Hairstyle Of The Day SUPER CUTE Braid Hairstyle Updo

Hello my lovelies for today’s hairstyle of the day I’m gonna do a little bit differently I’m gonna show you guys quickly how, I curl my hair with a straightener, I have not done that in a very long time and then we are gonna jump into the hairstyle this one, I think is really great for a homecoming any party it is really pretty it is a braid. But I think it is really gorgeous let’s get started already applied some heat protectant this is one of my favorites this is a cream formula blow-dry perfection and heat protectant cream love this stuff it is incredible it is extremely weightless for my fine thin hair and then for the straightener I’m going to use the Bionic 10x very very awesome product for this curl method I’m gonna be working in smaller sections and I’m gonna take the first sections closer to my face away and then I’m going to alternate going away towards my face away towards my face to give it that really tousled effortless wavy look wanna comb my hair, I like to keep the end of my hair at least one or two inches not curled nice and strict now that my curls have set and cooled off I’m gonna apply a little bit of a dry texture spray just. Because, I need a little bit of texture and grit for this hairstyle I’m going to use a saints and sinners dry finish texture spray this is a really really great product and, I love this brand really awesome and then we have it for these curls they last several days probably until, I guess super sweaty or, I just wash my hair this straightener is incredible and, I love that it gives like this really modern take on those everyday curls with the straighter ends, I love this look and, I think it is a really effortless I’m gonna leave these front pieces hanging down. Because, I want it to look really pretty romantic, and it is gonna frame my face in a way. So I’m just gonna grab a section right behind my fringe.

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If you will and I’m gonna create my Dutch braid a Dutch braid is three sections where you take the outer sections underneath in the middles portion what really helps me when, I start adding hair is, I take the outer section bring it towards the middle hold it and then add the hair to that middle section that way it is already in place it is already in the middle and it makes it easier for myself once, I reach the back of my head in the middle I’m gonna tie it off with a clear elastic and I’m gonna do the exact same braid on the other side of my head of course I’m going to add a lot more texture and, I mentioned to the braids by pulling them apart it is very simple, I like to start in the very top working my way towards the bottom of the braid in my opinion when, I pull apart my braids, I think it looks so much better it looks like, I have a ton of hair and, I just love the way it looks to finish off the look I’m gonna take each braid and bring it to the other side and kind of tuck it underneath the Dutch braid with bobby pins to complete the entire look to make it look cohesive and that completes the first hairstyle of the day, I hope you guys like it, I think this particular hairstyle where you start to braid a little bit further, I think is great for fringes or. If you have bangs and that brings me to question of the day how many of you actually have bangs or have had bangs I have had them when, I was a child, I think my parents just were annoyed and that my hair was always in my face and, I never wanted to wear a ponytail still like you know what let’s fix this, I think, I still have a picture somewhere. But I never had bangs in my teenage years or adult life, I just think. Because my forehead is not that big, I do not really need them or, I do not think, I look good in them, I do not know, I do not think, I would ever get bangs maybe maybe I will surprise myself one day and just like next week BIC oh hey guys and have bangs maybe thank you for reading spending time with me I will see you in the next one, I love you all very much bye.

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