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Hello Hey all, Welcome back it is mallanna we are gonna be doing a get ready with me with a tart slit and blue palette a second look let’s get started first things first is the primer I’m using the it cosmetics number 50 serum collagen veil anti-aging primer with clean hands I’m gonna start applying into the center of my face and actually on my neck area as well for the foundation, I went for the NARS sheer glow foundation in my shade Deauville with a dampened Beauty Blender I’m gonna start applying with my fingers and areas where, I need to conceal and then just start blending tapping the foundation into my skin for the eyes I’m also going to prime them with NARS program smudge proof base and for the eyeshadow base I’m going with the shade flower child with Sigma’s tapered blending each 35 brush and just applying the shadow all over the eyelid for my actual eye shadow the main color I will be using the color rocker it is a beautiful metallic key color and I’m going to give a more wet look with mac fix+ with their packing brush 242 and apply that all over the lid all the way up to my crease to help on the shade out I’m gonna go with the matte color the jetsetter with a small blending brush this is by morphia 17 and concentrate majority of the color on the outer corner building my way towards the inner to blend it even more.

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I’m gonna take a lighter shade with a bigger blending brush this is my makeup geek they are soft on brush and the shade smarty-pants and then just blended the three colors together going from the outer to the inner corner and just keep blending away and then to add a little bit more punch to the middle of my eyelid I’m just gonna take my fingertip and put it into the shade rocker that beautiful metallic color and just apply it right into the middle and blend it out with my fingers for the eyeliner, I went for a waterproof bio makeup forever their artist liner in the shade black I’m 10 and just very gently lined about halfway of my top eyelash line and then I’m gonna smoke it out with the eye shadow smoke show with Sigma’s smudger brush II 21 and then just start smoking and blending it out with the same liner I’m just gonna line my lower lash line just the outer corner and smoke it out with the same smoke show eyes shadow and the same smudger brush and connecting the top and bottom lashes to blend the darker color together I’m gonna take that rocker metallic shade in the same smudger brush and then just lightly blend the lower lash line together now for my eye lashes I’m simply gonna curl them a little trick always look down when your curl you get the most lashes and then for my mascara.

I’m actually using the Maybelline lash sensational and does the trick it works volumizes it lengthens and it does a really great job also. If you get a little mascara in your eyelid after you did the eye shadow take a q-tip and very gently remove it by rubbing it back and forth it always works for my eyebrows I’m gonna prep them with the Anastasia’s clear gel, I believe how do you know what the name is it totally rubbed off and I’m using the it cosmetics Universal brow power pencil and this stuff is amazing it actually is pretty pretty good and I’m gonna set that with Anastasius clear brow gel from a concealer to brighten up and highlight and conceal obviously I’m gonna use two shades by it cosmetics bye bye under-eye concealer the light and neutral medium and then just take a small foundation brush this is the Real Techniques, I believe and just start applying it and blend in and out with the damp Beauty Blender just I’m a concealer I will be setting it with the laura mercier secret brightening powder with the Real Techniques setting brush, I really like this brush.

Because it is really precise and tiny and it fits in the places and once the concealer is set I’m gonna apply mascara to my lower lash line and then to highlight my brow bone I’m gonna use the shade charmer with Sigma’s inner corner shader brush e46 to add a little more depth and color to my face I will be using makeup Forever’s bronzer in the shade f15 l with mac 163 small angled brush for my blush I will be actually mixing two shades by Sigma there Ora powder blushes Nymphaea and pet-name and these are both matte blushes and I’m using a real techniques blush brush to blend it together from a highlighter abusing Anastasia’s illuminator in the shade starlight with her 823 face brush and applying on the high points of my face to set my makeup I will be spraying my face with mac’s fix+ for my lips I will actually be putting on a matte lip liquid lipstick and I’m just here prepping my lips just moisturizing them exfoliating and for my lip color, I actually chose a color pop ultra matte liquid lips in the shade trap it is just a beautiful shade it is kind of like a dusty mauve a rosy color it is really really beautiful to help my lips not dry out as much, I just apply a really thin layer on both top and bottom lip and then just blend it out with my ring finger and just this helps not to dry out my lips as much and this is all the entire look it is super easy super fun and glam and let me know what other posts you guys want to see in the future please like and share this post. If you liked it and thank you so much for reading and I will see you next time bye.

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