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Hi everybody and Hey all, Welcome back to my blog today’s post is going to be a very simple get ready with me hence the nothing on the face and the crazy hair. So today’s post, I actually am featuring three products that, I was kindly gifted and sent by philosophy and print at me and they basically asked me to test out these products and share with you guys what, I think of them and kind of how, I use them. So I have been testing them out for, I think for the past three or four days, I believe and I have been testing them out through the day and throughout the night, I just want to see how the products kind of hold up throughout the date with makeup ad and the environment and the humidity where, I live and then, I wanted to see how they actually last on my face and what my face looks like it feels like in the morning with the products. So let’s get started, I will basically take you along my little routine oh yes in the morning first step is cleansing my face and, I cleanse my face using this purity one-step facial cleanser in the mornings when, I have no makeup on it takes a little bit easier. Because not easier it is a little bit faster. Because, I have no makeup on.

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So, I just take a quarter sized amount damp my face and then, I just massage it for about 30 to 60 seconds all around my face and neck after I’m the massaging, I take a damp washcloth and then, I wipe off everything off my face whenever, I wash my face, I have to use a washcloth that is just something inside of me that I have started several years ago, I feel that if, I use a washcloth my face is were thoroughly clean rather when, I just use my hands do any of you also do something weird or funny in the morning time when you guys get ready moving on next step after cleanser, I move on to the micro deliberate triple acid brightening peel and this set comes with 12 pre saturated chemical pads and they are a pretty good size we will fit they will actually do the whole face and the neck. So basically what these pads do is they basically brighten your face get rid of the dead skin cells and just help improve actual skin clarity they work very well once, I apply all over my face and neck, I let it dry for about 10 to 15 seconds and then, I move on to the moisturizer next step after the toner or the peel, I will apply my moisturizer and this is their renewed hope in a jar refreshing and refining moisturizer what, I do is, I just take a small amount well depending how much need for your face, I just apply all over my face and, I make sure to get my neck area as well and then, I just kind of massage it in for about like 10 seconds and let it sit there for about 5 to 7 minutes to kind of let it soak in all the way and then, I start with my foundation.

So the reason why, I really really like this moisturizers. Because it is extremely lightweight and it does not make my foundation go all nuts and cakey and just just slide off and, I do have some dry patches and a little bit of like oiliness throughout the day and, I have noticed that the dry patches that do not appear and, I’m not as oily throughout the day with this moisturizer. So now that, I have my skincare on my moisturizer is that I have been waiting for like five to seven minutes, I can move on to my foundation and my makeup as you guys can see it is a very simple look that basically focuses mainly on the skin and the lips, I love doing this especially for fall kinda let’s my face freeze a little bit you know with all the climate change and this is just the most amazing weather in Florida becomes being lighter and signing it it is not as humid and that is hot now that the face makeup is all done let’s go do my hair I’m going to quickly do, I actually have a tutorial for how, I do my hair click on it, I will show you the curls that I have been doing lately for my short hair let’s go now that my hair is all done I’m going to let it set and I’m going to pick out an outfit. So today’s Alpha is gonna be very simple there’s gonna be a really simple cute top with a pair of jeans and, I think some flats and then, I’m ready to go and this right here is a very simple outfit of the day the shirt is from forever 21 the black jeans are from Zara the earrings are from American Eagle, I love Karen like a beautiful turquoise in the fall with a nice plum lip and the necklace is from t.j.

maxx the the rings are from Francesca’s and then the shoes are from forever 21 as well, I just love pairing a pop of color with like a really simple outfit like black jeans a white shirt. But I just think all of this works well together and just very simple. But I look very well put together as well this is it for the post, I hope you liked it it was a lot of fun to post and, I hope you got something out of it. But for now thank you for reading this post and please do not forget to hit the thumbs up button and. If not already please subscribe to my blog and as always thank you for reading my post.

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