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I’m finally trying on workout clothing from Amazon, I have brands that I have actually never tried on and some of them, I have never heard of before. But they had a really good rating. So I’m excited to put them on.

So all of these items are super random. But I chose the items that, I thought looked really cool cute different and then not very different. So let’s jump into the first brand the first brand, I believe is pronounced sulfate somewhat inexpensive especially for workout this top is $19.99 and then, I got leggings and, I believe these are $39.99 which is not very cheap. But they looked really cool and different on the girl in the picture. So this top is called their vented back retro tank and it is made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and it looks big got a size small, I like the little crop in the front and longer in the back and then the back is really cool actually it kind of has like these little slits down the back, I get it why it is called vented, and it is giving me like the muscle tank kind of vibes kind of digging this, and it is very soft it is kind of thick which is nice alright let’s look at the leggings.

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So the leggings these are called women’s selena legging, I like the name they are made out of 85 percent nylon and 15% spandex and right off the bat they are extremely lightweight and very thin. But the color looks cool the material like it is very shiny. But I’m very scared I’m very worried that these are not gonna be squat proof. Because, I can see through that. So this tank I’m not mad at it. But I’m not loving it, I feel that it is very simple, I do like them back with the slits and, I think it fits kind of very boxy on me it is not hugging anything. But I do like the way it fits with the high and low on the very bottom of the tank I’m not mad at that part the quality is actually pretty good it is a very soft on the inside the outside is nice and soft it is not scratchy like that it is caught in it is really breathable and.

If you do like this type of look for a tank top to workout in, I think this is a really great choice. So let’s talk about these legging like, I did say they were super lightweight and very sheer, I could see through them. But the fit of them, I think they are actually very good and true to size and they are a true mid rise and the elastic band around it is super thin it is at the very top and then does not have any compression to it whatsoever. So if you do not like compression leggings to work out and, I think this would be a great fit and a great pair and they do feel very very soft nothing is scratching which, I really really like and they are very lightweight. So like, I said, I thought they wouldn’t be squat proof honestly they are like 90% squat proof even Andre got a very close look and he said they are pretty good personally for myself, I like those compressed type of leggings from my leg days and my really high intensity type of days. So these leggings would be perfect for the upper body workouts next let’s talk about the brand Lucy and these are not the cheapest these leggings retail for eighty-five US dollars and this one says 98. But I actually bought it for $39.

99. So this little jacket the body is made out of 46 percent sup luxe nylon 45 percent polyester and nine percent lycra spandex. So it is this material right here and then the trim of this jacket it is made out of 87 percent polyester and 13% spandex. So the body of these leggings is made out of 88 percent polyester and twelve percent spandex and then this little portions right here has one at the waistband and then at the bottom that is made out of 91% nylon and 9% spandex I’m actually very impressed with this little jacket it is definitely true to size, I got it in a size small and, I like that it is a little bit cropped and all the detailing work on this it is definitely very different, I do not have anything like this in my athletic wear, I definitely do think it is more earthly sure style, I can throw it on with joggers jeans that kind of look, I do not think I’d ever workout in this jacket just. Because it is way too nice and, I do like it, I think it fits them very well and the fielder’s jacket is super soft it is very stretchy and, I like the zipper on it just overall look, I think it is very pleasing to my eye the quality of this jacket is actually very superb all of the hardware it is very nice and durable the trimming of this is very stunning, I like that it also has a stretch to it and then all the little ruching around the sleeve and then the bottom of the jacket it is very nice and just overall this jacket, I think it is actually very nice the liking the are true to size are size small they are very high waisted. So if you are into high waisted leggings these are a great option the waistband it is not a full compression waistband there’s a little tiny elastic at the very top of it. So it is not a full elastic waistband or compressed they do fit very well, I’m very short I’m only 5/3.

So they do bunch up at the very bottom of my ankles and they do have a zipper. So the zipper does not look very flattering, I brought my ankles. But this material it is not very breathable. If you do sweat you will see everything especially with this kind of color these leggings are very soft, I like that they are very stretchy and we did not do a squat test let me do that for you right now as you can see these ones are actually very well they are Squa proof, I would give them about like 95% squat proof depending the type of underwear you wear overall the quality is very good for these leggings the material you will see the sweat marks right away. Because this material is not breathable at all. But the good part is the stitching is a beautiful they are squat proof which is really nice the little ripped detailing on this as beautiful the zippers are really nice next are these core 10 Studio tech yoga cross waist tights and they retail for $65. So the main body the main legging it is made out of 89 percent polyester and 12% spandex and then the gusset lining is a hundred percent polyester these leg gains definitely fit true to size, I got a small petite.

So there are a little bit of a shorter length which, I love they are not super short they still Bunch a little bit at the bottom. But they fit beautifully for a size small petite they are a true high waist but. Because it is crisscross at the front it is between like a mid rise to a high. Because at the very crisscross point it is a mid-rise and then they’ll wrestle the legging in towards the sides and then back it is a nice high waisted which is nice and comfortable they feel a very soft they have a nice stretch them they are sort of compressing my legs which, I like. But it is also the same type of material which is not very breathable and you will see sweat marks let’s talk about the look of these leggings, I think they look very nice they are very plain. But. If you are gonna wear like a crop top you will see the little crisscross and, I think that gives a like a nice little different look and take on a regular black leggings and, I like the look of the stitching is kind of curved and it shapes your legs all the way down, I think it looks really nice and flattering they are not squats proof they are horrible the quality is really nice like, I said the stitching is really beautiful but.

Because they are not opaque, I think that marks them down couple notches. Because these are work out like well they do say for yoga. But in yoga you stretch you bend over. So now honestly for 65 dollars I’m very disappointed last. But not least we have a brand Puma, I love their brand. But I have actually never tried in their leggings and these ones look promising they actually feel very durable and stretchy these are the Puma women’s power shape tight leggings and they retail for 46 US dollars the shell or the body is made out of 77 percent polyester and 23 percent lasting. So keep that in mind these are the leggings, I have the most amount of stretch to them and the mesh they have this very thick mesh running on the side of the leggings it is not see-through it is made out of 90% elastane and 10 percent polyester these leggings they fit true to size, I got us a small they are beautifully high waisted.

But they are super long. So they do bunch a lot at the very bottom of my foot even. If you have short legs, I think they fit really nice the overall look of these leggings, I like them. But they are doing this mesh very tight material right underneath the butt cheeks, I think they are trying to do some like this lifting look. But what they are doing is they are squashing my booty and they are making everything look saggy and just not proportional it does not look good it just makes it look weird, I do not know what’s going on back there they are pretty much a 99.9% squaw proof these are incredible like, I said they are very mobile they are very stretchy they have a lot of gift to them and, I like that, I would definitely wear these for like day but. Because that weird thing in the back my booty I’m not liking these like a really great pressure me for Puma brand and I’m definitely gonna try out some more stuff by them.

So honestly, I’m a kind of disappointed in myself that, I did not do a very great job at picking these notes, I thought, I did. So good, I thought, I had a couple of winners. But I don’t. I’m so sad it kinda reminds me of this sweater haul from Amazon and, I bought those, I think there was like one or two that, I could, I really liked I’m gonna go back in line just somewhere shopping and see if, I can find some amazing pieces that are squat proof sweat proof and that will make your legs and butt and look incredible one question who wants to see maybe like a weekly workout routine that, I do I’m thinking of posting when we go up north. So if you guys want to see that let me know. But for now thank you for reading trying on these workout clothes from Amazon and I will see you in the next one bye you.

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