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Today, fashion is not reserved simply for those who seek it out. It’s entered into nearly every facet of life. Airports in Europe, once relegated to junky duty-free stores that sold tobacco and perfume, now house upscale fashion retailers like Gucci, Chanel, Hugo Boss, DKNY, Gaultier, and Bally. Versace, Todd Oldham, and the Italian luxury jeweler Bulgari have forged business ties with hotels.

During Paris Fashion Week in January 2002, Vertu, the world’s first-ever luxury mobile-phone company, introduced its line of handmade cell phones adorned with platinum, gold, precious stones, and steel, priced at over $20,000 apiece for the seriously moneyed Fashion Victim. Fashion will even follow us into outerspace: Throughout 2000, Donatella Versace was involved in negotiations to pay the Russian space program $750,000 for the opportunity to design new space suits for cosmonauts. (The deal never came through, but can’t you just imagine astronauts floating through the solar system in gold suits with mink collars?)

We move through our lives, blissfully unaware and content to play the role of consumer and disciple. And who ever said you can’t take it with you? In ancient Egypt, the dead were often buried with their finest possessions, including clothing, so they would have plenty to wear in the afterlife. In Iceland, hunters found the remains of eight mummies buried since 1475 with seventy-eight items of clothing for their journey to the other side. And upon the death of Madame Xin Zhui, the Marquise of Dai, who lived some 2,100 years ago in Han Dynasty China, she was entombed with forty-nine articles of exquisite clothing to ensure that her stay in the next world was a fashionable one (talk about overpacking). So when our time here ends and we leave this world as lifelong Fashion Victims, we will enter the next and fashion will no doubt make us crazy there, too.British Fashion Awards 2012: British Style Award shortlist … Ltf

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fashion style uk

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