the hair shaft. So you get lots of volume, and this really it does not need to be a huge bump but you really do want at least a little bit of lift there to offset all the volume that we are going to do with the rest of it then go ahead, and flip the hair back, and smooth it, and once you have got that all smooth you are going to go ahead, and bring it together. And I twisted mine just a little bit just. Because. I like the look that that gives, and go ahead, and stick a pin up the center of that, and pin it into place now the step next step is to scrunch basically take a section of hair a large section of hair, and take your fingers, and run it down backwards, and you can see it kind of gathers all that hair up together then gather that scrunched here all the way up together, and pin it in place that looks absolutely crazy but you can see what, I will doing here is pulling the crazy ends of that down, and kind of creating a more cohesive look. So here’s another section where, I will pulling up backwards, and then kind of arranging it into place, and pinning it into place, and then you can see as. I pin it. I pin down those really crazy bits.

So that inside you get this kind of mess tasseled look then, I will taking all of the bottom section that’s left, and teasing that with my hand positioned on top. So that the mess kind of stays on top, and then rolling it all up together, and pinning into that, and then you are going to take either side, and pin that into place, and that is it for the back now we are going to go ahead, and place the front. So take the section from the front, and arrange it back however you like it. I like to mine swooping just a little bit like that, and then go ahead, and pin that into place right against the bun that we just did. So that it stays in place really nicely, and then go ahead, and do the same thing that we did before with the scrunching step, and brush backwards onto your hair, and pin it into place, and again take those crazy edges, and arrange them kind of against your head, and pin that into place now we are going to do the same thing on the other side. So, I will just arranging it as. I like it, and pinning it into place, and then you are going to go ahead, and backcomb with your fingers just a little bit now if you have very slippery hair you might need some hair spray on your hair just to give you a little enough hold to do that just a little tip but if you have thicker hair that ought to be really easy then go ahead, and arrange those little edges against your head pin them into place, and you are done that’s it is really nice, and simple you just bump it, and then you kind of back comb your hair, and pin it into place, and you are done. So it is really nice, and easy it looks like it took forever but it is really easy, and with all that back combing it is going to hold really well throughout the day now here are some more posts you can check out if you want to. I always love to show you guys some more options definitely tweet me pictures if you end up using this hairstyle. And I will see you guys in my next post bye.

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