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Hi guys its mallanna and Hey all, Welcome back to my blog since there are. So many new makeup beginners out there both on my blog and on others as well, I wanted to create a series for you guys basically dealing with makeup fundamentals 101 and today’s post is going to be all about the four different types of foundation applicators or brushes. So when, I evaluate the brushes for you guys I’m basically going to tell you and actually show you and demonstrate on my face how well they cover from light to actually full coverage and then show you the finish of each brush and tool the first foundation brush is actually the most common on the market this is the flat foundation brush it is you guys can see it is more flat. But in this particular brush is the makeup fabric number 108 and basically this brush is known for the most coverage. Because you are literally painting your face with the foundation the next foundation brush is actually a buffing brush there are. So many on the market there’s different types of buffing brushes.

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But the main point of a buff buffing brush it is very dense it has some type of a dome shaped it could be flat just like the Sigma brush like this it could be flat. But it is really dense or like a simple smaller dome or shaped brush. So basically the idea of these brushes is to give you a nice coverage either from sheer to really full coverage with an airbrush finish next type of foundation brush is actually a stippling brush and this is the duo fiber in particular the Mac 187 and this brush is really great for a more light to medium coverage foundations. Because I have noticed in my opinion when, I do start packing on the foundation it gets a little bit streaky, and it is harder to blend with this particular type of foundation brush and last. But not least is a sponge this particular one is the Beauty Blender as you can tell this is a drier one and this is a damn point, and it is a little bit dirty. But always make sure to dampen your sponge whenever you use it to apply foundation. But there are two things, I want to mention there is a plus and a minus to this little bad boy the plus is it gives the most beautiful airbrush finished any foundation, I have ever used.

But the drawback is it does use up the most product out of all the brushes I have talked about. But it is definitely still worth it. Because it is it is just amazing the foundation that I will be using today is the Lancome 24-hour makeup and, I’m in the shade what is a shade 210 buff neutral. So on my right side I’m gonna go with the duo fiber and then, I already have the foundation on my hand right here just with my clean fingers make sure they are clean and washed I’m gonna dip it in and then just apply a few spots here and there you guys can see it did a very good job blending we are going with the pointed foundation brush the flat one and I’m actually gonna take the actual brush and just dip it in red like me like that and just start applying yours going in downwards motion, I can definitely see the mirror, I do not know. If you guys can pick up. But this side with the flat foundation brush it definitely has more coverage already versus the duo fiber cuz it is it is not as dense and, I did kind of stipple it in. But it still didn’t give as much coverage as this brush right here and this is only the one layer alright.

So we are gonna go back in one more time with a full pump of foundation with each brush on each side same side we are just gonna go back in one more time just to give it a more full coverage and just see how well they do on each side. So now that you guys saw the way, I applied foundation with both of these brushes, I want to know your opinion in the comment section below of how you use these types of brushes on your face between your techniques or which brush you like the most. But these types of posts are just a quick and easy reference for all of the makeup lovers out there that are just beginning or already experts in this field and this is just a great place to kind of share all of our different opinions or different techniques on how we apply a foundation with what types of tools and which tools are the best for different types of nations out there next we are gonna compare the Beautyblender sponge versus a buffing brush. So on my right side we are gonna do the sponge this is the Beauty Blender and on my left side we are gonna do this buffing brush this is the hourglass number 2 foundation brush I’m gonna dab the beautiful end you are right in not all the way. But just a little bit just to pick up a tiny bit just like that on the bigger side and I’m gonna start bouncing it on my cheeks first alright. So you guys can tell it is not as full coverage as the other two brushes that we just did. Because it is a damp sponge its dispersing, and it is making the foundation more sheer.

But the beauty of this is you can go in as many times as you want to make it really full-coverage. If that’s what you prefer moving on I’m gonna do with the buffing brush this brush is really dense. So it should give a more fuller coverage and this is the hourglass number 2 brush and, I like to start by stippling or just bouncing it just the same way the stippling brush or the or the Beauty Blender and then just buffing it out alright. So now that the first layer is on with both of the tools you guys can see it is not as full coverage as the first two foundation brushes it is more dispersed, and it is more sheer and lighter coverage. But the beauty of both of these are you can build up really nicely, and it is not gonna look ask Kiki alright I’m just gonna do one more pump just to give it extra more coverage and we are gonna do it again start covering adding more coverage and foundation for my final remarks in my opinion for the best flawless coverage and finish, I would definitely go for the Beauty Blender. Because it does start off sheer. But you can build up to a nice full coverage foundation and finish.

If you do want to invest some money, I would invest into a beauty blender and some sort of buffing brush these two here are my favorites this is the one that, I was showing you and Emma shooting with this is the hourglass number two foundation brush and this is the it cosmetics heavenly luxe number seven dual ended brush these two are just the even though, I do love both of these types of brushes, I do want to hear you guys’s opinions and why you prefer these brushes versus let’s say a buffing brush or the Beautyblender here’s another quick visual aid for you guys demonstrating each of the foundation applicators that, I just talked about, I want to quickly show you the actual coverage and the finish of each applicator how its applied on a different surface other than my skin. Because it is a different contrast alright you guys. So that concludes the post, I hope you guys liked it leave your comments and suggestions down below as always and please leave a thumbs up button on this post and let me know. If you did like or. If you want to see more of these makeup fundamentals 101 posts thank you guys so much for reading and I will see you next time.

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