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Hey Everyone kale here today, I will doing Elsa’s hairstyles from frozen. I got a lot of requests for this. And I thought they were really pretty hairstyles, and they aren’t very hard to do. So we are going to go ahead, and do that today, and we are going to start off with this twisted bun. Because it is a little bit more time-consuming to explain first of all for texture, I will just using this sexy hairspray clay. So that my hair has a little bit of grip, and some extra volume in it. Because else. I had tons, and tons of volume in her hair, and you kind of need some grip to get this style going next we are going to section the hair first off you want to section out the area where your bangs either are or would be on depending on whether you actually have bangs or not, and then clip that out of the way next we are going to go ahead, and brush all the hair over to the side where the bun is going to be if you look at her hair from the back it is all brushed over really nicely for that bun, and it helps to kind of go ahead, and get that shape started now rather than later once you have got that done we are going to create a diagonal part kind of at the corner of your eye up, and that’s what we are going to use to twist. So just take a diagonal section like that, and we are going to be all ready for our next step which is to twist.

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So you are going to take the section that we just took bring it up, and over your head twisting away from the face, and then kind of like you do in a French braid sort adding little pieces into it, and just keep twisting this does not have to be that difficult it literally is just adding pieces in, and twisting your hair, and you want to continue that till you get just past the section where the bangs are then incorporate hair from the back. So go ahead, and slide your finger along kind of that top section of the back of your hair, and incorporate that hair into the twist you also want to incorporate hair from the front, and continue twisting. So basically you just keep twisting your hair stop adding more hair twist stop adding more hair you just keep going like that. So you are going to see again, I will going to take another section now that, I have twisted some more. I take another large section from the back, and once you reach the top of your ear you want to go ahead, and if you have long hair like. I do, and you do not actually have bangs you are going to go ahead, and let that bang section down then you are going to incorporate that hair into the twist that way it kind of looks like you have things even though you do not if you actually have things you can just leave them free-falling you do not have to worry about any of that then you just continue twisting away from the face until you have incorporated all of the hair into your twist once that’s done you want to take a look at it again from the front, and make sure you like how it looks if the front does not look quite dramatic enough you can always loosen it up just a little bit to make that twist up here a little bit larger once you have that done you can go ahead, and secure your hair with an elastic, and then if you need to you can use a comb to kind of even out the front bang area if it looks a little bit messy, and now we are ready for the final step which is to make the bun now. I ended up with not very much hair left here. So I have two hair extension around the outside for the final product but you do not have to if you do not want to for That.

I just kind of twist it away from my face still, and then. I wrapped it back up, and to get that kind of like double layer looking bun like she had you want to make your first circle really nice, and tight. So that it kind of creates its own little bun, and then you are going to create the rest of the twist the second time around you are going to go underneath just like, I will doing right here. So you get the kind of like two layers of the bun, and then once you start getting towards the end of your hair you are going to go ahead, and press down on the bun with your free hand, and tuck the ends of the hair underneath the bun with your other hand, and then you pin it in place, and your bun, and hairstyle are good to go. So this could actually possibly work day to day. I think you could make it work but it is definitely good for a costume look if you wanted to dress up as also. So that’s one hairstyle down let’s move on to the second hairstyle which is her French braid which. I love of course cut it is a braid. So we are going to start off with some teasing that’s kind of a necessary part of this hairstyle you want to separate a large square section of hair from the front of your hair right around your hairline, and you are going to go ahead, and just pin that up, and out of the way, and we are going to work with the hair that’s directly behind that.

So start right on top of your head, and take a large section of hair, and tease it lightly until you get kind of a nice Snooki poof sequel thing going on then we are going to make corresponding little poof’s on either side of that. So that it looks very even from the front you just want to look into the mirror, and make sure that it is all balanced, and as bloom innocence you want it to be, and then we are going to move on to the next action which is to curl, and cheese some more. So first of all we are going to start off with the cheesing let that front section of hair down, and spy it in half, and then we are going to use this back section of hair, and tease just a little bit more once that’s done go ahead, and pick up the rest of the front section, and use your comb to smooth it out then you grab a large curling iron, and curl those front pieces going away from the face. So that you get some extra texture especially if your hair is a little shorter than my in the front they do not have those great little pieces that fall out kind of like hers do throughout the movie then use your fingers to sweep the hair back, and use a little bit of hairspray to add some texture, and hold now we are just going to do the French braid now her French braid actually starts about around the ears. So do not go up as high as you think you need to right there, and then you just French braid all the hair until it is incorporated, and then over your shoulder just continue to braid normally if you have shorter layers they do not make it quite back into the French braid that’s actually a good thing it is going to look a lot more like Elsa’s hair than minded in the back just. Because. I didn’t have those short layers it is not going to look as accurate, and if you have trouble getting those pieces to say just make sure to hit them with some hairspray then after it is done you want to go ahead, and fluff out that braid just a little bit to make it look extra voluminous, and you are all done. I hope you guys have enjoyed this hairstyle let me know which is your favorite one in the comments below if you are interested in the product that. I use for most of this post. I did a review, and demo on it just in my previous post. So you can check that out, I will see you guys in my next post mom bye.

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