Hair Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

Today I’m doing a holiday hair gift guide this is literally all hair related things that you could get for a friend a sister a daughter yourself for Christmas I wanted to put together a post with all kinds of stuff from stocking stuffers to big splurges that you could ask for or gifts for Christmas gonna start with stocking stuffers they are great if you are on a budget or if you just need like one extra little thing for a present first bobby pins and not just any bobby pins.

These are the Sally’s meda grip premium bobby pins and they are my new very very very very favorite they are made really well their price point is great so if you have somebody in your life that likes to do her hair chances are she has bobby pins and she can’t find one she she can her this next crocodile clip so you guys seem to use these in every single tutorial because they are the best sectioning clips and not necessarily like this specific brand but just this type where it has this little hinge in the middle so that it holds all the hair no matter.

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How much it is the end still touch next we have the wet brush this has really flexible bristles so that it can brush your hair really well without breaking it or without causing any kind of pain as it is going through your hair so it is great for little kids and it is great for those you guys who want to grow your hair long and avoid breakage as much as possible and then.

I have some mini products that I think will be perfect for stocking stuffers first we have the batiste dry shampoo everybody can use a mini dry shampoo you can put it in your purse in your gym bag in your backpack in your suitcase you can also put them together because they are really cutely packaged and they look nice together so they can make their own cute little package if you wanted to do it that way finally I have the living proof prime style extender this is a great universal products that just helps your hair to hold the style better whether it is curled straight blown out whatever so it would be great for everybody and I think this is the kind of product that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself so it is nice to get in a small size so you can try it out yourself and see if you like it and see if it works for you now let’s put onto some more unique items these are kind of novelty gifts that maybe your friend does not already own no matter.

How into hair they are the first one I’m actually wearing this is a bracelet from the brand called bittersweet and it is a bracelet that’s meant to hold your hair tight so it looks like I mean a like a piece of jewelry but it actually has your hair tight on it and right now I have two skinny ones on it you could also put one larger one on instead if you wanted to I think it is a love it or hate it product I have seen some people that think it is the dumbest thing ever and then some people like me think it is the coolest thing ever.

I just feel a little bit more put together I feel a little bit more like a lady when I wear it and I love it my next pick is from straight pin studios and this is their essentials kit this is like a nice handy dandy little by box but you open it up and it has treasure it has everything you have bobby pins and hair pins long bobby pins sectioning Clips hair elastics hair ties hair nuts everything you could possibly need and I will be honest like % of the reason I bought this was because the box is awesome and I’m definitely using this for travel.

I also love that each individual little section opens up on its own so that you couldn’t just open up exactly what you need and you do not risk spilling everything or opening up and finding that everything’s all over the place it is all exactly where it needs to be you can switch things out I think I’m gonna take the hair nuts out and put in a little hair clip ease instead I just I love this it is it was a good buy and if you have a friend that’s really into hair in whatever capacity pretty sure she or he would love this my final unique item is to get a cute shower cap you can actually find really cute shower caps a lot of places now.

I have seen them everywhere for like to Ulta to Sally’s even the dollar store had some cute ones the other day so next time you are in the showers tap area of your store take a look for a cute weapon because if you have a friend that goes multiple days between washing her hair I think she would really enjoy having like a cute little shower cap to stick on in the morning and just brighten up the day a little bit and that’s not something that you would normally buy for yourself so I think it is a great gift and then for a couple product recommendations that are a tiny bit splurge first of all the Moroccan oil treatment light light is for people with fine hair or light colored hair and then the normal one is for thick to coarse hair.

I love both formulas I use the light one obviously on my hair and it does such a great job of adding shine smoothness hydration like my hair just does really really well with this and I love it but it is like $ it is very pricy so it is a great thing to ask for as a gift or even give as a gift if you know that somebody in your life was really interested in this I got a fax I mentioned this one because I bought it for myself this is the pure ology hydrate set they have a couple different ones out for Christmas basically you get the whole thing for the price of less than just the shampoo in the conditioner and then you have these three additional products that you get to try out and use pure ology makes really great products I really enjoy them so this is a wonderful little gift that you could get somebody in your life if they need some extra hydration in their hair or if they have any of the other concerns for the other kids address and now time for the main event hair tools I’m gonna start with nuit you guys know that.

I love it I just think their products are good and then what’s the sales that they have you can’t beat the value of nuit and that’s why I keep recommending it first thing I would recommend is the magic wand they also have the classic wand both are good the magic wand you can control the temperatures so that’s personally more appealing to me but if you do not care about being able to adjust the temperature the classic wand is even less expensive and also very good this would be a really great gift for a very first curling wand you can get this in a variety of sizes but I recommend the one inch which I believe is the millimeter might be wrong.

I will put it in the description box if I’m wrong and I think it is perfect for where the trends are right now you can curl your hair in so many different ways with the same iron so it is a great place to start so if you know a young person in your life is looking for one or you yourself are looking for your very first just single curling iron either the magic wand or the classic wand for new me I really recommend moving on into the sets I really like the Titan if you are just like dipping your toe into the world of multiple different curling irons because you get the three different barrels in this and there are the three basic barrels that you need it is a three quarter inch a one inch and a one and a quarter inch and that is everything that you need to get started for sure it is really good really reliable I have had one that’s lasted for two years and it is still going strong so this is definitely a good buy and I think a good reliable basic set the next set that.

I would recommend from nume is the lustrum set I would jump straight to the octa wand but it is sold out so if you know somebody in your life that’s like really hair crazy that wants all the gizmos and gadgets all the barrels go for the lustrum set it is a good extra jump especially if you know somebody in your like this extremely obsessed with hair it is a good extra step to take now I wanted to finish off with some kind of luxury tools these are from.

I have really been enjoying this brand over the past year if you want to splurge on somebody for Christmas or you want to be splurged on these are very good splurt able items my first pick is the single pass flatiron this is the one and a half inch one I like this one a lot because not only is it effective at straightening hair but it also really does a good job of sealing and shine and smoothness which you do not always get from your Flatiron but the cool thing about t and the reason that I think they are worth the money is that they actually engineer all of their own technologies you see that first of all and the way that things heat up and how evenly the heat is but you also see it in the way that it really does like steal and shine and leave your hair feeling healthier better than anything else does my next pick are the whirls and twirls that’s what they call these little attachment these pop off just like nume ones do these are the twirls and they have the clip on them they have two sizes of these and then they have three sizes of the world and this is just a little one they have three different kinds of wand attachments that you can clip into here what’s cool is that you can buy them all individually so you get the exact wands that you need and you are not buying a set and then getting like extra ones that you are never gonna use what.

I really like about them is the quality like the ceramic on here again like the straightener really seals and shine really seals in smoothness and my hair feels less damaged when I use this then when I use other curling irons and that’s why I keep coming back to about this it is flirty which makes it a good either very generous gift or thing to ask for or Christmas finally I love t s hair dryers I have tried like to different hair dryers in my life because as a hair stylist you often end up using other people’s hair dryers through like one thing or another and my favorite after all of that has been the t ones this one is the t Pro I this is their newest one and it is my favorite it has a really powerful motor that’s actually under warranty for four years after you buy it so even though it is pricey you have this thing under warranty for four years and they will send you another one if it stops working it has the tourmalines technology that helps to enhance shine and keep your hair from frizzing out while you are drying it it does help me to dry my hair faster and it helps my hair to look better immediately after it is blow dried than it normally would with a different blow dryer because this one is extremely pricey I also have this other one this one is less expensive and it is not as fast as the other one but on every other count it still does a great job it still leaves my hair feeling shinier it still does dry my hair faster than it normally would with a different hair dryer just not as fast as the pro I still very good and still a step above every other dryer I have tried I feel like I just went on a marathon talking about all those products I hope that you guys have enjoyed this post I hope this give you some ideas of things that you can ask for for Christmas or maybe get friends or family members loved ones for Christmas and yeah I hope that you guys are having a wonderful holiday season so far and I will see you in my next post.

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