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So we are pretty much gonna cover all the most asked questions because we get. So many questions about luxy hair and we do have the answers in our FAQ section on the website but we thought it would be fun to kind of put on a post over at all and where we can kind of show you certain things and talk about it in real life.

So let’s begin. So we offer two sets 120 grams and 160 grams I’m gonna talk about the difference because this is probably one of the most asked questions the difference between the two sets is only the weight the hair is the same quality it is going length the same length it is 20 inches long and it is all clip ends and the only difference is the weight that the packages come in. So 120 grams set is good for ladies that have fine to medium hair types and 160 grams is for someone who has medium to thick hair like us like us, I would say if you have super thick hair you know that’s might be a little bit of a difficult thing to blend yeah you would need definitely more than honey or you would need them layered to blend in with your hair but if you have like most people like us probably medium to thick hair then 160 grams is for you and I’m not sure, I think it is still better to go with hundred sixty grams set because then you would have some extra works that you can just play around with it better to have more than lastly because if your find are you missing maybe like one extra weft it is better to have that weft as opposed to having to purchase a whole other set because we do not sell selects individually.

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So that is the only difference now another question we get asked about the difference is whether or not it is just that the the extra work that comes with a hundred sixty grams set or if actual wax have less hair in the 120 grams set and the answer to that is 160 grams set does have a little bit more hair in each weft on top of having an extra four clipped weft. So, I think that pretty much covers the difference yeah. So first we are going to show you the honey 20 grams set compared to hundred sixty, I’m holding the hundred twenty grams set it knows – they are both in number two this is 160 and this is 120 yeah this ponytail example will probably show you what the difference is between the two mm-hmm.

So you can see that it is still very thick 220 grams set is still very thick but in comparison it is obviously a little bit thinner than 160 gram said which makes up the 40 gram difference okay. So 160 gram set comes with ten separate webs and Here, I’m holding all the webs and Mimi’s holding all of the webs in the 120 gram set which comes with nine separate pieces. So this comes with 10 in this house with nine with nine.

So let’s just compare them individually one of the wafts together both holding up a forklift weft mm-hmm and you can see the difference that it is very very minimal. So the 160 grams said supposed to have a little bit more hair in each weft. So this is the only difference between the two sets the 160 grams set comes with an extra forklift whoa.

So we are actually now going to go ahead and show you each weft because it comes exactly with the same pieces and the same widths in both sets and the only difference is the 160 gram set has an extra forklift which we just showed you yeah that is the only the only difference and like we mentioned before is that honeys 20 grams set has a little bit less hair on each one mm-hmm which equals 240 grams altogether but, I think you can’t even see that with yeah you know just by looking at it you want to see cuz it is it’s really important to wear all of the wefts in your set because it is just actually the one clip twice, I go at the front because the reason we chose let’s say to have ten pieces as opposed to one big piece of chunk of hair that you just clip is to disperse them evenly and to make them look as natural as possible. So the one clip weft are really crucial at the end once you are finishing clipping and everything is to create a very natural look at the front yes how do you have the hair here and it is just a spool especially for ladies that have layers like myself it is very very important to kind of play around it is gonna be different on everyone to be on depending on your haircut the shape of your face and all that. So definitely just play around with the placement and do not skip the one clip twice you can if you feel like you have already thick hair skip maybe the two clip weft that goes at the front but do not skip the one clip thwack because it is easier to kind of you know disperse them around your head.

So it creates more of a natural blend definitely Ameren or just to add to the why we decided to have ten separate wafts as opposed to other brands that offer perhaps double wefted or quad weft we you know tested out different webs when we were just kind of beginning and seeing what work was provide exactly and why we prefer one over the other and, I find that the quad weft you know what that means is you have four of these basically you have four of these and they are on one top of them on top of the other sewn in together yeah they are sewn in together and just let’s say three or four clips hold four of these, I find that it is very very heavy yeah and just having that one big chunk of hair secure, I really do not feel secure it feels like it might be secure on your head but you feel like it is weighing you down and on top of that it is a lot more natural to kind of separate them and do it in layers on your head as opposed to having your hair then a chunk of the extensions then your hair on top, I find that that just makes it look choppy. So that is the reason why we have ten or nine separate webs it just creates a more of a natural blend and it is a lot more security sometimes we get asked if we wear more than one set and we can’t possibly wear more than one set because there’s really literally no room on my head to you know put more well we find that 160 gram weft is perfect for medium thick hair and that’s exactly what me and Leila have and, I thought I’d show you guys how, I take them off and. So you can see that she does wear the other hand pieces and otherwise this kind of look is perfect you know and it looks.

So full and it is a most natural Lloyd it is just one that, I wouldn’t need more hair cuz, I do not think it would look natural and just like this yeah it would look we were too thick she’s gonna go ahead and take them off and I will show you it is wet. So you can count them a few one. So that’s pretty much it as you can see, I took out all the hair and I’m left it with my hair all tan wafts and as you can see my natural hair which you guys have seen on previous posts is kind of medium steak its medium length just regular kind of hair and this is my set and it obviously you know adds.

So much more volume and thickness and length of course. So yes, I want to kind of clear for you guys that you know obviously you know what you see is what you get if we wanted a thicker set we would just create a thicker set and sell it for more money but we find that you know 160 grams set is perfect more than enough there is more than enough for most people and you know we try to provide it at the most sort of a affordable price that we can. So but just an eye on if you wanted more here of course you can add more wax you can get 160 grams set and then 120 grams set but again you know we do not recommend it we do not find there’s enough room in your head but if you wanted to of course you could why not you cannot be lucky hair extensions are made of 100% remy human hair remy hair means that when the hair is processed and put together the cuticles of the hair are all put into the same direction as it grows on your head as opposed to kind of mixing in the cuticles one up one down and what that does is minimizes tangling a common misconception of our remy hair is that when people hear about remy human hair extensions they think that remy automatically means Indian but like Leila’s explained on the last question remy does not mean that it is it does not mean it does not identify the origin of the hair it just means that they these are the best quality extensions and they are you know putting aside in one direction away and it matches your own the way natural hair is yeah exactly.

So it is the closest to the natural layout of the hair and also our Loxy hair extensions are made of Chinese 100% Chinese remy hair the reason we chose Chinese remy hair is because when we were first starting out we tried. So many different clip-in hair extensions and actually a lot of them do not even disclose what kind of hair they used a lot of times we emailed and asked them because we wanted to know which ones we liked the best and that that’s obviously what we would want to use but most companies wouldn’t even get back to us to tell us what kind of hair they use even though they say it is Rebney um. So we just had to try all kinds from the suppliers and decide on the type that we liked the best and after trying different types of all kinds of remy hair that’s out there we chose Chinese army hair because we find that it is the easiest to work with it is very manageable it is not as frizzy as the rest of they are other textures that we tried and it is very silky and smooth.

So when it is easier to curl as well it is very very it is ideal for what we had in mind it matches the Chinese the texture of the hair actually matches with a lot of different hair types from ethnic to white to Asian. So it kind of covers the wide variety of hair types out there yeah. So it is very very important to brush the hair often the hair extensions and the reason for that is because you want to make sure that the extensions just like natural hair they do tangle because it is hair and hair tangles but we highly recommend brushing the extensions all the time we know a lot of people do not do that they just kind of clip them and take them out and just leave them like that and you can do that but obviously that will you know shorten the lifespan if you want you.

I’ve done that personally yeah thank God it does if you want the extensions to last as long as possible we do recommend brush thing brushing them often. So what we suggest is you can brush them before we clip them in while they are in your hair before you style or put it in a ponytail or hair style and then definitely the most important thing is when you take it off and you know it will probably be a little tangled because you have been wearing it all day or whatever. So definitely brush it out before you store it away that’s very very important important we have a post explaining and showing how to wash lotsa hair extensions, I think it is pretty basic it is very easy to follow and if you have just purchased a set definitely watch it and it is gonna link it below it is gonna make it a lot easier for you but in terms of how often to wash the hair generally we say every 8 to 10 wears but honestly if you do not style them every time you wear them or if you do not use a lot of styling products and you might even go about 20 wears again it all depends it is very personal usually, I wash it when, I see there’s enough buildup of a product.

So it’s, I cannot spoil it anymore right and then, I know it is time to wash usually that’s about 15 wares for me because, I do not use that many products the hairspray that the hairspray that we use is very light and when you brush it on when they brush it out there is you know like it does not stick together or anything. So, I can go a long time without washing them and that’s why they can even last longer for me yes but again it is a very personal decision and, I use your own discretion but usually we say about eight to ten whereas if you do not style or use a lot of products then you can go about 10 to 20 orders without washing just the general rule of thumb to remember the less you wash the extensions the longer they will last you. So trying to use less product if you can you know a good hair spray won’t leave a you know white residue or whatever.

So it all depends on how much product to use lotsa hair extensions are super straight when they first come in and they are processed to be like you know just pin straight I will show you kind of with what it looks like when it just comes out this is how it is gonna look like when it goes in the package yeah big new flat iron to fit in the package right. So when you first receive it it is gonna look like this and as you might know girls out there that flatter their hair when you flat iron your hair it loses a lot of its volume. So after the initial wash the extensions will expand and become fuller and their own hair tie hair type, I guess is straight with a slight wave very very slight wave if you just wash them and when you watch the post you will see how you are supposed to dry them if you follow that step and once they are dry air dried they will just have a fool they will show more for they will look fuller and they will have a very natural kind of not a curl or wave but a very natural waves yeah that is the texture of the hair.

So having said that you do not need to wash them when you first receive them they come in ready-to-wear. So you just clip them in and you restyle them but if you want them to be fuller and you know thicker after the when you first receive them you can definitely wash them but you do not need to do that the lifespan of luxy hair extensions can vary from person to person it can be anywhere from four six months to a year it all depends on how often they are worn and how well they are taking care of. So obviously those things are crucial here’s how can you style them how often you wash them on styling and over washing over extensions can obviously shorten their lifespan.

So you want to you know try to style just like with natural just like with your own hair if you want it to be the least damaged then you want to try to avoid over washing and over styling it that’s a really good tip. So just like we mentioned earlier let’s see hair extensions since they are made out of human hair do tangle a little bit and it is important like we mentioned earlier to brush them before you put them in while they are in your hair and after you take them out. So that will definitely minimize tangling and also sometimes depending on how much you style it the hair can get dried out as you know as you keep using it.

So it is a good idea to use some deep conditioners you know just like you would with your own hair just really treat the hair nicely it moisturize it hydrated and even use some detangling product that can definitely help as well with minimizing time however, I personally do not experience that much knowing yeah neither one of us yet but then again we do deep conditioned them really well. So maybe that and it also depends if your hair is damaged that might create tangles with the extensions yes because you they will you know mixed in with expansion yeah because the extensions are really super healthy and it it will create that friction and it might create a tangle right but again if you are you know brushing out and follow me all their maintenance then you shouldn’t experience you know any major tangling just a little bit that you can fix with your fingers or a brush as for shaving just like with natural hair luxy hair extensions will shed a little bit and if you get the extensions and you have never used hair extensions before you might see a bit of fall out and you will get worried that that you know something is wrong but do not freak out it is totally normal you know the extensions are not a permanent solution. So obviously there will be some shedding and you know over time you might need to replace your set like we said it lasts from four to six months to a year more longer.

So some shedding is normal it is expected and minimal shedding but I’m saying you know some people do not expect it. So they see if you hair and they get worried. So do not be worried shedding is normal just like tangling because it is real human hair yeah it is natural like we brush our hair and we see it fall out same thing like this hair is attached to a weft it is natural that as you brush somewhere and style it exact somewhere not truly full exactly that is why it is not something drastic that no you know it just falls out and you can’t wear it it is just gonna be over time over time that’s what wears them out is obviously you wearing and styling them exactly lexy hair extensions are shipped free worldwide.

So that’s something we are really excited about because from day one that’s something we will wanted to offer to our customers it is a complimentary service no matter where you live in the world with we ship for free ship our luck sees from our warehouse in Chicago we used to ship it from LA but we have moved all our warehouse to Chicago because with wine that is a better location because we should Baltimore is central location. So it is even for in terms of US states yeah you know faster and easier to ship essentially as opposed to being on that and also exactly it makes it easier for international oil order orders as well when it comes to international orders a lot of people are confused when they hear free shipping they think that they will not pay customs but free shipping we charge we cover the shipping cost but when you receive the package your government might or might not charge you for duties which is different for every country. So we cannot really tell you how much exactly you are gonna get charged it can be from 5% to 30% or even more we do not know what this duty charge is, I think it is important to explain because a lot of people probably do not know it is a sales tax basically.

So if wherever you live if you normally pay sales tax on your purchases this is what you will be paying and again it can be very random and depends on the sales or the customs agent that is what you are being charged as the sales tax because this is an import product. So once it gets to your country your government your local authorities are charging that it has nothing to do they do not get that money you do not never see it it cannot prevent you from not getting charging and sometimes people would ask us to mark packages as gifts we do not personally ship packages out of here obviously there’s some warehouse we are a business. So we cannot be doing these kind of favors as it is it’s actually illegal.

So and personally we wouldn’t even be able to do it because we are not personally shipping them physically right now that kind of covers the shipping and the duties of luxy hair extensions. So we offer it ten different shades and we were sitting down in deciding on colors in the beginning you know of the process we kind of decided to pick you know most popular common colors ranging from pure black to kind of blonde and we find that these shades really do cover most of the colors out there sometimes you might be an in-between shade but since the hair is human hair it is really easy to you know get them custom colored. So the ten shades are all solid colors but the process of coloring the hair is called multi tone coloring system and what that means is that there’s lots of different you know shades within the same color in the extensions.

So when you get the hair if your hair is a little bit off just like our hair it will blend although it might not be a perfect match but it will blend because what the hair does is actually reflects your own natural color within reason a few shades you know darker or lighter. So that is a very very good idea was on choosing luxy hair extensions where we show all the colors side by side helping you to compare the two and help you decide on which shade and we will link it right here somewhere and down below. So definitely check those out and they should definitely help you out to choosing the right yeahi on yourself since lastly hair extensions are made of 100% human hair it can be colored.

So um if you cannot find a perfect match that’s okay you can either color them with a semi-permanent color or you know a hair dye or permanent hair dye it is really up to you we recommend taking them to a professional hair colorist because they know what they are doing but do not just take them to any, I guess first you would want to find somebody who is experienced in color extensions and if you are gonna color them yourself if you know how to do that that’s fine too but first you would want to try it on a small one clip weft prior to coloring the full set just to see how they hair is reacting and if you like the results that you are getting we do not recommend bleaching the hair because just like with natural hair it is gonna damage it um of course a lot of our customers do get highlights in their luck seeds or bleach their luck seeds to get a different shade which is fine but just keep in mind that is gonna it it might damage the hair or and it will most likely damage the air because bleach is a damaging chemical it is a it is a natural right whether you put it on a material whether it is a natural or on natural material it is gonna damage it and. So if you do have to get highlights we always recommend getting a lighter shade then you want and then getting lower low lights or darkening the hair because it is definitely less damaging and it is easier to do. So if you have to if you do not find a color that matches your hair and you have to get it custom colored go a shade lighter and then color it down darker or low light it.

So since lassie hair extensions are human hair hundred percent remy human hair they can definitely be trimmed or cut personally Mimi and, I do not cut our extensions or trim them just like them the way that we love them long you know we do not want to you know compromise the length. So we do not personally do it however it can definitely be done again we do not recommend doing it yourself unless you know what you are doing because if you just go and just you know blunt do a blunt cut it might not look natural once they are in your hair. So that every time you put them in you wouldn’t know how it would be a different location.

So do not do it yourself unless you know what you are doing. So definitely take them to a stylist and the process how we recommend doing it is make sure that the extensions are already clipped in in your hair and before you apply them to your head figure out a system that works for you in terms of numbering them. So because once you know the hair stylist cuts them and you take them out you have to remember the exact location please even over the web yeah otherwise again it might not look as natural.

So before you get them cut figure out you know either with, I do not know permanent marker or some sort of a little piece of paper you know stapled to the weft or whatever works for you I will figure out a numbering system. So you know exactly where each word is supposed to go and yeah you can definitely be cut and trimmed to any desired length. So 20 inches is something that’s kind of in-between it is not too long it is not, I mean it is long but it is not super long where and it goes up to you are you know if, I have a perfect length it is a perfect length and if you want them shorter it is not a problem you can definitely get them trimmed or cut to any desired length.

So that’s pretty much summarizes all the most asked questions that we get all the time we will really hope it is how this post has been helpful to you in deciding whether or specialist is right for you yeah we tried to cover as many questions as possible. So hopefully this full answer most you know asked questions and if in the future we get more questions then we can definitely do another post covering that but, I think this is pretty comprehensive. So thank you guys.

So much for reading have a lovely day and we will see you guys in the next post bye you.

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