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Hi friends I’m back with another makeup tutorial for you this is just a makeup look that’s effortless and when you are on the go or you are not feeling good and you just want something on your face. So we are gonna start out by using the naked urban decay palette and going with the Mac 233 brush it is just a flat shader brush and using the color virgin we are just gonna start applying on our lid from the middle to the outer corner to the inner corner you know you can see how I’m doing it and just apply it up to the crease and, I already pride my eyelids, I used the NARS Pro prime smudge base. If you are reading my posts you know how, I adore that stuff it is amazing it works it is an a-plus for me and I’m just showing you that, I apply the eyeshadow right into my inner corner as well.

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Because the highlights and it just opens up the eye makes them larger than they appear and then just put the same brush and same color highlight your brow bone and, I already have a post on how, I do my eyebrows. So I will put the link in my description box go with the Mac two one seven brush with the color naked, I put some on to the brush and then plop it into your crease back and forth like the windshield wiper motions and make sure they keep going back and forth make sure you buff it out cuz we do not want any harsh lines and when it is not buffed we all know it does not look good and then here I’m just showing you a close-up of how, I do it and you can see my technique. If you are not familiar with it. If you feel like you are not getting enough color payoff just go back right in with the color naked and just buff it in and just keep buffing into the crease until you feel like you got the color that you want and then we are gonna go with mascara, I love this mascara it is cheap and works just apply some to your top lashes and, I always vote majority the time, I applied to my bottom lashes. Because, I feel like it completes the eye. But you know to each their own and then going with the hoola benefit bronzer with the NARS eita brush it is a contour brush I’m just showing you how, I apply my bronzer just apply the line and then just start buffing it out it is also harsh lines on your face it is not really that pretty and, I keep buffing until, I feel like, I got a good faded bronzy look and then, I continue applying bronze up to my temple and forehead you know just outlining or you know the Sun would hit and you get like a tan and then just keep buffing it out into your hairline and then take any blusher I’m just using a blush by Sonia Kashuk it does not have any on it. Because it appeared to rub off on me and then just take any blush brush and just apply it to your cheeks then all the way up to a hairline and then just buff it out and I’m just showing you that I’m using Alma and Sonia Kashuk, I love this duo Sonia Kashuk is called hint of pink number 42 and the Alma is called pink rose and this is just these colors are.

So pretty together, I love wearing them when, I barely wear any makeup it just makes my lips look delicious you see what I’m talking about the color is like a really pretty pink fuchsia, and it is very easy to pull off also, I think a lot of skin tones can wear this color, I hope you liked this post let me know what you think and please thumbs up.

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