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It’s time for October favorites or get into products I want to talk about some of the posts that I uploaded this month first of all we had our orphan black post and I wanted to say thank you guys for being awesome I was afraid to upload the post because I know that a lot of people have not seen the show and you guys were so cool I was really really glad with like how everybody responded to it and that you guys really seemed to enjoy it and we got tweeted out by the official or from black Twitter page so high fives all around that was like an exciting moment for me but also an exciting moment was that Tatiana maslany who is the lead actress in the show whose characters I was recreating favorited it and so I mean obviously she.

And I are basically best friends now clearly I lost my mind I literally lost my mind I stared at my computer with my mouth open and could not say or move for a while again thanks guys for being awesome this was like a huge thing for us to get some recognition from the show I thought that was amazing I just wanted to give high fives all around and tell you guys you are awesome and I love you all so I did my seven days of ponytails post this month and a lot of you guys really loves that I got lots of likes and shares on that one so I want to keep doing it and I want to do it as a once a month series so every month.

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I will have one seven days of post that I will do it takes me a long time to film and edit those so I can’t do them more than once a month but I’m really really excited to have it be a monthly recurring series if you have any requests for seven days of leave them in the comments I’m more than happy to think about them because now that I’m gonna be doing it every month I need lots and lots of ideas so get the power thing and just overall I feel so good to finally be back and be making content that I feel like is good and I really feel like I’m doing a good job and it is a huge relief for me it is been amazing and I just wanted to say thank you guys for being so supportive and so engaged in all the posts that I have been doing I do not think that I would have had the confidence to do everything that I have done in the last month without you guys so thank you you are awesome and now let’s move on to certain products because I have taken a long time to talk about other stuff so let’s talk about some products so let’s talk about makeup this month just to be a little different this month I tried out the ciate Olivia Palermo collection just some of it.

I tried out the eye product and I fell in love with the smokey Suede’s eye palette now when it comes to palettes I’m very very picky first of all they have to be good quality obviously second of all it has to be a good selection of shades and third it has to be unique from anything else so that I own this palette hits all three of those first of all the quality is amazing it is buttery and smooth the eyeshadows are almost completely opaque without a primer and then with the primer they are just like that much better and I love the colors.

I’m a neutrals girl to be honest so this is right up my alley love the selection of shades it is a lot of things that I do not own but is perfect for fall but it is buttery it is smooth it is beautiful I have really really been loving this palette so I love it I really recommend it if you like these shades I think you would really really love this palette another eye product I have been loving has been this eye pencil it is the creamiest smoldery asst soul of ever that I have ever tried and I have tried a lot of eyeliners but it is intensely black when it goes on like very deep black but it blends out like a dream if you want to blend it out you do not have to obviously but if you do it has a little brush on this end which I actually quite like.

And it blends out very easily very quickly and very evenly so I actually used it today and I love how I can do it in about two minutes and whereas with like a gel liner which is what I usually use it takes me like five to eight minutes to get it really nice and like evenly blended this just blends really easily on the first to go so even though it is a pricier product I’m gonna be buying it again because I really really like it and now it is a hair favourites now my color has been giving me a hard time this month and not because there’s anything wrong with my color because I live in an area with really really really hard water and I didn’t even realize how much hard water does your hair color my color started just going nuts parts of my hair started turning really yellow I was like okay I will use more purple shampoo those parts kept turning darker and darker they went through orange and gots like a light brown color so I was researching what I can do and I discovered hard water was the culprit and then I was like Kay cool what do I do about it.

And I discovered this treatment which is the Malibu C hard water wellness treatment it is little packets you can buy it either in just a pack or in a bunch of packs um while you are in the shower after you shampoo your hair get a little bit of water onto the little powder and you rep it together it turns into a gel put it through your hair it suds up like a shampoo you leave it on for five minutes rinse it out and all the build up comes out with it and really really really happy with it so I highly recommend these you can get these on Malibu Seas website and they also offer them in salons that do the Malibu C treatments you can use the salon locator on their website to find that it is awesome I’m a huge fan and I will be using this like every week for the foreseeable future I have been falling in love over the last year with the brand t and the reason that I love them is because they create all their own technology for their products.

I love their hair dryers this one specifically I have had two they are both excellent this one’s my favorite it has a brushless motor so it is extra quiet for a hair dryer of it has tourmaline and negative ion technology in it that helps your hair to be extra shiny because it has a really powerful motor it dries your hair super super fast and I love the heat settings on it they are cold medium and hot and they are very true to that I’m a really big fan they are very pricey Harris the hair dryers last a long time which is a good part of it but it is pricey so if you feel like splurging they are a good thing to splurge on if you’d like to go a little bit less splurge II.

I really love the new me signature dryer I think that one is excellent my sister try my new me one when I was visiting over the holidays and she literally bought it like the next week because it is really good too so anyway love this thing for haircare I have been loving the pure ology hydrate conditioner it is very good and makes your hair very soft very shiny it is been amazing for my recently highlighted hair because it can kind of get straw like if you do not take really good care of it so this has been helping me to get the moisture back in my hair and maintain shine in my hair help me to tangle it all that kind of stuff and it hasn’t weighed my hair down in any significant way which the shampoo did I shampoo for a long time and I really loved it but I eventually stopped using it because I was waiting my hair down this one I have not noticed it weighing my hair down and my hair has been a lot softer because of using it is pricey so I do not use it every shower cuz I’m like trying to savor it but I mean if it was less expensive.

I would literally use it all day every day because it is awesome so I mean it actually Ulta should be having it sales coming up soon so if you see pure ology on sale get it cuz this is good and I really love it and for my favorite youtuber this month I have braids and styles she is a hair youtuber and Instagrammer she does these amazing original intricately braided hairstyles if you love intricate braids and like braids on braids on braids and like stuffs that you maybe have not seen before check out her channel she’s always doing really cool new stuff I love seeing what she comes up which I got her Instagram as well because every single time I see her on Instagram I’m scrolling through my fee like I stop and like stare at what she didn’t like how did she do it so check her out he won’t be disappointed she’s awesome.

So this is my favorite every month this is my puppy Pippin if you guys do not remember from my January favorites look how big he is now and he’s a little distracting because I have a Pippin favorite this month and it is the etta says crunchy chews it is kind of like a mix of a treat and it is kind of a mix of a treat and a bully stick so I will give him half of these when I leave the house so that it keeps him distracted from the fact that I’m leaving him alone and it takes him about an hour and a half to two hours to get through half of one of these so literally whenever I leave he does not care anymore he used to whine and get really upset whenever I would leave him and now he’s like bye he give me my treat I’m gonna chew on this you go BYE MOM and I love that I like that I do not have to leave him crying because it used to just rip my heart out and now I just leave him with half of these and he loves it all right and now I guess.

I have to find a way to give this to you I do not think I can open this on my own buddy I bet if I break it yeah mama’s got those human brains your daddy’s gonna be mad at me for giving you this when we are not actually going out what day does not know can’t hurt them right all right all right you go chew on that bye and yo and that’s it for my October favorites I hope that you guys enjoyed it I hope that maybe you learned something new that maybe you might want to try out and that’s it I will see you guys in my next post well bye.

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