French Twist Hair Tutorial

Additional commutation hello how are y’all doing is may be here today and I’m really excited to do this French twist hair tutorial today because this look is.

So beautiful and elegant and, I personally have been trying to get it even though. So simple really it is. I have been trying to get it for years and somehow every time, I tried it it just didn’t look right.

So just recently, I went to Layla and, I was like okay watch me do the French twist and tell me if I’m doing something wrong. So as, I started doing it she said, I was twisting it a little too tight. So they kept getting kind of bumps all over.

French Twist Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

So she just told me kind of what, I should do with my hands better to get the look, I was going for um, I think your French twist is a beautiful hairstyle and it’s. So simple and it is something that’s perfect for school or a date or work you know if you work in a business kind of environment and you dress up in a nice suit you know a French twist would look really really really elegant and beautiful. So let’s get into the tutorial and I will show you how to do a French twist today I’m not wearing my e hair extensions for this look because, I actually you know, I think the less hair you have the easier it is to pull this look you know because you have less hair to talk in to them the twist but anyways I’m not wearing my hair extensions today this is just my hair we are gonna need just a regular brush we might need some hairspray depending on how much pull out we are gonna have and this is lore’l hairspray and also we are gonna need some hair pills.

So not bobby pins but actual hair pins I will show you one to see what it looks like. So these you can get at any beauty supply store usually or maybe even Walmart or alte and we might need some bobby pins just to pin up some hair that’s fully out depending on whether we have that here or not okay. So let’s get into it first thing I’m going to do is brush my hair just like thoroughly brush my hair and what I’m gonna do is right now turn around and show you what, I what, I’m doing in the back.

So you guys can see better and, I hope it is going to be easy for you that way and what you want to do is kind of grab the hair and kind of start twisting it upwards and you do not want to twist it too tight either just kind of twist it tight enough and then start tucking the hair in this twist and make sure that the ends are well hidden in the twist and you will kind of have this kind of twist and then you want to grab you here, I mean hair pins and start pinning all this away. So you want to put a few pins in the hair you know to hold everything in place and have it nice and secure, I usually use about four but you know use as many as you need to you know make sure that it feels nice and secure in there. So we are pretty much done I’m going to show you what we have in the back and what you can do in the end is kind of just lightly sprayed with a hair spray.

So you know it holds everything in place for the whole day or for the whole evening. So you want to just lightly spray all over and you are pretty much done, I hope you guys enjoyed the Spiritualist hair tutorial please do not forget to rate this post down below and leave a comment let me know if you try it and if it works for you and I will thank you. So much for tuning in as always I will see you guys soon bye.

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