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Hey, I just came from the gym. So, I’m in a hurry and, I’m very sweaty. But I have to get ready cousin get my hair done today all right and then my makeup very very simple as simple as, I can get it a little bit of primer tinted moisturizer mascara and eyebrows. I’m so excited to get my hair done and. I’m so sorry I’m looking like a mess. But this is what, I look like after the jam, I think we are going lighter, I want to go lighter a little bit more blonde as, I have been. But I’m not sure she might not love me Amanda.

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I’m so sorry, I do not want to go blonde not like platinum blonde like, I was. Because that takes way too much and, I have to go away too often to keep that platinum blonde and obviously it is not healthy for the hair. So today was leg and butt workout that was really nice, I tried to focus on the hamstrings and my glutes today and obviously when you work out your glutes and hamstrings the rest of the legs work out. So that was good all right we can Oh a little bit better a little bit, I do not see them underneath. So today, I want to show you guys the blunt haircut that, I get. Because, I kind of changed up my hairstyle I’m not texturizing it as much just. Because I have noticed as it grows out it looks very uneven and, I just do not like that it makes my hair look extremely thin.

So, I just like to get a very blunt cut. So that means as straight as possible without any layers. So that’s basically what my haircut is my hair feels thicker it looks healthier and overall, I think it is really nice alright that’s good I’m really really myself. But I really need to go what do you guys do for Thanksgiving. If you do celebrate it, I think this year for Thanksgiving we are going over to my sister’s house and then we are having another party on at my sister’s house again for more family. So that’s going to be really fun we just usually keep it super low-key it is usually some kind of dinner at a family’s house or Andre and, I just hang out together. Because neither of us have our parents down here.

But my other siblings have at least their in-laws down here. So they usually spend Thanksgiving with her in-laws and I’m adding a little bit of bronzer to my face. Because, I need a little bit more warmth and depth, I look a hot mess literally now I’m quickly gonna do my eyebrows with the brow what is this gimme brow just very very quickly just to run through them just to tame them and add a little bit of color to them all right eyebrows super bowl shade now I’m going to quickly apply some mascara, I can open it this is the Loreal lash paradise in the waterproof formula I’m just gonna apply it to my upper lashes only and last. But not least let’s add a little bit of highlight just a little bit, I feel like it is just. Because, I’m sweating it is gonna look appropriate like what that’s why that’s highly all right I’m done that was somehow good didn’t break I’m gonna go quickly get ready for my outfit I’m keeping it super basic and, I literally did not even do my bed this morning. So bad. So, I got this black knit jumper probably from Nordstrom Rack it says dreamer it is super soft and cozy and then these Topshop Jamie gray jeans they are awesome and then these green converse, I love them super basic now I’m gonna here done, I’m literally out of breath.

Because, I’m running up and down the stairs like a bad woman alright let’s go see the other regrow it is doing is. So good yeah it is super diffused yes there’s no harsh line up really good I’m getting my hair done in do we even overdo it the plane appears here was just the German area that’s kind of supposed to be baby lights yeah, I think you can stand it up and run. But I do not know that you need like McMasters right. Because it. So yeah until, I always check for whatever you put down what does it look like under here right just kind of refresh which will kind of brighten it a little bit ago ignorant not make it shoot you, I see this is a good baby to me do you think we should go lighter though well, I think, I could attend some of those new highlights and then we tone that it will be nice yeah and fresh toner anyway with differently just two children it is still yeah change everything right now right. So, I think between the new baby lights and the tone, I can’t decide, I love change we are down here color change. But then, I always come back to blonde, I can you can he’s the yeah, I kind of make it throughout.

But then you could kind of go in and like just to make it a little bit. So camels are more today. But where it is keeping this is an option yeah you can straight up to perform it down and cut it name yeah yeah dirtiness building make sure color looks yeah yeah Oh already which meant a monster wait a bit longer oh yeah. So it is almost like that was a little white one tip. So that just ooh, I just think it is always going to be Maribeth look did not have to stop to still sees them oh yeah you know, I’m loving there’s so much in every lighting the hair looks incredible it is just that perfect touch up where it is not crazy noticeable. But we got a nice lighter shade in the hair oh, I love it so much sorry. But I want to get an outdoor shot of what the hair looks like during the daylight.

So, I think tomorrow morning, I will have Andre do something really quick. So you guys can see what it looks like. Because, I also want to see what it looks like alright. So now, I’m going to the store, I got to pick up some stuff and we are having dinner with my family there’s a lot of people coming over all right let’s go. So, I just came home and we are prepping for dinner we are making cilantro lime chicken and this guy he’s the one the marinated them and grilling them yeah while, I was getting my hair done husband ever. So we just had some really yummy dinner it was. So good Andre pretty much did all of it he made the rice he marinated the chicken he grilled the chicken he made the salad he did such a good job, I taught him well just kidding.

So we are gonna now have desserts it is my nephew’s birthday and a couple of days. So we are just gonna celebrate tonight you just blew out his candles that was really nice. So right now we are gonna go enjoy and have a good night thank you for joining me today getting this hair done I’m just the hair color is a perfection she did such a beautiful job thank you Amanda again. I’m so happy for you new place and I’m just this is this is awesome you are amazing thank you everybody for reading and I’m seeing.

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