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Help I’ve Never Worn A Suit & Now Have A Job That Requires I Wear One Everyday! Men’s Style Tips Hi! I’m Carl Centeno, the founder of this style blog. Today, I’m going to be answering the question, Help! I’ve never worn a suit in my entire life. Okay. If you haven’t already, please comment to our my blog.

By doing that, these posts will come right to you. In addition, if you like this and you find it useful, I would appreciate it if you would like it down below. And last but not least, especially for this post, I’m going to link you to quite a few articles, a lot of them talking about all the details that go into wearing a suit so that you can invest in yourself, so that you can invest in your own education because it’s going to go a lot more than just a couple of minutes. I’m going to talk quickly here about suits. It’s something that you need to invest a bit of time, and I’m not talking about getting a college degree here. I am actually talking though of just about spending a few hours exploring and learning about menswear because the more you learn, the better prepared you’re going to be and the less money you’re going to spend because you’re going to make less mistakes and you’re going to get clothing that you’re going to wear a lot more than if you buy something you just don’t like. Okay. This is the question that came in, Hello, Carl. I’ve never worn a suit in my entire life and I’m 29 years old. I just got an office job where I’m expected to wear a suit and tie every single day. I’m 179 cm tall and I weight 69 kg. I’m really worried about wearing a suit.

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Do you have any tips? I’m not going to mention the gentleman’s name, but he is in a situation which actually, there are quite a few men who find themselves maybe they get a graduate degree and they’re already approaching 30 and they have never worn a suit. All of a sudden, they get a job in which they’re in a bank, they’re working for a law firm, as a researcher, or they’ve got some type of job that is requiring them to dress in a suit and tie. Normally, you’re going to hear me say fit, fabric, and style, and that’s still important, but for a man just starting off, there are four other things I’m going to focus on. Those four other things are going to be: 1. He needs to first invest in himself. I’ve talked about that a little bit at the beginning, but that’s you taking the time to learn more about men’s clothing and getting it so that you actually enjoy and you can go out there and shop with confidence. 2. Seeking help, and this means finding a man to work with or working with a salesman that you trust who can make your life easier. And again, the trust factor there is huge. 3. You want to spend little at the beginning, so really watch how much money you spend. You don’t want to buy a $2000 or a $3000 custom suit as your first suit, although you may luck out and get something perfect, but chances are you’re going to be making which I’m talking about number four, is get out there and make mistakes.

4. Get out there and make mistakes, which sounds kind of funny, but really it’s about getting out there and taking action. Let me go back to point number one. Point number one is you need to invest in yourself. I said fit, fabric, and style and you’re probably wondering what do I mean there. Well, for anyone that’s followed some of my posts, they start to understand what I mean by fit, fabric, and style. And so, for you, it’s going to be spending a few hours going through and reading articles, and learning about men’s style, building a foundation. Once you’re got that foundation, which really will only take maybe five to ten articles, then you can go into the forums and you can learn a bit more there. Come back to the articles, they have some questions answered, and start paying attention to this. And like with anything, once you start learning about it, you’re going to find that it’s more interesting simply because you understand it. I mean, cooking for me, I would have to admit that Japanese food and sushi wasn’t that interesting to me for a long time. I grew up in West Texas.

I didn’t even know if there’s a Japanese restaurant in West Texas, but when it came down to it, my wife and I, we both got interested in sushi and we learned that actually, it’s not too difficult. The more we learned about it, the more we loved it. We started making it here at the house and that was amazing. We had people over and they were always amazed that in the middle of Wisconsin, rural Wisconsin, we’re making sushi. It’s something that we enjoy, that we love, but I wouldn’t have this love if I hadn’t taken the time to invest and learn about it and understand really what it is, the heritage and everything that goes into this beautiful artwork/food, whatever you want to call it. I’m saying the same for you. You’ve got to dive into this. You’ve got to learn about. And until you do that, you’re going to run into a lot of problems and you’re not going to enjoy wearing that suit that you have to wear every day. There are many men that do go through life and they don’t enjoy wearing the suits, and that’s really too bad because it’s a small thing that you can use to show I’ve used the shine on a diamond. You are that diamond and you want people to be able to see what you are inside and how when light enters that you reflect it off. You’re not going to be able to get that shine unless you understand how this is all put together and really how simple it is and how much you can enjoy it, so that’s investing in yourself.

Again, going to online sources, I’ll link it to you down there. I’ve also recommend a number of books. That’s a great place to start. I’ve got an upcoming course called The Style System, which is going to be a great place to start, so invest in your self. I’ve spent a lot of time on that one, but it’s important. Number two is to find somebody you trust. Work with a salesman. Work with a mentor. If you’re going to be thrifting, you want to perhaps find somebody who’s already thrifting. There’s a friend of mine, Will, over at The Houndstooth Kid. This guy in the Midwest focuses on thrifting and there are a number of other blogs out there that talk about this, but you could probably find somebody local who maybe dresses well or maybe even in your office, and he does a lot of thrifting and is someone that could tell you where to go. If you can’t find someone like that and if you have a little bit more money to spend or you have less time, this is where you want to probably work with a salesman.

And now that you’ve already invested in yourself, you know what questions to ask him and you can tell a good salesman from a bad salesman. A salesman is not a bad word. True salesmen, they help fix problems, and your problem is you need clothing and you want to look great, so a good salesman is going to help you solve that problem. Once you find this guy, you work with him. Of course, you’re going to be paying him money. That’s the way things work, but what he’s going to do is really help you save time and reap the rewards of looking great. Number three is you want to spend less, so don’t go to the most expensive store even though most likely they’re going to have some of the best salesmen, most knowledgeable ones. You want to start off slow because you don’t want to and this leads to number four, so quickly, you want to spend less money in the beginning, although you can ratchet that up quickly because number four, you want to get out there and make mistakes, and you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to buy a suit. You’re going to buy some shirts. You’re going to buy a tie in which it just doesn’t go with anything. You’re going to look back on this in a year and think, What was I thinking? I’ve got a number of suits in my wardrobe as a custom clothier that I don’t wear simply because when I first started off and had these suits designed and built them, I thought I knew what I was doing, but looking back, it’s a perfectly good suit, but it isn’t my personal style and I’ve moved past that.

You’ve got to realize that you’re going to make those mistakes, but because you paid attention to point number three, which is you spent less at the beginning, it’s okay when you make a $100 or $200 mistake versus a $1000 or $2000 mistake, and this is why you should also work with a company that has a great return policy or if they designed something for you, back it up and be willing to offer a money back guarantee. All right, so once you’ve invested in yourself, which is the number one thing, then you go out and you find someone that you trust and you can work with, number two; number three, focus on spending as little bit of money as possible; and number four, once you’ve made your mistakes, which you make in part four, then you can ratchet all this up. This has been Carl Centeno with this style blog. I’ll see you in the next post. Bye-bye.

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