Hey everyone I look a little more tan than usual probably not but. I did use as self-tanner and, I decided to make a post for you guys today. So you can see how I do it why. I do it and how amazing this product is so first off why is this product is because my skin is naturally pale. I have freckles like green eyes and light hair. So this means.


I am extremely prone to getting skin cancer when. I was younger. I thought. I was invincible. I would go to the tanning beds. I would burn my skin. So it would turn into a tan.

I just did not take care of it now that, I’m getting older. I always wear SPF. I protect my hands. I try and stay in the shade as much as. I can and, I try and keep these shoulders covered because. I do not want them getting burnt anymore this also helps prevent premature aging and wrinkles. So now that you know why.

I use the self-tanner let me tell you which one. I use.. So I use this stain trope Eze self-tanning mousse you guys. I love this Jeff trust me. I heard it just as many horror stories of you as you have about self-tanner it is streaky it is orange it is going to come out blotchy this step will put all of those terrible mists to rest but the most important thing is to get the mitt with it this mitt is a savior let me tell you it ensures that every time you apply this tan it is seamless no streaks it buffs it right into your skin and it makes it look. So natural.

I absolutely love it. So first things first when you are using a self-tanner you need to exfoliate the heck out of your skin to ensure that it applies super smooth and does not adhere to any dry skin. So what. I like to do is the day before, I’m going to sell tan. If I remember. I like to exfoliate with the st. Ives apricot scrub.

. So I know there’s a lot of controversy over this stuff it is too rough for your skin this is that but it works perfect for me.. So I use this all over my body focusing mostly on my knees elbows and my ankles pretty much any dry problem areas that you have after the shower you want to ensure that you boys sure eyes your body with a body butter. If I have one that’s what. I would be using but currently, I’m using the thing, I’m deeper storing 24 hour moisture hundred percent natural lotion. I applied this all over my body probably twice just to ensure that it is super moisturized now for the day of applying the self-tanner.

I usually apply it at night but. I have applied in the morning before heading up throughout the day does not transfer to your clothes it is not stickier tacky and, I actually really like the smell of it smells like summer. So anyways when you are showering before your self tan this is the time that you want to use a low a loofah alright and you want to scrub all that dry skin off of your body and then what. I like to do is at this point shape if you shave after yourself tan you are going to shave majority of your self-tanner off. So try not to do that shaving is also a great exfoliant and stay you do not have either you can also use a regular face cloth just put some soap on it and rub it all over your body just to get that layer of dry skin off of you okay. So now that we are in clean and exfoliated and smooth what we can do is we can apply the self-tanner. So usually.

I start from my feet up but in this case and just going to show you how to apply it on my arms. So you wanted to take a drive mitt the one that comes with it. I like to put two pumps of the mousse on the mitt then you just want to kind of close the mitt to distribute the product and then start rubbing it on your skin do not be afraid but you do want to move quickly.. So I start working in sections for example the top of your forearms on the top of your biceps and the top of your shoulders then underneath your arms and any leftover products on the glove we are going to use on our hands same thing goes for it see legs working section start with two pumps on your thighs top of your thigh that move down to your shins calves back of your hamstrings and any extra product you can use on your feet and ankles this product is super buildable. If you want an even darker tan you reapply it but. I just do one because.

I do not want to look too a naturally tan like. I said earlier once you have applied the self-tanner just wait like. I usually wait about ten minutes before putting any clothes on but you can seriously sleep in white sheets and it will not transfer this step is amazing and it adjusts to your skin tone. So obviously. I do not look that super tan when. I have a self tan on as opposed to somebody that has a darker skin tone using this H or PES tan. So keep that in mind if you are naturally darker than me and you use the Tanner you are going to come out.

I came out a boat. I do not know we will say like six shades darker than. I naturally am. So you will appear darker than. I do for sure now this product lasts me about three days just be aware if you are showering more because you are working out and stuff like that the self tanner is going to start to come off and say by chance it does come off a little bit blotchy you can just soak in a tub nice relaxed 15 minutes and then just start the same exfoliating process over again to remove it. So there you have you guys. I definitely recommend this Tantra PES tanning mousse.

I absolutely love this product. I know there’s. So many different types of variations out there but this one is what is working the best for me. I would definitely recommend this to you and to absolutely everyone. So you definitely need to go out and try it. I will list in the downbar below where you can find this product and definitely please please please leave me comments down below if you have tried this and also if you practice safe Sun and how you do. So because.

I really want to encourage you guys to wear sunscreen and to stay out of the Sun and not to use tanning beds. So comment down below and let me know what you do to practice safe Sun. So thank you guys. So much for reading. I hope you found these tips super helpful and I will see you guys in my next post bye you.

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