Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Style Fight Whos The Sharper Dresser

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Style Fight Who’s The Sharper Dresser Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the main event. Today, we’ve got a six-round style bout between two of the most famous fighters in the world. In the red, white, and blue corner from Grand Rapids, Michigan weighing in at 154lbs, we have Floyd Mayweather Jr. also known as Money. His record, 49 and 0 with 26 knockouts. In the green, white, and orange corner hailing from Dublin, Ireland weighing in at 154lbs, Conor McGregor also known as The Notorious with an MMA fighting record of 21 and 3 with 18 knockouts. All right, gentlemen, I want a clean fight. Let’s get it on. Round one. Fight. All right.

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So, round one, it’s all about the hair game, let’s see what happens here. Okay. Conor MacGregor goes in and, boom! Look at that, right there he’s rocking a stylish short undercut. A bit edgy there with a high skin fade. Pretty tough. With a shade part dapper. Man, he is looking good. But, oh, my goodness, Mayweather comes in with a shaved head. Guys, this makes him look 13% stronger as well as taller and more dominant. If he’s losing his hair looks like he just owned it. Mayweather is going to take this first round. Round two.

Fight. All right, gentlemen, we’re jumping into round two and it’s all about the facial hair game. Now, it’s interesting, both fighters sport beards and beards historically have been something that fighters have stayed away from. Why? Because in a fight it can be something that your opponent can grab use against you, but both of these men and confident. Look at this right here, oh, man, look at Mayweather look at that beard, he’s got the circled beard. Gives him a nice tidy appearance. But, oh, MacGregor a full beard. What that signals to me, he has got confidence. He is saying, hey, I don’t care if you grab my beard and whatever you may do I am going to beat you into a pulp. Winner round two, MacGregor. Gentlemen, we’re at 1-1. Round three.

Fight. All right, gentlemen, we’re going into round three, we’re talking about dressing for your body type. So, both of these fighters have the same issue. They’ve got a drop and a drop is where your chest is much larger than your waist. The issue here is that most clothing is not made to fit these body types, so how are these fighters overcoming it? Okay. Let’s look at their clothing. Both of these fighters actually know how to dress for their body type. They probably both have access to custom clothing or they’ve got stylist who are finding clothing that fits and matches and works with their physique. Guys, this is so important and something all of us can learn from. And look at this we’re at the end of the round. Round three, draw. We’re still even gentlemen, Round four.

Fight. All right, gentlemen, going into round four, critical round here. We’re talking about dressing for your color dressing for your complexion. Now, notice both of these men very different from each other and let’s take a look. So, let’s look at MacGregor first. This is a guy here with lighter colored skin, he’s got strawberry blonde hair. Let’s look at his color choices. Oh, even though I like MacGregor I like a lot of his choices he takes chances, but the issue here is he’s choosing a lot of colors, he’s choosing a lot of shades which just don’t work for him. All right, guys, so now let’s look at Mayweather. He knows that he can rock bold and strong colors. He can even rock pastels, I mean this guy knows how to pull off color, but he’s got some favorites. He’s got black, he’s got red, he’s got gold.

He understands that these warm colors suit his dark skin tone. Round four goes to Mayweather. Some of you guys in the MacGregor camp thought you were going to win this easy. Well, guys, we’ve got a fight here. Round five. Fight. Round five we’re getting into the accessory game. Both fighters are going the distance. Both fighters love accessories. Let’s look at Mayweather. Man, he loves those gold chains. He loves to communicate power, wealth, and status with that look, but he seems pretty one dimensional.

MacGregor, immaculately folded pocket squares, lapel flowers. He wears hats, I mean this guy knows how to rock accessories. Boom! Winner round five, MacGregor. Gentlemen, we are all tied up going into the final round. Round six. Fight. All right, gentlemen, we’re in our final round, the sixth round we got it all tied up. The fire is going right at each other. What do we notice? Mayweather, he knows how to get dressed up when he needs to, but he’s fallen back when it comes to casual style when it comes to everyday presentation. Even though he’s got some looks, he’s not owning them in the same way that MacGregor is just going out there. Oh, my gosh, he’s going all out. Look at the range that MacGregor has from dressing casual to dressing sharp to wearing three-piece suit.

This guy knows how to dress, he knows how to use range, he’s not afraid to rake chances when it comes to style. Gentlemen, it was a good clean fight, but winner by decision Conor MacGregor. All right, gentlemen now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments what do you think, did I choose the right winner? Who is going to win this weekend’s fight? And in case you’re wondering, my opinion as much as I like MacGregor in my style fight, I think it’s going to be Mayweather. He’s going to get a technical knockout. He’s just going to knock MacGregor down too many times. But, when it comes down to it, if you look at both of these men, one of them is getting like a $100, the other one is getting $75 million for this fight, it’s called the money fight. They don’t need money, but why do they care so much about their image and style when they have all these great success in the octagon or in the ring? It really comes down to these men understand the importance of building a brand, the importance of your image and presentation. If it matters to these guys if they are paying attention to the message that they’re sending the world, are you – are you taking action? Please, I’m going to link down in this description my free app to my free podcast to the infographics on my website. If you want more, if you want to take this to the next level, check out my coaching, I’m going to link to Style System VIP down in the description. But at the end of the day, gentlemen, take action go out there own your image, knock people out with your style, so when you do that you’re going to be able to get what you want out of life. Gentlemen, take care.

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