Hi guys, Welcome back first time, I just want to say Happy New Year, I hope those 16 is already a good one. But give me a sec hubby’s calling hello alright where was, I I just wanted to say, I hoped, I was 16 is already good here for you guys, I apologize my nose is a little clogged up my voice is a little nasally. But we will get through this I’m feeling good and yes what do, I new resolutions for this year for my blog is to try out more products and share it with you guys and basically what, I want to do is first impressions, I love these types of post especially when the person actually gives oddest reviews and kind of takes you along with them throughout the day kind of just showed you what the makeup looks like from the beginning to the very end of the day. So, I want to do that, I love trying out new makeup especially, I want to go all the way from drugstore to luxury in between whatever it may be and today’s makeup is going to be a new foundation that I have found in Alta, I believe they also sell it it is a 4, I saw it on their website this retails for, I think 45 US dollars and this is the Stila aqua glow serum foundation it has medium to full buildable coverage with a natural – radiant finish and it has some kind of electrolyte balance system that contains ionized water and hyaluronic acid, I learn hyaluronic acid that is a tough word to say which basically helps hydrate and nourish your skin your face throughout the day and that’s basically kind of the little gist of the. So nation they do have ten shades it ranges from fair to dark, I did get a color matched in the store and they color matched me to light I’m looking at the color now and it looks a little bit tad bit too dark like a half shade too dark. But we will try it out see what it looks like on the skin and this lighting that, I have set up.


So this foundation comes obviously in the standard one fluid ounce it has a really nice packaging light, I love this bottle it is so cute and like the ingredient gold effect and also it is plastic it is not glass. But what the cool thing about this foundation is when you open it up the gift is just open it and the top part pops up as well and when you open it it is a dropper for the foundation which is really nice and hygienic, I like that. So basically what you do to give our foundation you press the top down you stick it in, I do not know how much. But basically what the girl said the store you stick it all the way in you let it go and then you pick it up that’s how much you should use to cover the entire face all right. So I’m gonna shake it up obviously it already sundown I’m in the color light. So we will see how that looks let me just open it up quickly and then let’s try it on my hand okay that seems like a good amount of foundation it is kind of like a dime size it is a little bit liquidy. Because it is water-based it is not as creamy or thick that was always looking at.

So, I was thinking on one side just. Because of one, I want to, I want to see how it is gonna look with the damp Beauty Blender and then a regular foundation brush this is one of my favorites this is the dual ended number 7 by 8 cosmetics and i’m gonna use obviously the bigger side. So I’m gonna take this just dab it in very lightly not too much okay and I’m just gonna start stippling okay huh the color is alright. But I feel like it is a little too dark, I would go shade lighter covering up the redness alright. But I would put a second layer the redness seems to be covering up pretty good, I do not usually put foundation around my eyes. But I will do it today see how it covers up the dark circles it goes on very smooth it blends out very easily it does not have a weird scent okay feels a little bit what still when what. If set all right, I wanted to zoom you guys a little bit even closer to my face and you guys can see the difference already that, I burned up a lot of the redness on this side.

But I think the shade as a tad bit too dark, I would go lighter. So let’s try with the Beautyblender on my left side and see how well it covers up this area right here okay obviously stop covering up as well as the brush. Because it does shear out the foundation with the beauty butter, I just want to see how would actually do it, I mean it doing is doing a pretty good job covering the redness with a Beauty Blender. So that’s good alright let’s see if, I can cover this up around the nose and I’m just gonna roll it around the edges of my face make sure to blend it in nicely what do you guys think. So far this is just one coat alright. So you guys can see now kind of a bigger picture of what the foundation looks like on what do you guys think do you like the finish sort of, I do not have any powder on or anything as you could see it is a little bit dewy has a nice luminous glow finish to it oh. So what do you think of the color, I thinking it is a look, I do not know.

If it looks up, I do not know. If you can eyes can see in the camera. But kind of looks a little bit too dark. But we will see how it works on a day see for oxidizes on my skin. So far it is good it feels okay actually like the way it feels not sticky gel like it just feels like my skin alright. So the makeup is on, I did set underneath my eyes. But I didn’t set anywhere else, I just put some blush some bronzer on and, I think that’s it.

So we will see the foundation set pretty well except within a couple of minutes it does it it does not feel wet it does not feel sticky it feels very good it feels like my skin it feels like, I can breathe and it didn’t oxidize just yet. So it looks, I think it looks pretty good the only thing that, I sat was underneath my eyes where, I put the concealer, I just kind of want to see how the phonation does without putting powder all over it and if, I do feel like I’m getting a little bit too shiny throughout the day, I will update you and tell if, I did set my foundation, I’m actually planning on taking guys along with me throughout the day it is already eleven thirty nine come along with me and, I will update you in a couple of hours alright. So, I thought, I would do an update for you guys it is about almost 2 o’clock, I think yes it is 158 almost 2. So far, I do not know I’m looking really shiny, I do not like it at all especially this area like what the heck is going on and this I’m gonna go powder alright. So, I just came back from the store, I had to do a little bit doing some errands, I forgot the camera at home. But we are gonna go out tonight again and I will show you guys what it looks like outside actually let me go outside right now and then show you guys what it looks like outside the leading. So what do you think, I just added powder.

Because it was way too shiny what do you guys think. So far the color outside does not match my actual skin tone, I do not know me you can see like the problem area for that a really big pimple right here hurts, I mean what that powder it looks okay. But mmm not loving it. So far. So, I will give you guys another update in like several hours my family’s coming over my brother and my sister who can go out to dinner together and, I will give you guys another update then. But for now, I gotta finish cleaning this house he’s already super pretty. So I’m gonna put them away and then, I won’t give you guys on their update maybe in 3 or 4 hours, I love having fresh flowers in the house and then this is what other flowers turned out, I do not know what the name is, I do not know.

If the name of these flowers are they are super pretty and of course reading friends in the background while, I finish cleaning there’s one on mini tour of the place, I do not know I have never done it before what do you think all right. So behind me bathroom bedroom living room kitchen messy kitchen and then, I need a room right there and then over there is the entryway with the laundry room right there is the office where, I post I’m gonna finish cleaning vacuuming and, I will check with you guys very soon I’m probably gonna check in when my family comes by all righty you guys soon all right. So, I’m checking in it is already 6:19 checked in the last time, I think it was like 2 o’clock. So the foundation, I’m not really loving it yeah, I feel like such a slick ball and I’m usually never oily not this oil like I’m touching myself and, I feel. So, I do not like it, I already powdered myself twice, and it is still. So shiny I’m gonna go powder myself again before dinner. Because we are gonna go out and, I will catch up with you guys probably whenever everybody leaves you can steam a transparent powder or something awesome my room oh and then a nice big fluffy brush alright you guys.

So here’s my last and final update for today’s post for the foundation and it is already 12 a.m. and, I just can’t wait to take the makeup off my family just left we had a great time tonight one thing about the foundation, I’m not really a fan, I’m the biggest fan of luminous radiant natural finishes and, I like that natural whether you can still see my skin underneath. But it does not give you coverage in this foundation did at first. But then literally a couple hours, I had to powder my face. Because, I was super shiny and, I felt very oily it might just very oily feeling, I did powder three other times. So basically total of four times I’d to powder my face throughout the day it did it last let me all you guys can tell you can see the red spots everywhere basically, I do not have any makeup on at all maybe you have just melted off and my eyelashes came off and I’m just basically done for tonight, I would never recommend it, I would not buy it again honestly out.

If anything, I would just next time put a primer underneath see how that works out. But I just want to give it a go and test it out without the primary see how it actually does on its own. If you are oily, I would not recommend this one nation for you unless you really like the luminous oily looking finish. Because of me I’m normal to dry and, I do have dry patches and it did accentuate the dry areas which is very interesting they are frustrating at the same time. Because it is supposed to nourish and moisturize your skin throughout the day and it really didn’t do that for me. So I’m kind of upset with that that, I didn’t really live up to its expectations. But it did make me look various oil and slick.

So that’s. If my review it is kind of sad. Because it is my first actual first impression review, I wish it worked out better for me. But also let me know. If you like this type of post. If you liked reading the first impressions would like the review you try it out you kind of wear it for the day and you kind of give your review at the end the night. So if you guys want to see more of these posts give me suggestions of what you would like me to review drugstore luxury whatever it may be.

But for now thank you for reading my posts and I’m gonna go and take off my makeup right now have a good night.

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