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That’s the waterproof we are gonna go take it to the ocean and to the pool to see how chlorine and how salt water affects about today we are discussing a really crazy product that has been going all over social media it is the Wonder brow when, I hold this, I just want to say wunderbar in German, I feel like I’m holding something wonderful this is basically a really great product that has a lot of claims it is a one step brow gel it takes under two minutes and it creates perfect brows that last four days it literally says last four days. So let’s apply this bad boy and, I got the shade blonde.

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Because my hair is blonde. So you open it it comes in with like a tube obviously it is a lot of product actually and then it has instructions and it has a disposable spoolie for your eyebrows. So let’s start doing this. So there’s three steps to this brow process the first step is to prep your eyebrows. So basically make sure there is nothing on them. If you are ready applied foundation make sure you take a clean washcloth and just wipe whatever is on there. Because it says it will work best when there is nothing on the eyebrows step 2 is shaping and filling in brows you take the Wonder brow and you fill in the sparse areas with short feathery strokes going along with the direction of your hair growth.

So obviously you’d want to go the opposite way you want to go with the hair, I like that it is not too warm. Because, I hate when my eyebrows are too warm that makes any sense, I like them a little bit more cool toned I’m going to take the spoolie and then just brush up my brow hairs up and just kind of in the way they are growing and then I’m going to take the actual brush and just take a lot of the access on the back of my hand. Because it says the best and easiest way to apply it to get best results is start or very little and then just build up as you need. So, I didn’t know how to start this let’s just go into it it is actually easier than, I thought it would be honestly. Because the brush is kind of stiff. So it is easier to control rather than it nice and soft. So that’s nice and then, I just go back in and then grab whatever is left in my hand just to make sure you start small and then build up if, I need to.

So, I think I’m pretty happy with it it is my first time. So, I will play around with it later on. But today’s a first impression. So let’s do the other eyebrow. So a really cool thing about this product is, I quickly want to mention it has hair like fibers within the gel itself. So if you have like sparse areas it will fill it in and you will have more hairy eyebrows basically. But work very cautiously with it, I think next time, I would use an actual brush like a really thin angled brush to kind of get in certain areas where, I want more control.

So who’s ready to come with me and put these hairy eyebrows to the test, I’m let’s go. So we are headed to the beach right now to do a test on the hairy eyebrows and see how well they perform in the saltwater sand and humidity yeah yeah we will see how it does the bucket test is gonna be the fun one yeah Andre can we for that I’m kind of, I do not know I’m kind of learning it what’s the bucket well you will have to wait and see hopefully turns out the way, I wanted to know we just made it to the beach for some business endeavors not pleasure and the first thing I’m doing is sunbathing and seeing how that affects the Browse hopefully there’s still okay you seem like they are still in place. But the next thing we are going to do is go to your quick swim in the saltwater ocean and see how well my hairy eyebrows stay intact my brows are looking awesome after doing some swimming in the saltwater ocean took a couple laps done to my hair my face in the water, and it is looking awesome. I’m so happy with it let’s do this she’s not gonna enjoyed it. But I will that was awesome, I was like shot number six like he actually spilled water on my face once you get a nice profile shot yeah that was fun my eyebrows are still intact looking good we just finished with our beach test yes so much fun I’d had to dry off after that bucket test. So we took a quick walk and just chilled out for a little bit. So now that we are going to go get some dinner and then we are going to do the pool challenge it is just the same thing we are just going to do with chlorine water and see.

If it still holds up the brows still look amazing, I think they feel good and yes I’m very happy that it lasted and you guys just saw, I did my pool test with couple of different renditions on the bucket test, I just jumped in swam and having some good time over here my brows is still intact still the same shape is still the same pigness and, I just have one thing to say this stuff is wonderful alright. So let me do the 48 hour rundown for these hairy eyebrows, I just came back from the gym. So they are definitely sweat proof and gym proof. So you are good to go there. So yesterday went to the beach and we did some wonderful test there first we did the sunbathing test the swimming test in the salt water and then the salt water bucket test where he like literally shoved all that water at my face shoved her through this dish of. So that was really good and the brows were perfect they were perfectly intact next we went to the pool and we did the chlorine test, I swam, I dove in, I jumped in and, I slept for a while like 30 minutes at least and they were perfect and. If he does take you swimming on your first date your hairy eyebrows will be intact, I promise you that much they will you will go in with hairy eyebrows and you will come out with hairy eyebrows guarantee after the pool went to bed the brows or pull-up roof woke up in the morning took a shower their shower proof this product is awesome this is hands-down one of the best products, I have ever tried, I will keep using it it is very controlled even with the applicator works amazing, I’m very happy with this product and, I do not know what else to tell you very inexpensive, I think was like 22 dollars on Amazon.

So yeah it is at a plus for me are you guys I’m gonna go take a shower clean this mess off leave some comments down below. Because, I love reading them subscribe. If you have not thumbs up this post. If you enjoyed it. But for now, I will say my goodbyes and then, I love you guys all very much I will see you guys very soon bye.

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