We are back for another tutorial on my shorter hair with this beautiful inspired fishtail braided up to that, I saw on Reese Witherspoon the girl sarap attempt oh the creator of Beach flavor she posted on Instagram and, I had to recreate it for you guys on sugar hair, I just love this look let’s jump into it I’m starting off on a deeper side I’m going to start on my right side and I’m just helping create this part with my pinky and then we are going to grab a nice section from the front to create the fishtail braid and I’m going to do the fishtail Dutch style version. So it is basically taking the sections underneath each other instead of over. So fishtail braid consists of two sections and you kind of have a base list. So you have two sections and then you are going to start to doing the fishtail braid. So basically how you do that is you start neither one section I’m going to start with the sections closest to my face I’m going to grab a small section on the outer portion of the first section I’m going to bring it underneath to the second portion it is like that second section by adding it to the second section on the other sections take a small section from the outer portion of that section underneath and bring it over to the first section alright. So let’s continue by adding hair into the sections that we do now.


So I’m going to take a section off first from that first section I’m going to place it down I’m going to grab a section from the hair underneath to that section to the second section. So taking a section off grab a section of hair and we are going to bring it over. So honestly, I think the fishtail braids are one of the easiest. But it takes a little bit longer just. Because you are working with smaller sections and less hair instead of just like a regular braid where you have three sections. But fishtail braids are incredible. So for braiding, I get a lots of questions of you know my braid falls apart what do, I do to make maybe kind of ensure that my braid stays in place and the one thing, I can say is when you break keep it nice and tight do not kind of let your hand go loose, I like to keep my fingers nice and tight to my scalp as close as possible to my scalp.

So that way, I can ensure that the braid is not going to fall apart and also. If you are a first-time grader, I always get this question asked again where do you place your hands or how do you know where to place them and honestly it comes with practice, I may be placed in my hands differently than other people they may be professional hairstylist. But just kind of find something that works for you and how you can remember the positioning of your hands and literally tell yourself out loud ok I’m taking this next section what do, I do next take it underneath this hand take it or Neath with this hand or take with this fingering literally tell yourself out loud. If you are just beginning, I think that will help you. Because that’s what really helps me alright. So restore the back of my head with the first braid I’m going to stop adding hair I’m going to finish braiding the rest of what, I have not too much of it. But just to kind of give it a little bit more the fishtail braid and tie it off with a clear elastic all right.

So for the second section I’m going to split it into two and basically create two small fishtail braids which we have two sections in that one big section and we will do the same thing and yes my arms do hurt and they bird. But it is okay, I got to work through it. Because if, I stop help stops work Africa alright. So do the exact same thing for the last third braid same style Dutch fishtail braid finish braiding it and then just tie it off with a clear elastic and this is my favorite part let’s pull them apart to give a more dimension fishtail effect. So for the fishtail braid. Because you have. So many little sections to pull apart, I try to take my time just to make sure, I get that full effect.

So, I try to pull apart each section, I really have fun with this, I love my, I love pulling my braids apart seriously look at the difference do not be scared to pull apart your braid even just a little bit. Because it makes such a great difference in the overall hairstyle do it they pull apart your braid even a little bit or just go big or go home my motto for pulling hard bring all are they do the same thing on the other two braids alright. So if you are going to take anything or just one thing from this post pull apart your braid it will change your life look at the difference there’s so much texture there’s so much more than, I mentioned, and it is the full potential fishtail braid incredible difference. So let’s put this up two together it is super easy all you need are a couple of bobby pins to kind of secure the whole thing together first I’m going to start up with a tube braid on the side the smaller one I’m just going to take them together and just connect them with bobby pins and secure them underneath the first big fishtail braid and my favorite bobby pin brand is the meta grip brand from Sally’s Beauty Supply Store they are the best and then to finish it off take the first braid that we did and then just kind of put it right on top of the two braids and then take the very end of it and then just tuck it right underneath those little braids and secure it with a bobby pin and this is what it looks like all complete finished secure type and put together all right. So one more step, I’m not complete just yet you guys know, I like to embellish my hairstyles with any kind of beautiful hair accessories and, I have this really pretty gold embellished hair pin that has really pretty brought butterflies and, I thought would be perfect for the tailor. Because it looks very romantic and whimsical and very like, I think, I do not know I’m pulling stuff out of thin air. But I thought this would look really cute.

But the thing is it is kind of the prongs that was sticking to your hair and go like this. Because it is more for like a top net were messy bun all you have to do is just take these little things right here and just maneuver them down it is very easy pliable metal and there we go see Do It Yourself hair pins all I’m going to do is just stick it right in the back look right in the middle and just kind of let it do its magic and this concludes this beautiful inspired fishtail braided updo, I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what you think as always. If you do recreate it please tag me and any of my social media platforms, I love to see them and I’m sure all of you guys do as well. But for now thank you so much for reading and I will see you guys in the next one bye.

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