How to Get Volume Without Hair Extensions

Today, we are gonna talk about volume without extensions. So, many of you guys have told me that you want to see more volume in your hair, specifically Chloe lp commented on one of my posts and of you guys agreed with her that you wanted to see more volume. So, I’m gonna show you guys my tips and tricks. Now, this is the whole kit and kaboodle. This is everything and I do not really do all of these steps unless I’m really going for it. So, this is more of a guide for you. This is more to show you all the different tips and tricks that you can use and you can pick out whichever of those seems to work best for you.

So, at the end of the day, I want you to pick tips and tricks that work for your routine and your hair. So, I hope you guys like this post. Let’s get right into it. When you are in the shower, I recommend that you massage your roots with the shampoo. Your roots are where everything builds up and causes your hair to be weighted down. So, when you massage it, it breaks up all that and gives you more volume. And then, only apply conditioner to your ends. If you apply conditioner towards your roots, you can actually cause them to be weighed down a little bit more by the moisture in your conditioner. Now, let’s move on to when your hair is wet. First, I like to apply a product that adds volume by swelling the hair. The one I’m using today is the Kristin Ess Thickening Spray. Next, I like to apply a volumizing mousse to stack and shape the hair. Basically what mousse does is it coats each hair so instead of the hairs kinda sitting like this, they have a little bit of air to them, but it also adds shape so that as you are drying your hair, you are drying it upside down, it helps it to kind of hold that more voluminous position.

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Then, if your hair tends to frizz, I recommend using a lightweight serum. Don’t go straight for the oil or anything heavy. Keep it light, keep it breezy, just a nice, light serum will do the best things for you. So now, onto drying your hair. The whole goal here is to create volume at the roots by confusing them, making them think that gravity wants them to go that way. That way, when they are back down, you have a little bit of volume. So, one of the first ways to do that and the really easy way is to part your hair on your opposite side that you want it to be when it is dry. That way, when you flip it back over, you have more volume. Then, if your hair is on the silkier side and you can get away with it, just dry your hair in every direction possible. So, I flip my hair upside down and dry it that way. I will flip it to the side and the other side. Root confusion is kind of the goal there. But that can cause frizz if your hair is a little prone to it.

So, if your hair is prone to frizz, I actually recommend that you use your brush and your dryer and brush your hair against the grain. So kinda of up and over and that way, your brush is actually smoothing the hair while your dryer is helping to set in the volume. Now, when it is dry, one of the first things I love to do is add in a texturizing spray and those are best through your roots and the middle of your hair to really kind of pull out this area and give a lot of fullness. And now, you do not have to curl your hair. This will give you voluminous straight or whatever natural texture you have. But if you want to add a curl, I like to go in little sections at a time in opposite directions. The little sections at a time gives you a bigger number of curls, so it looks like your hair is fuller and going in opposite directions means the curls will sit on top of each other instead of intertwining together and looking a little slimmer.

When they are all stacked on top, it looks bigger. And finally, I like to use a really lightweight hairspray. Obviously, you do not wanna go for anything that’s like shellacking your hair. And then as I apply it, I scrunch to really set in the curls or you can kind of pull the hair away from your head and spray that way so that when it falls down, it has that memory that it is supposed to be kind of more rounded. And there you go, my favorite tips, tricks and products to get more volume in your hair. I hope you guys enjoy this bonus tip. These are gonna help your braids to pull apart better too because your hair’s a little bit more obedient and resilient, so give these a try if you want bigger braids as well. And that’s it for today’s post. And come back next Saturday for my next tutorial. I will see ya then. Muah, bye.

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