Hey all, Welcome back everybody you are joining me today in our little courtyard outside just to do a little change of scenery a guest and plus the weather is gorgeous and today I’m bringing you a haul that, I did recently picked up quite a bit of shoes a little bit of pieces of clothing. So let’s just jump right into it first store is Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack.


So the first item is, I got those really pretty flowy spring summery dress, I just love the design, I love the colors it kind of has like this really grey dark green a little bit of beige color whether these are Grose’s and, I thought it’d be perfect for spring, I like that, I have a slip underneath. So you know the whole underwear situation wouldn’t be peeking through. But I just love the way it feels it is really flowy and is just perfect for summer in spring next is this cute little tank top from Nordstrom as well by the brand lush and, I also got a size small and actually showed you guys the other beige color with other flowery print in the other post that, I did with shop tagger and, I had to pick up this color as well this is really beautiful like sky baby blue and, I just love the print the flowers it is not really in your face. But I just love the floral print for spring and summer and this is just a great transitional piece from winter especially in Florida and, I just love that, I could pair it with anything shorts jeans skirts is just a really really simple cute tank top that’s really slow and flattering and next from Nordstrom this is by the brand BP and, I picked it up in a size medium and then this is just a really simple dark gray t-shirt with a little cutout right at the neck, I just love this, I have this in white, I think you guys see a seam if, I like something, I will pick up in multiple colors and design. Because it is. So soft it is just one of those t-shirts that you will reach for like any day you can wear with anything you can dress it up you can dress it down, I just love it it is a great piece. So next is Nordstrom Rack and I have picked up another dress, I just couldn’t say no to this dress this is by free people, I mean just look at how cute this is, I love it, I love the big sleeve it kind of has like a bell sleep or in the front with the slit, I just love the pattern, I love the colors and, I love it it is flowy at pockets and only saying I’m kind of kind of conscious about is the front.

Because it is a huge v-neck that’s kind of cut out. But it has kind of like this high neck it is pretty low. So my boobies are kind of popping out. But I do not know how, I feel pretty guys they did a kiss to open, I kind of loved it. But it also has this huge open back also kind of kind of mimics the front as well, I just love it it flows very nice it is a very springy summery and, I just love it the necks are also from lunch Nordstrom Rack. But they are kind of more on the casual side. So, I picked up two t-shirts I’m always on the hunt for really good t-shirts and, I found these ones by by the brand mad well, I love this brand and, I picked up both in a size medium.

Because, I like the teachers to be a little bit loose and kind of flowy and a bit in a way and, I just love that they have a little pocket on the left breast Egeria they are just a really great quality and like, I said you can wear them on anything and everything dress them up dress them down, and it is a great piece both of them for spring and summer and, I just love a good black and white t-shirt selassie from Nordstrom Rack is this sweater it is a very holy sweater. But the reason why, I picked it up is. Because it is a little bit cropped and, I just loved the sleeve with the roses on the sides, I just love that it is kind of a very statement type of piece. But I think, I can get away with it and this is by the brand no one cares literally the brand says no one cares, I love this even though, I do live in Florida, I can still wear this in the evening time wood does still cool off here. But I just love the way it looks it is definitely not for everybody what do we think of this one. So there’s a really cool app. If you are shopping on a budget it is called shop tagger, I use all the time.

If you like an item you just pin it and then shop tags will notify you once it goes on sales literally like Pinterest. But on steroids, I love it. If you guys want to check it out the link will be down below. So let’s move on to the next store, I just picked up one from Abercrombie & Fitch the reason why. Because, I love their jeans especially their white jeans they are high-waisted with jeans they are my favorite, I have already one pair. But I ruined them. So these are the jeans right here these are the call these things are called the super skinny ankle jean mid-rise.

But they kind of hit a little bit high-waisted now super high-waisted. But are good high-waisted. So, I love these jeans. Because they have no rips they do not have anything destroyed what you guys know, I love a good destroyed pair of jeans and, I just love it. Because they’re. So versatile, I can dress them up, I can dress them down and the best part is the material it is not on the lighter side where everything will be shown and see-through it is a really good Jean material where it is kind of like sucks you in. But – the only thing they are a little bit too long for me and the way, I do it is literally take a pair of scissors and, I just cut the bottom to give it like that frayed and look, I just love it I’m into that kind of thing as you guys can tell, I like anything frayed and especially.

If you are shorter like me I’m only five three. So these kind of jeans I’m not scared to buy them. Because, I can alter them with just a pair of scissors at home next door is forever 21, I love forever 21 just gives me anxiety sometimes. Because there’s so much happening alright. So the first thing is and yes everything is very wrinkly. Because it was in the bag. So the first item is this really pretty beige vest that’s belted it is kind of like this duster vest that you just wear on top of things, I love the shoulder detailing has a nice collar and, I just think it is really cool has slits and it has pockets this is a really great piece for spring and summer just to layer on just again just to add a little bit of something special to like a dress or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt next is another jacket.

But these have quarter length sleeves like are kind of bunched up in health. But I just love the Duster jacket it is. So pretty, I just love the color, I didn’t know you would even call this color circus a seafoam green with a little bit of sky blue in it it has really big square pockets in the front, I just love it, I think it is really flattering, and it is a great you. So, I just hit myself, and it is a great piece just to throw on and just add a little bit of pop and color to your outfit next is this really pretty delicate to top that, I picked up also from summer 21 and, I got in a size medium just. Because, I want it to be a little bit less fitted just give a little bit more of a flow to flow feel to it and, I just love the detail you have this has this really pretty crochet sleeves and this really pretty high neck. But the back has buttons from all the way to the top to the bottom, I just felt a little detail and, I just think it is really cute for spring and summer you can dress it up you can dress it down and, I just love the detailing it is really cute and last. But not least is this really really cute very girly bomber jacket and the reason why, I picked it up was.

Because, I saw a very very similar one in Nordstrom, I forget what brand it was. But I think it was a 158 versus this one which was 34 90, I mean how cute is this, I just think this is such a great piece, I love the colors hesitance dusty Rhodes, I love the sleeve also has a little stripe of the dusty rose with the beige and then look at this really pretty floral, I love this little piece and, I picked up in a size medium and, I love that it has silver hardware I have really been into silver hardware for some reason red in the gold I’m switching over alright. So none of the clothes out of the way let’s move on to the shoot in the first place we are going to start off with with Nordstrom, I picked up those really pretty flats that, I showed in the shop tagger post last week and then, I picked up another pair from Topshop are you ready for this are you oh em gee how stinking cute are these sandals, I love the heel, I love the design the crisscross, I love the tie-up just everything about this shoe it was screaming literally just get me please get me and buy me and wear me and love me and, I did. Because, I love them. So much, I just love the fact that, I can put these on with a really simple offer like a I’m like today like a really simple t-shirt a pair of jeans and these and I’m good to go, I love these crystal Prentice and last. But not least let’s head on over to DSW shoe stores the first pair is by Steve Madden, and it is these wedges this is literally a dupe for the brand Marc Fisher, I love the wedges there. But their wages are, I think like 160.

So if you are in a budget these are amazing these are only $60, I love them they are literally almost exact same, I just love everything about these are. So comfortable like, I said you can dress them up you can dress them down which, I really appreciate and, I just love the color it is kind of like this cognac color. So pretty for spring and summer next pair, I actually were yesterday, I love them the by Steve Madden as well and is these gorgeous tie up espadrille sneakers and, I just love them honestly I have tried a lot of espadrille sneakers. But a lot of them are super uncomfortable. Because they are really narrow mirror on the side and they just do not feel comfortable when, I put these on they felt. So soft you little it literally feels like you are walking on clouds, I just really appreciate them, I love the tie up, I love the little brown leather faux leather little detailing them back and, I love this is like a platform type of shoe where it actually gives me a little bit of a height just a little bit. But I appreciate it this is just a quick little note about the shoe sizing they do pretty much all run to the true sizing of the shoes I’m usually a size seven sometimes six and a half like in sneakers.

If they do stretch out or every mohassid the shoes a little bit too tight. But just like, I said they are pretty much run to the shoe sizing. So the last pair, I picked up were these adidas neo, I actually already have a pair of these, I kind of destroyed them from longboarding they are that really pretty dusty pink and, I just had to pick up this pair, I love and grow a pair of shoes especially with the white the white sole the white lines these shoes are. So comfortable, I really want to go back and pick up the rest of the colors, I think there’s a white a dark navy blue a baby blue and, I think there’s a black, I think I’m gonna go pick them all up I’m just giving me the weird look right now. But I just it just tells you how much, I love this and actually picked these ones up in a size six-and-a-half. Because the pink ones that, I have, I got them in size 7 and they kind of stretched out right here in the front go check them out they are incredible and this concludes this haul that I have accumulated for the past couple of weeks thank you so much for reading this post let me know which pieces or shoes were your favorites. But for now is thank you so much for reading and I will see you guys in the next post, I love you all very much bye.

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