Effortless Waves Hairstyle Tutorial

Hello, I come to you today finally from my own bedroom in London we have been travelling for something like five weeks and I’m actually. So grateful and happy to be back in London, I love London anyway today I’m going to be showing you these beautiful soft and effortless ways these are my new favorite. So I’m super excited to share them with you because they are really easy to recreate.

So let’s get started now the first thing I’m gonna do is quickly walk you through all the tools you are gonna need and it is not gonna be a lot of tools the most important thing of course you are gonna need some kind of a curler I’m just using this clipless one if you do not have a clipless one you can use the one with a clip it does not really matter it can still work. So you are gonna need to do that and just use any medium size barrel what you also get to need is a hair clip you are gonna need a hair comb a hair brush and definitely definitely a heat protector and I’m just using Giovanni this is an organic formula and it is also cruelty free alright. So let’s get started the first thing I’m gonna do as always is quickly brush my hair just to make sure there are no tangles and I’m wearing my ombre blonde locks your hair extensions today I’m gonna start curling my left section first.

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So I’m just gonna pick out a small section from the left side and the first step always is to spray it with a heat protectant I’m gonna be about five six inches away because otherwise it is going to be too close and it is going to wet the hair. So just spray it from top to the bottom and then I’m going to take my comb and I’m going to brush through this section and what this does is it evenly distributes the heat protectant and you know protects your hair and the extensions now the next step is I’m gonna grab my curling wand and I’m gonna start first curling away from my face and I’m gonna do this twice and then I’m just gonna hold this for 10 to 15 seconds to make sure the curl is set and then I’m going to slowly release that and I’m going to grab the rest of the hair and I’m going to curl this towards my face just like that and just hold that for another 10 seconds okay now that, I release the curl you can see the really awesome shape it is very effortless because it on one side it goes this way to the left and then it goes to the right. So it is super cool it looks more effortless and natural for example my natural curls do the same thing they go into one direction and the other.

So if this looks very very effortless now I’m just going to show you one more section to make sure we are clear on the steps. So gonna curl it away from the face first hold the rest of the hair towards the face and this is also a reminder that the next section will be curled towards the face hold this for a few seconds to make sure the curls set oh it is hot do not touch the curler and then I’m going to grab the remainder of hair and curl this towards myself. So towards my face and hold that for a few seconds and then release that into my palm and that’s what you get now I’m just going to continue doing the exact same thing and then I’m going to show you the end result now before, I finish curling all of my hair, I wanted to show you one section on the right and how, I curl my hair on the right.

So same concept for spray the hair with heat protectant which we comb through the hair and then we are going to curl it away from the face first twice or three times depending on how long the hair is I’m gonna do three times or sometimes, I do it twice it really depends on the section alright I’m just going to hold it for 10 to 15 seconds and then the rest of the hair I’m gonna use to curl it towards my face and then hold that for a few seconds as well and that’s what it looks like and now that I’m done curling all of the hair the real fun part begins. So I’m gonna go into the waves and I’m going to loosen them up and mess them up just a little bit. So I’m just gonna run my fingers through the waves to make them look even more effortless and as you can see as I’m running my fingers through the hair it also expands the hair makes it look more voluminous I’m going to do the same thing on the right side personally I’m gonna skip the hairspray part if you here is more fine and it does not hold the curl really well, I would highly suggest using hairspray my hair is more thick and, I already had some product in the hair sessions before.

So, I know that this curls will hold whether, I add hairspray or not and I’m just going for more of a natural look. So I’m not gonna be adding any hairspray today but if you feel like you need to definitely go ahead and add that and that’s what the finished waves look like super effortless super cute and super feminine that’s it for today give these effortless waves that try and let me know how you like it down below leave me a comment, I love hearing from you like this post it will totally make my day, I love you guys and I will see you soon bye.

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