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Hey guys welcome back to my blog and, I just take a moment to say that there are over 64 thousand of you guys that’s crazy. I can’t believe it and with all my new commentrs I have been getting a ton of requests to share with you guys my go-to makeup look and the makeup that. I have been wearing in my posts it makes me is so happy because. I wanted to share it with you guys. So bad and it must mean that, I’m doing something right for my everyday makeup look. I use majority drugstore products a lot of these products are ones.

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I have loved for a very long time and this makeup look is super simple you guys. I just try to give myself a flawless natural finish enhance my natural features. I do not even have any eyeshadow on my eyelids that’s how simple it is so if you want to know how I transform myself into this look then please keep reading. So already went ahead boy stur eyes to my skin before. I come on makeup. I want to make sure that there’s no dry patches for a foundation to cling onto and then, I’m just going to put on some the thumb.

So I like to mix two parts of my L’Oreal infallible Pro matte foundation in the color 101 classic ivory and, I’m almost out of this stuff and, I’m actually glad because. I do not like it at all. So why am. I using it it is great to lighten up the next foundation that. I like to use but it honestly clings to all my dry patches dry patches that. I didn’t even know existed and it goes on really patchy.

So, I’m really kind of disappointed in it but that’s how much. I will apply to my hands and then. I do one part of the Maybelline fit me foundation in the color 220 this obviously is not the color of my skin. So it is why. I mix the two together but the formula of this foundation. I just love it it gives my skin the most natural flawless appearance and although it says matte and poreless. I find that it gives my skin a very dewy and fresh appearance.

I love it. I definitely need to get one that’s just in my shade but for now. I 5 mixing them works best.. So I just use the back of a foundation brush and just mix it all together on the back of my hands. I have this awesome Beauty sponge from quo that. I like to use wet and, I just take the bottom end of it just dab it right into my foundation and then.

I just Pat it all over my face.. So I do not really put too much foundation underneath my eyes because, I’m gonna go back in there with concealer and highlight that area but. I do like to put a little bit of coverage and then, I’m just going to put a second layer on my cheeks especially in the winter time they get. So rosy and, I do have a lot of beauty marks and freckles.. So I just kind of want to even as the complexion there and any excess product on my Beauty sponge.

I just put it on my ears my chin and, I run it down my neck as well next, I’m going to go in with my favorite concealer to highlight and this is the maybelline instant age rewind in the color and neutralizer if you have never tried this go out and get it the stuffs incredible. I also love the color light but this one has more of a yellow undertone. So it really brightens up my under eyes.. So I like to apply this in a triangle shape just underneath my eyes and go up the side of the nose. I got lots of redness right here. So let’s cover that up and, I can apply to my lids to cover up the veins and any other pigmentation and it works as a great base for our eyeshadows in between my eyebrows down the bridge of my nose my upper lip and my chin these are all the spots that.

I highlight and then. I just go back in with my beauty sponge, I’m going to take the tapered pointed side and, I like to blend out the edges first just to get some product onto my Beauty sponge and then. I will blend underneath my eyes and then. I just keep letting it all out with the abuse Bend and if the concealer on my eyelids. I like to go in with a foundation brush because there are so many crevices and, I just work it all over the lid now it is going to quickly set it before my wrinkles set in. So, I’m going to take this fluffy powder brush and, I’m going to take my Rimmel stay matte long-lasting pressed powder in 0:01 transparent and going to take a light amount of fist and just dust it everywhere that.

I concealed and then my eyelids crease. So badly. So, I’m going to pick up this all-over shadow brush and a little bit of a product and just press it all over my eyelid and brow bone and then any excess that’s left on the brush. I just sweep it under my eyes and try to erase all those fine lines now to add some more life back into my skin, I’m going to go in with some bronzer and, I probably use this product since high school you guys it is the NYC smooth skin bronzing face powder. I love the stuff. It’s so great for my light complexion because it is not too Orange and in the formula of it it is like a super pressed powder. So it gives you a really natural finish.

I love this stuff. So and, I pick it up on a blush brush. I love this blush brush because it is kind of pointed at the top here. So what, I’m going to do is, I’m going to kind of contour my bronzer but, I’m just going to dust the tip of this brush in the product step off the excess and then, I’m just going to start up at my hairline really light hand and just kind of circular motions right at my cheekbone and then. I also apply it up here on my cheeks because that’s where the Sun would naturally hit and then for my forehead. I practically just dip the whole entire brush in the bronzer and, I just pretty much apply it all over my forehead except where. I place to conceal it and then any excess is left on the brush.

I like to put it right behind my jaw and then run it down the rest of my jaw and it really does make it look more defined and, I’m gonna take this dome decreased shadow brush. I love this little guy. I probably use it every single time. I do my makeup. If I need to pick up a little bit more of that same bronzer and just run it through my crease. I like to focus it on the top of my crease since my eyes are so hooded.

I do not want to weigh them down and then. I like to bring it all the way into my nose and, I pick up a little bit more and, I just kind of swoop it outwards to make my eyes look more lifted and then. I run some bronzer down the sides of my nose and, I was applying it under my lower lip as well to give it more of a pouty look and then for my blush the one that. I always go back to is Milan E’s luminoso.. So I spoke assits on the apples of my cheeks and the next. I do my eyebrows and it really brings the whole look together.

. So I use two products the first one that I have been loving is the Anastasia brow definer triangle brow pencil in soft brown what. I like to do first is flee through my brows yes how great is this fully on this thing it is amazing. So what. I do with this product is. I focus it mostly in the arch of my eyebrow and, I just go a little bit out of my natural brow shape. I find this just opened up my eye and almost gives me like a full facelift and then.

I draw in a little bit of my tail as well and then. I stop here and what. I do is, I’m going to go in with an angled brush and a taupe brow powder and, I just fill in the front of my brows for a more natural look.. So I just draw a little line and then. I flick it up and then. I just go back in with my brow Wiz and kind of comb it all out the reason why.

I do not use this in the front of my brow is because they would come out. So bold. I have no control like. I love trying them and they have it you can see the difference on my face this one is the one that. I filled in this one. I have not filled in yet you can see how it really just opens up my eye now that my eyebrows are done, I’m going to go in and highlight and, I absolutely love a mary lou manizer by the balm this stuff is so perfect for my skin tone and, I love that. It’s so fill table you can do a really sheer natural finish or if you are going out at nighttime or something you can build it up and it can be blinding, I’m really fancy.

I just pick it up on the edge of my powder brush and then. I just lightly dust it on the top of my cheek bone and then any excess. I just kind of dust above my eyebrows and I will mention and then, I’m going to go in with my ring finger and, I’m just going to put some up here a tiny dot on the tip of my nose and then. I like to just run a line down the center of my nose as well and then this is probably a huge makeup no but, I’m going to go in with my beauty sponge and I’d just like to tap over top of it and then if, I’m just applying mascara. I do not usually line my eyes but if, I’m applying false lashes then. I do then, I’m just going to take a black liquid liner and, I’m just going to line that or two thirds of my eye just to help hide the lash band and then for mascara. I like to use the L’Oreal voluminous in black this is a brand new bottle.

I personally like my mascara it is a little bit dried out. I just like to do a light coat all over my lashes and then. I just kind of swoop them out to give my eyes more of a cat-like appearance next its eyelashes and these are the best eyelashes that. I have ever used and they are the Ardell soft touch in the style 162. I do not know why nobody talks about this particular line but. I really love all of the soft touch eyelashes you guys they’re. So natural and beautiful especially these ones if they are really full but they have tapered ends.

So they look really natural ish you do not give you that whole Dalek appearance like it really looks like you have these beautiful full lashes and I have always been a fan of the duo glue.. So I decided to give the brush on adhesive ago and, I love this stuff. I wore it all day yesterday super windy outside my eyes were watering and my lashes didn’t budge.. So I just apply a thin layer of this let it wait about 30 seconds and then. I applied my lashes with some tweezers next up is lips.

I got a ton of questions on my posts asking what, I’m wearing on my lips, and it is usually a combination of my three favorite lip liners and my three favorite nude. So you can share it with you guys ready. So my first go-to lip liner that. I wear all the time is NYX natural. I absolutely love the formula of this it is super creamy it stays on all day, and it is this really beautiful every day deep nude color and then my a second go-to liner is also from NYX and this one is in peekaboo and neutral they are kind of similar to each other except this one is a little bit rosier Avenue and then last but not least this one is by Rimmel, and it is in 0:49 natural. So we got natural neutral and then natural holy moly anyways this one is actually this is really similar to the neck NYX like scary similar but they both have a really great pigmentation and they have a really great formula but today, I’m going to be using the NYX lip liner in natural and, I just fill in my natural lip line sometimes. I try.

So hard to get my Cupid’s bow even that. I end up with just like one big Cupid’s bow and then. I like to draw it little horizontal lines just to make my lips healthier. I do not even know if it does anything but. I mean it does not hurt to try and then my go-to lipsticks are this L’Oreal color riche nude in the color two three five this is like my go-to everyday kind of lip color it is a really beautiful deep nude and the formula of this is so creamy. So, I’m actually going to wear this one today yeah. I love the formula this one you guys it is a super smooth hydrating does not dry out my lips breathe then my next go-to favorite is from Maybelline, and it is in the color and 920 nude lust this was like my go-to shade in the summer time.

I absolutely loved it there it is right there but then it started drying out my lips but what. I like to do to lighten up the l’oreal one is it take the maybelline one and, I just apply it to the middle of my lips that way to have a ombre effect and they look even bigger and heavier. So this is usually my everyday lip but. If I want something a little bit deeper and matte. If I go to new lipstick is from wet and wild believe it or not, and it is in the color 9:02 c fair at all now if this formula is super drying but it is a matte. So that is to be expected but a really beautiful deep rose color. So since it is so true I will make sure to apply a lip balm first and then.

I usually blot majority of it off just as if it does not dry my lips though. So there you have you guys that is how I create my go to a full face of makeup. So this is the look you would have seen in my past couple of posts except my Valentine’s Day post. I did actually wear eye shadow in that one but. I do try to keep it super simple just kind of even out my complexion and then enhance my natural features sometimes. I will deepen up the crease with a warm brown color maybe add some highlighter to my lid but this is pretty much it.

I really hope that you guys liked this post and found it helpful. I will definitely list all of the products down below. So that you can find them do not get to leave a comment let me know what you guys thought if you liked it do not forgive it a thumbs up comment down below let me know what your go-to and makeup products are I’d love to know what. I should try if we use any of the same products and, I love some recommendations from you guys for some new nude lipsticks also for a dewy foundation for dry skin and, I love you guys could recommend some settings phrase because. I really want to try some of to be you guys are amazing thank you. So much for the continuous support do not forget to let me know what you guys want to see next and I will talk to you my next post bye you.

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