How To Be A Good Kisser For Your First Kiss

Things to Remember Use lip balm regularly, as this will keep your lips in optimum kissable condition. Don’t use it in front of your partner just before you kiss them if you want to make the moment look romantic and not planned!

Brush your teeth morning, noon and night. Also brush your tongue as it has bacteria that cause bad breath. It would be scary to think you are kissing someone with yellow and brown teeth.

Chew gum and always have mints on hand.

Don’t kiss for too long and do not feel guilty about taking a break to catch your breath and swallow. There is nothing worse than kissing someone with a mouth full of saliva.

Take your time! You should never rush into a first kiss or be too rough. They might think you are trying to remove their tonsils without anaesthetic. It will also show that you are inexperienced.

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Be well hydrated. Have a glass of water before hand, as water also helps get rid of bad breath.

Things to Avoid A mouth full of gum. It gets in the way and is so embarrassing if it falls into your kssing partner’s lap. In fact, it can completely ruin the moment.

Any hesitant movements. They will feel a little confused as to what you are trying to do. It will make you feel unconfident as well.

Don’t re-apply lipstick if you think you are going to kiss someone soon. It gets smeared all over your and their lips and faces and is not a good look unless you both want to end up looking like clowns. It makes it a slippery surface to work with and nobody wants the taste of lipstick when they are kissing. Yuck!

Eating onions, peanut butter (satay), garlic anything (bread, steak), and chives. Even though mints will solve the problem temporarily, later on the smell and taste will return right about when things are getting good.

Stubble! “Pash rash” hurts and can irritate your partner’s face. You’ll know when it is too long by how it feels when you brush a hand against your cheek. You can still kiss her gently a few times if you have not shaved, but save a full makeout session for after you have shaved.

Cigarette or beer breath is unpleasant. If you need to continue drinking after having a few beers, try a few vodka and raspberries to disguise the taste, unless the other person is already intoxicated. There is nothing less attractive than someone leering at you and trying to kiss you when they smell like a brewery. The same goes for smoking. Take a breath mint after having a cigarette if you can. Otherwise, there is the likelihood that you will taste like an ashtray.

If you want this kiss to be memorable, then you shouldn’t be drunk. You will need complete control over your body to remember what to do so it does not turn into an out-of-control sloppy kiss. Also, if you are sober and the other person isn’t, it is like you are taking advantage.

Don’t hold your breath. Breathe slowly through your nose. If you can’t do, this you will have to have shorter kisses but more of them. Problem solved, and it will still be just as awesome.

Never ever-under any circumstances-tell someone they are a bad kisser. Some people may use a different technique (faster or slower) that does not suit you, but that is no excuse to criticize them. A kiss is a deeply intimate moment, and you should never trivialize the intimacy. If the person you kissed is not compatible with you, put it down to experience and move on.

If your first kiss happens to be in a bar or club, there is not quite as much thought involved because you probably won’t even know the other person you are kissing. The setting that you are in will have quite an effect on how your kiss goes. Follow the same hints as above if you are sitting down, but if you are on the dance floor then things will move a little quicker. You probably won’t be quite as nervous because there are people around and there is a lot of noise. If you really think the dance floor is the best place for your first kiss, beware: there is a lot of skill involved to kiss someone while dancing and people pushing you around. Be careful not to bite their tongue or clash faces.

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