Flirty Side High Ponytail Hairstyles

So today’s tutorial is going to be something super easy and simple you know, I like the combination of those two something that you can pull in a few minutes and something that you can do with messy hair ah. So my hair this is like a third day here it is kind of messy and blah um usually in the summer my hair tends to be kind of crazy because of humidity. So even if, I style my hair today usually in a day the style does not last because the humidity makes the hair lose the style.

So I’m always trying to come up with different options, I can do to my hair on second or third day. So, I do not have to wash it every day because, I do not like to over wash my hair and today’s tutorial is going to be kind of a very easy simple cute flirty look that you can pull up in a few minutes perfect for work or school or just an evening out on a patio with your girlfriends or your boyfriend or your husband or anyone really. So let’s begin for this tutorial you are gonna need a brush you need a hairspray I’m using my favorite new intelligent nutrient hair spray you are going to need a teasing brush and I’m just using these this little teasing brush that you can get at any beauty supply stores they are usually like two three dollars we are going to need some bobby pins just that regular bobby pins hair tie and a curling iron, I’m going to be using a cortex Forum one this is the second largest barrel, I think it is one inch and oh yeah it is really great.

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So let’s begin first we are going to just brush the hair quickly. And I have already brushed my hair but I’m going to like leary brush it and once you brush the hair. So this look is going to be kind of, I see.

So do not try to make it perfect or anything the whole idea of it is to be kind of natural and that’s going to do is pull the all the hair on one side into a ponytail. So sort of a higher side ponytail. So you kind of want to like come through the hair with your fingers and grab the hair and secure it in the side high ponytail and you can let some pieces fall out if you have bangs like, I do sort of side bangs you can let some hair fall out because it is going to make you look even pretty prettier and then just secure it with an elastic band and again do not try to make this look perfect or anything because the whole look is a little bit messy um and yeah this is kind of what you are gonna get after you have secured it.

So the next step is just to grab certain pieces of this ponytail and just rub them around the curling iron hold it for a few seconds something about 10 about 10 seconds and then you just release grab another section yeah do not forget to spray your hair with a heat protectant. I have already done that, I usually do it way before actually style my hair because, I want to allow my hair to, I want to allow them the product to dry to get dry on my hair. So make sure you do not forget to spray your hair with a heat protectant.

So if you have a medium length hair like, I do it should take you about five minutes to curl the ponytail and you will have something like this and then once you have done curling the ponytail you just want to spray it just spray it with them with a hair spray that you have and then what I’m going to do is actually break the curls with my finger and make them look kind of messy but at least, I have some defined waves as opposed to what, I originally had. So just break the waves. So now what are you going to do is grab one section of the hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail creating sort of a hairband which always looks really nice in it there’s a really nice touch to add to it any hairstyle that’s sort of a ponytail and then you take your bobby pin and you pin it in the back.

So it is going to look something like this very pretty. So once you have done that part you are just going to take the teasing brush grab small sections of the hair and tease the waves up. So what that’s going to create is create a lot of extra volume and making the ponytail look kind of full and fun.

So you just grab sections and just take the brush and pull it up brush it up. So it is kind of really nice full ponytail you might see this in magazines sometimes or on runways that they do this kind of funky looking waves, I hope you liked this tutorial do not forget to leave a comment down below definitely give it a try it’s. So easy to pull off and it will take you no time at all thank you.

So much for tuning in as always and I will see you in the next tutorial bye.

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