French Braids Messy Bun For Short Hair

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But not today, I wanted to create a hairstyle for you guys with my short own hair that, I always see like on Facebook Instagram Pinterest especially it is like that really popular coveted low messy bun with some type of braids it is really romantic and it looks really hard to achieve right and, I always see it with longer hair or with extensions and, I wanted to see. If it was possible to do with my short hair. If you like this hairstyle that, I just did and you want to learn how to do it keep on reading first step for the hairstyle you will want some type of wave or curl in your hair like, I do very simple nothing too polished, I will have the link down below to how you can actually curl your hair with a straightener in the description box. So what you want is to create a deeper part on one side of your head does not matter which side. So take a brush with a nice tip or your finger and just create a deeper part my part is on my right side and then do not take you all the way down to the back of your head just stop about like 3/4 of the way just like that. So for the deep part where you have most of the hair this is where you are going to do some type of braid it does not matter which French braid Dutch braid fishtail braid a regular braid it does not matter today, I’m choosing the French braid or as my husband likes to call it the poofy braid grab a nice section like. So and just start like a regular braid divide it into three.

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So a French braid is where you take the sections over the middle section like. So like that and then one more time this is where we start grabbing the hair take it with that section cross it over like that hold it place it down grab hair cross it over the middle grab a section cross it over when you are grabbing hair from the back, I like to take my other hand and just take as much hair towards the back as, I can to not grab it. Because you want to have a lot of hair in the back to make it a little bit more voluminous. So what, I do is when, I let the section go, I kind of guide my finger and, I just take a little bit of hair, I do not know. If you can see that. But just a little bit once we get to the very top of the ear we are going to stop adding hair to the braid. So just start continuing braiding just like a regular braid make sure when you tie your braid off to leave like at least half an inch to an inch of hair.

So. Because we are going to go back in and then we are going to pull the braid apart to make it a little bit more fuller and voluminous alright. So now let’s move on to the other side with the deep part where there is less hair and we are going to braid the site as well. But keep in mind that this braid is going to be more tighter and less of a voluminous braid and that’s what exactly what you want and this is where you can get crazy you can braid a different style braid than the first one I’m just going to do a simple French braid as well. But just a more tighter French braid just like with the first braid you want to stop adding hair to the braid when you once you get to the very top or slightly below the ear and just continue braiding like a regular braid you guessed it leave either half finish to an inch of unbraided hair when you tie it off starting with the bigger braid you want the majority of volume right in front of the head kind of gradually fading down once you get to the very bottom. So just start pulling as much as you can. But do it little by little gradually adding vol.

If you feel like your hair is a little bit too silky, and it is just falling apart take either a texture spray or hairspray and just spray it right in your braids just basically kind of wiggle it we are kind of just tease you teasing it into your hair and your braids. Because braids love textured hair that’s how you can really maneuver your braids into a nice thicker voluminous braid. So that’s all you need to do, I already have a ton of hairspray and texture spray in it. So it is really working for me before we start putting the hairstyle together you want to just tease the crown of your hair just grab a nice section and just tease it once you have the top section somewhat teased we are going to gather the rest of the hair into a really low ponytail alright to clear elastic and just tie the ponytail once you have the low ponytail you are going to start creating a messy bun, I just flip the ponytail in half and just kind of lay it down on all sections it kind of looks like a butthole. So then what you do is you take these hairs right here and you just kind of start placing them kind of going around the bun in a way when you have the desired shape of your bun this is where you start pinning the hair into the ponytail. So once you have your bun somewhat situated and secure you are going to take the braids and kind of loosen them up towards the bottom. Because you want to have as little hair as possible.

Because we want to hide this section of hair in to the bun on the top. So I’m going to take the braid and just bring it over to the top portion of my bun just like on the other braid I’m going to take it on the top or the side towards the top of my bun and then I’m just going to place the ends inside my bun and just pin the hair down. So you see this hair right here that’s between the braid and the actual bun I’m going to take this hair very lightly and pull it just to kind of give a better transition from the braid into the bun. So once, I have everything pinned together, I kind of went back and just message some parts up kind of made it more bigger in a way just lift it up some hairs towards the back just to give it a little bit more volume and then in the braid. If it felt like it was too messy, I just went back in and tucked it with a bobby pin just to give a more polished look. So this is my take on that messy low bun with braids for shorter hair like mine it is possible. So you guys this is another idea for you to do something more pretty and romantic for an event or date night or wedding or anything, I guess thank you so much for spending some time with us and supporting us on this blog we really appreciate it.

If you have any other suggestions on looks that you want me to recreate for short hair leave it in the comments down below hit the thumbs up button. If you really like this post subscribe. If you have not and welcome to the family. But for now, I love you all so much and I will see you guys in my next post bye.

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