Yes that time of the year folks where we lose the one hour of our precious sleep time we got to get up get ready.

But ain’t nobody got time for that I’m bringing guys super quick easy hairstyles that are. So fast that takes no time to do this post is brought to you in collaboration with chlorin the originator of dry shampoos and of course our friend daily say it is time. So this right here is the one of my favorites this is their dry shampoo with oat milk, I love this one the reason why. Because it is without all the sulfates parabens. So you have a chloride. But it is also a very gentle formula its plant-based. So that means it is not going to clog my pores this one’s really great it leaves like no residue to spray it everywhere where you need the dry shampoo, I actually spray this on my first day on my clean hair.


Because adds great texture and volume. So, I just leave the dry shampoo in my hair for about 10 to 15 minutes kidding 10 to 15 seconds. Because trying to save time here letter than there do its thing for just a little bit and then, I go with my fingers and just kind of gently massage it into my hair and scalp some of my ultimate favorite hairstyles for my shorter hair especially when it is like on the third or fourth day, I like to do half up hairstyles just. Because my hair does get greasy it gets greasy mostly up here. So best way to hide it half up hair cells the very first one is a really high up ponytail half up. So all you are going to do is grab hair right in front of the ear you are going to bring up your hair where you want your ponytail to stitch and then just to hide the clear elastic, I will take some hair right behind the ponytail I’m going to start wrapping it around you can secure with the Topsy tail or anything just use a bobby pin like, I’m you should give my hair a little bit more volume at the crown it is been Sigma Teigen comb just take little sections and just do a quick team right behind the ponytail Tennessee’s two sections together the ponytail with the hair and there you have it a super simple hair. So it literally takes 30 seconds to do you can do it as high as, I did or you can do a little bit farther obviously whatever it looks best on you.

So another rendition for a half of hair style is going to be using hair accessory there’s different many types, I like using these kind they are super simple they are really easy to use they have many different types of like styles that you can use. So what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to divide my hair right in the middle part it right there I’m going to grab hairs make sure we look my fringe down and then just bring the hair towards the back in the middle you can grab as little or as much hair as you want and I will just go back up just close up the hair is just a little bit a little bit more volume and then. If you want. If you want to keep it right in the middle with your fringe, I will just take the actual fringe follows it and then just move it over to the other side this also helps. If my hair is feeling a little bit more creepy or it is not as much texture or volume I will just flip over my French and I will just give the instant volume since March 12th is daylight savings time Quran proclaimed it as national dry shampoo a day which will save you the time and effort to get ready and throughout the whole month of March Quran will be giving away dry shampoo on their Instagram page. So all, I have a link down in the description box below for you guys to get a chance at winning one of these. So the next half updo is obviously a messy top knot, I do this probably three or four times a week, I love them.

So much, I do like different variations I will do sometimes like braided into a top notch for you guys many times. But the very most simplest one is just a regular top knot where, I describe Harry just put it up and, I usually leave majority of this hair down, I think it looks better on this type of hair that, I have and then, I try to bring it like to the crown for the top notch take a clear elastic or your hair tie and just go at it. So I’m going to take it around 1 second time and then a third time to get a nice no matter from here left over and they are going to pull apart this little top knot first and then the whatever hair is left and you are going to wrap it around the ponytail and the clear lashes just high enough the things a mini bobby pin secure and then once I’m done securing that elastic I will just go back in and just pull it out a little bit more to give it a little bit more money a few punch and this it that’s seriously my top nut I’d take probably like 10 seconds still, and it is always super cute the next hairstyle for those and like a very simple textured up to where you can do is divide your hair into three sections a middle and then one on each side. So, I divided my hair into three sections one on each side and then one in the back in the middle. So, I just clipped the side sections away you can do smaller sections you can do bigger sections I’m doing this. Because we are going to do a three strand braid on each section and we are going to put them together you can do any kind of braid you want. If you know how to braid you can intertwine here, I have to do as simple as possible that’ll got no time now the fun part is take apart your braids to give it a little bit more volume texture dimension the entire look.

So once the brewery’s are going to loose let’s put it together really really simple all you are going to do is take one side underneath make sure the middle one is on top take that and secure it with a bobby pin first and then take the second one and put it right on top of the other one keep in the middle section on top of both of them and then to finish it off take the middle section and place it on top of both the first and second section and just tuck it right underneath to make sure you hide the clear elastic and to secure it with a bobby pin and now the finishing touches just take your hair out just a little bit at the top you can forget a little bit more movement and volume and then these front pieces I’m going to take some out not all of them a little bit under cream the face and that’s good you are done I’m going to keep this one nice and simple and do a Dutch braid can you remove the side and just right on top of the hair and we are going to tie it off alright I’m going to grab a nice deep part and divide it into three. So let’s start adding hair. So the outer section under the middle first hold and then add hair right to the middle high end do the same thing under the middle and then add hair to the middle I’m going to keep the braid nice and tight at first. So that way, I can loosen it a little bit later at the end to my desired shape since we see this hair I’m not grabbing I’m just grabbing hair right on top of it that way, I have some hair hanging down and then tie it off of the clear:left you do not want to braid all the way down you want to still have that hair kind of cascading into the rest of the hair all right. So this is optional you can keep the braid nice and tight or you can go back in and pull it apart to make it really big and voluminous now to finish it off instead of Lebanon just hanging on its own kind of Dudus awkward thing on my head. So I’m going to take some hair right behind the braid and I’m actually going to wrap it around the clear elastic first of all just to disguise it this also helps to kind of nicely secure it to the head and then takes us the section of hair that we just wrapped around take a bobby pin put the hair through the bodice and give it a couple of twists and then going towards like vertically up into the hair to secure the braid and there we have it another super cute simple hairstyle that has texture and braids of course and. If all else fails you can go do this yes we have all done it there we have it hope you guys enjoyed it let me know which ones are some of your favorite hairstyles.

But you do when you have no time to get ready I will see you guys in the next one bye.

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