Hi guys welcome back.. I’m so excited to finally announce that.

I am a part of the Fructis crew like am. I dreaming I’m. So happy you guys. So in today’s post, I’m going to share with you my Garnier Fructis haircare routine for a healthy hair and, I’m also going to show you how to achieve these big textured messy beachy waves you are gonna love the technique. It’s so quick and easy, I’m prepping the hair it is really important to achieve these waves. So, I’m going to show you what products I have used to enhance this style. So let’s go ahead and get started.


So as you might be able to tell. I just washed my hair. I usually wash about two to three times per week depending how active. I am.. So I wash my hair with Garnier Fructis triple nutrition fortifying shampoo I have been using this for months you guys already know and this does not makes your hair three times stronger and it has avocado olive and almond oil in it which are all delicious, and it is where it dry to very dry hair and hello. I do not know about you guys want my hair tends to feel.

So dry and dull and brittle in the winter time and the shampoo just helps keeping it feeling strong and moisturized and shiny without that weighed down greasy feel you guys know what. I mean.. So I try to use only a quarter sized amount of this. I believe less is more when it comes to shampoo and, I only focus it on my scalp and, I really work it in. I probably massage my scalp for about a minute till the shampoos in a really nice lather just to ensure that every strand is clean and, I do not apply any to the shafts of my hair because once you rinse it that’s enough to clean the rest of your hair next step the most important step and if you skip the step we need to talk and it is conditioner. So this conditioner was actually recommended by one of you guys when.

I mentioned that my hair is really dry and tangled and it is the Garnier Fructis triple nutrition fortifying conditioner first off this will leave your hair smelling amazing and it has paraben free fruit proteins and a combination of natural ingredients that will leave your hair feeling nourished and healthy now with this guy. I use a generous quarter size amount now you can apply your conditioner root to tip but sometimes my scalp gets a little bit oily.. So I like to focus it from my ears down the most important thing is you just want to ensure that every strand is covered when you touch it it should feel nice and smooth since my hair is so long and dry sometimes. I get these really bad knots around my neck to also focus some extra conditioner into the knot. So that they just slide right up and, I tried my best to leave it on for about two minutes and then. I just thoroughly rinse it out but.

I do. I just absolutely love this conditioner you guys it leaves my hair virtually tangle free which helps prevent breakage when brushing which is really important to help maintain like full thick looking hair then it leaves my hair really smooth and shiny I will show you guys at the end. So once my hair is washed and conditioned. I love to finish off the treatment with my Garnier Fructis triple nutrition or vacuous oil. I rave about this product all the time because this is magic in a bottle you guys it is more than just an oil it also helps to strengthen your hair and not to mention every time. I have this in my hair people always compliment me on this then it is like. So sweet like candy but really fresh.

I love it. So this oil is perfect when my hair is feeling really dry or dull. So all. I do is. I use one pump it is about a dime-size amount and, I just warm it up in between my palms and then. I focus it mostly on the mid shaft of my hair and of course the ends. I was gonna happy when.

I go in to get my hair trimmed and my ends are still nice and blunt that’s how I know. I did a good job taking care of them but. I noticed want to use this step in conjunction with the shampoo and the conditioner it just leaves my hair feeling extra silky and smooth and almost luminous especially in the sunshine my hair just looks really healthy and it smells. So good this next step is so important you guys. I didn’t start including it in my hair care routine until about three years ago and it has how to completely transform my hair, and it is using a leave-in conditioner and now I have always used Garnier’s leave-in conditioner but this little guy is new to my hair care routine, and it is new to the Fructis lineup as well and this is Garnier Fructis nourishing tree one-minute hair masque + coconut extract how cute is this little guy absolutely love it. So this guy is also vegan friendly 94% biodegradable formula, and it is free of silicones parabens and artificial colorings go Garnier.

I love it. So after my hair care routine after I have applied my oils when my hair still damp. I just go in with this oh my god it smells like coconuts house like the freshest scent it’ll just take you back to your last vacation it is glorious anyways. I take about a quarter size amount on my fingers like this and then. I just rub it in between my palms and then again. I just focus this mostly below my ears and on those stubborn neck knots and then. I bring it down to my ends you guys.

I kid you not. I just got back from Florida, and it is currently snowing outside and smelling my hair it just takes me back. I wish yeah. I just love this product you guys aside from the smell it just really helps to ensure that my hair is tangle free and, I often like to let my hair air dry and I have noticed that this product helps to tame that phrase but if you want to get your hands on this it comes in five indulgent flavors. I can only imagine how great those ones smell it is now available at drugstores and mass retailers I will put more details down below for you as far as toning my hair. I tone it once a week but. I have a full post on that.

So I will link that down below for you guys. So now the products are evenly distributed my hair is prepped you wanna hear something crazy, I’m actually going to skip out and brushing my hair it is basically already brushed and we are going for beach waves. So the more texture the better you can let your hair air-dry. I just do not have the time. So, I’m just going to flip my head upside down and quickly blow-dry it called completely dry. I find flipping it back and forth and focusing on the roots will really help speed up that drying time usually takes me.

I do not know five minutes. So this is what my hair looks like post-treatment. It’s so shiny and soft. I can easily run my fingers through it there’s no knots and tangles all. I did was blow dry my hair. I wish you guys could touch it it just feels really hydrated and smooth to the touch. So that has been at my current go to hair care routine.

I would love to hear what yours is do you just use shampoo do you shampoo and conditioner or do you do a full hair treatment like. I do comment down below let me know and it also to know what some of your favorite products are I’m. So excited to show you how to achieve that beach wave hair this is my new go-to hairstyle you guys are going to love this technique. So you are going to want to use a curling iron this is a 32 millimeter barrel, I’m just going to turn it to about 300 degrees but do you remember everybody’s hair is different and then just part your hair down the middle in the back and bring it all forward now to help achieve that beachy textured lived-in look. I love to use mousse you guys and, I’m going to be using the Garnier Fructis curl construct mousse just give it a good shake hold it upside down and, I’m just gonna use a big palm sized amount and then the best part oh yeah. I just squish it between my palms guess it has to be one of my favorite feelings and then. I just run it from root to tip lightly down at my sections of hair this will just help add texture without the crunch as well as help define the curls while controlling frizz and flyaways, I’m just gonna brush it out.

So just helps to evenly distribute it and if your hair has a very hard time holding your curl then just go ahead and add your mousse to damp hair before you dry it. So hair is prepped hot tool is hot we can go ahead and start curling her hair and, I’m going to start from the back and work my way forward you want to grab one inch size sections and hold your curling iron in your dominant hand keeping it vertical, I’m curling away from my face. So the barrel should be facing the front. So open it clamp it where you want your curl to start and then twist your iron one full turn away from your face depending on your iron. I hold it for about two seconds and then. I just pulled the iron down. So the top of the iron is free from the curl and then again you just want to twist your iron about one full turn away from your face and, I find it helpful to toss my ends out of the way as.

I go. So again holding it for about two seconds and then pulling the iron down sometimes it helps to open the clamp just a tiny bit to release the hair and once the top of the iron is free from the curl just twist it one full turn away from your face now do not go all the way to the bottom make sure you leave your ends out it’ll help give your hairstyle that beachy vibe and then when you are done you should be left with a little cyclone like this and do not brush it out just toss it behind your shoulder and we will just keep continuing. So I will show you again grab another one-inch section the more random the sizes the better open your iron and place your clamp where you want your curl to start and then twist it one full turn away from your face. So let your iron sit here until your hair is warm and then pull down to the curl slides off the iron then twist it one sometimes. I twist it two times away from my face and then hold it for about two seconds and then pull down to release the curl and they just want to continue this all the way down remembering to leave out your ends and if you have bangs. I like to hold my iron horizontally placing it on top of my bags and then closing the clamp. So it is underneath my bangs and then.

I just slide it through while turning my iron away from my face. So this died this is my struggle side. I find it. So much harder to coordinate my hands. I do not know why but. I still hold my iron in my dominant hand and if you are curling away from your face you want your clamp to face forward you can definitely alternate the directions for even more volume especially if you have shorter or thinner hair it would make it look incredible these are beachy waves. So do not think about it too much they do not need to be perfect the key is to have tight close together curls all different sizes different starting points and then leaving the ends out.

So once your curls have set and cooled make your hands into little claws and just want to go in and shake out the curls. So yeah flip it around play around with it because it has that moose in it you can really shake it up and give it some volume, I’m going to go in and touch up this area right here add some more curls you guys I’m. So happy with these beach waves you have to try them out I have been wearing my hair like this for the past month and it just looks even better the more you sleep in it but. I really hope that you liked today’s post if you did please give it a thumbs up comment down below let me know what you thought and if you want to check out any of these products or the hair masks. I will put all the links in the description below but a huge thank you to all of you for this continuous support and making opportunities like this possible it means. So much to me and, I hope you know how much. I appreciate it.

So thanks again I will talk to you guys next time bye.

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