FIRST IMPRESSION iT Cosmetics CC Veil Foundation Fluid SPF 50

Hey all, Welcome back to another first impression post hence the no makeup on the face and my hair is still wet from the shower today we are actually gonna be testing out a new foundation / CC cream by it cosmetics this is the CC plus veil beauty fluid foundation SPF 50 + the reason why, I wanted to try this out is. Because of the L’Oreal Lumi cushion foundation everyone has been loving it everyone has heard about it and this is not newer on the product and has been out for a while now. But I did want to test it out I have heard some mixed reviews about it and, I really wanted to see it alright. So, I really like the idea of these types of foundations where it comes in a little compact and you can just toss it in your purse and go out about your day and. If you feel like it is a touch-up you can just touch up along the way you are gonna have to bring your big foundation bottle or whatever used for your foundation. Because, I can get really messy it does come with a little cushion inside. So that’s always a plus just you know you do not have to carry extra product with you.

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But we will see how this works out the day, I really want to test it out on top of the foundation, I already have and power and see how that actually works when you touch up and. If it does. If it starts looking cakey or starts looking really weird this retails for $38 at my neighborhood Ulta that’s where, I picked it up they matched me to the ship fair there is about point three four ounces in this little compact and just to compare, I wanted to compare it to the L’Oreal True Match the cushion foundation and that one has point five two ounces for half the price alright. So, I assumed you guys and a little bit closer to my beautiful face and, I really just want to show you guys how, I apply it or how we are gonna be testing it out. So on one side I’m thinking I’m actually going to apply with their actual cushion and on the other side I’m going to apply it with a regular foundation brush and see how, I like which side better and just as you what coverage, I get and then also, I want to test out the whole how it holds up on its own and how it holds up with a primer. So today’s primer I’m actually going to be using there also it cosmetics this is their number of 50 serum collagen veil anti-aging primer and I’m just gonna take a tiny bit. Because we are only doing one side I have been testing this primer out for several weeks already and, I like it I’m gonna do the right side with the primer.

So a little bit in areas where, I want to prime yeah all right. So the right side is primed and this side is not. So what we are gonna do is we are gonna take the foundation and I’m gonna take the actual cushion put it right in there okay you are getting some out obviously a little bit more, I did like three or four pumps okay oh it is very cooling okay you get coverage right away. But you can still see my skin it has no scent to it whatsoever guys can see already the difference I’m gonna go back in for some more. But I see how it covers my dark circles okay not that bad alright. So first impression. So you guys can see my redness is visible you can see my little spots right here right here you can still see a little bit.

But it is concealed very well I’m actually very surprised, and it is more even there than this side. But you could still see my skin through and it feels a very nice feels rather the same, I should really like that alright. So this side we are gonna go with my phone my favorite foundation brush this is the number seven heavily luxe complexion perfection brush by cosmetics. So I’m actually just gonna go in with the brush let’s see how well this works and I’m also just gonna Pat it into my skin okay, I barely patted it. So, I need to get more it is going more press it a little bit harder this time oh there it is you guys do you can see it on there oh yeah there we go yeah no doubt about it you get definitely more coverage with actual brush foundation brush well I will come good it is covering the redness in the spots well you know like that it has no scent to it either also make sure when you do close the actual foundation you hear a little click like that. So the foundation the actual cushion does not dry out as fast all right. So here you go this is the finished face with just the foundation on you can see that it concealed the red areas like my cheeks red spots on my chin a lot of that on my forehead and actually looks pretty good this is the cushion side my left cushion right is foundation with the primer.

So, I want to see how it actually lasts with primer and without primer today and see how many touch-ups, I have to do throughout the day. If my chin area starts getting exposed more alright you guys. So here’s the finished face, I did it very simple today blush bronzer a little bit of my eyelashes eyebrows and a lip color, I did set my entire face well areas right needed to set it like my chin my forehead, I set it with the Rimmel stay matte powder in the color transparent the reason why, I stutter right now is. Because, I want to see how it layers with this foundation throughout the day see. If it becomes cakey or see. If actually looks really good. Because this is basically a product where you can come back and conceal or touch-up your face throughout the day with powders.

So, I want to see how that works. But yes, I will come back in a couple of hours it is already 1203, I did start a little bit late, I hope we can get 8 to 10 hour wear and see how it works and wears throughout the day and we are back for a first update it is already a little bit past 3, and it is been already over three hours and it is a little bit loud. But I’m doing laundry and, I have been cleaning for the past couple of hours and just basically getting the house back to shape. But I want to show you guys how it looks in the natural sunlight and you guys can see right here looks pretty good, I do not look oily, I do not feel oily ever since, I set my foundation. But I do want to touch up and see how it feels and how it looks when, I touch up my foundation on top of the power and the foundation that, I would put on before just on these areas right here where, I didn’t you actually works pretty good when, I apply on top of a powder and the existing foundation that, I did in the morning oh let’s go it is really nice actually, I like it and I’m just looking at the difference between the primary person without the primer the right side is with the primer and this is without can you guys see a difference, I do not know. If you like this side a little bit more smoother in a way with the primer, I do not feel like, I look too shiny, I do not feel too shiny, I look Chloe, I look healthy and it looks like my skin, I’m really really loving this foundation. So far, I will come back in a couple of hours again and, I will update you guys with that as well.

So we just got out of our favorite folk place and we ate, I ordered chicken claw oh. So good it is so good forget this cold day today, I just really want to quickly check out how my makeup looks it looks really nice still it is holding up very well and it is already past what it is almost 9 o’clock, I think it was nine o’clock yeah 50 almost 9 o’clock. So it is holding up very well, I lost all my lipstick. Because, I was yummy noodles almost slurping that’s slurping that mcawesome ensue yeah we are gonna decide you put my go home right and cuddle alright you guys. So made it to the final update, and it is already past ten o’clock. So it is a total of a little over nine hours that, I have been wearing the planation and, I have to say, I really really really like it especially for those no makeup makeup days we want to put on something really quick and simple and you do not have to plus our on too much alright as, I would say it is perfect for those no makeup makeup days where you do not have to fuss around with the foundation you know the whole routine inside and, I did touch up twice first time we are going to showed you guys at three o’clock and then, I did it one more time before and it did work very well. But overall, I’m really impressed, I’m excited to wear this in the summertime people be perfect for this mall when it is really hot.

So if you guys like these types of posts do not forget to hit the thumbs up and comment down below with other suggestions that you would like to see in the future what types of products and as always thank you so much for reading this post and I will see.

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