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So I do not know about you guys but I have been loving the Hat trend for fall.. So I thought I’d share with you today some really simple and unique hairstyles to kind of change up your everyday fall hat look. So let’s get started. So the first look is super casual and chic. So easy to do it is a messy lo pen. So you just want to put all your hair to one side or you could do this in the back as well and you just want to divide your hair into roughly two even sections maybe more on the top section in the bottom and then with that top section you just want to start twirling it away from your face and once you reach the bottom you kind of want to just twirl it into a really loose bun and with your tail end just kind of pop it through the middle of the bun that and then you just want to secure everything with that hair elastic you can start kind of pulling it apart just to loosen it just do not pull it too much and then you can take the bottom section feel free to tease it if you want to.


I just really do not like to using my hair but, I’m just going to go out the bottom section pull it up kind of over the bun pull it suck it do whatever you want and then, I’m just going to pin any loose ends in place. So there you have it a really cute messy little bun that took us seconds to do the second hairstyle is a mixture of braids. So for those of you that have a hard time fishtailing or even doing the three strand braids and this is for you because the Messier the better. So you just want to divide your hair into two even sections pull them in front of your shoulders and what we are going to begin is a three strand braid. So it is simple enough divide this into three equal pieces and, I’m just going to be putting that back section over the middle front over the middle and, I’m going to do this about two to three times now with your middle section right here divide it into two and join it into those outer sections because we are going to start fishtailing. So grabbing the outer section of that back piece a nice big piece of it. I couldn’t pull it over and join it into my front section same thing a nice chunky piece may.

I repeat this two to three to four times, I’m going to divide this back into three by taking a little bit from my back section and just a bit for my front section because it is a little smaller and then, I’m going to three strand braided again. So grabbing that back section pulling over the middle about two to three times and then, I’m going to finish it off with a fishtail braid all the way to the bottom, I’m going to just loosely secure it and then, I’m going to do the same thing on the other side and then we are going to pancake them and make them really messy. So now that. I look like a blonde version of Wednesday Addams, I’m just going to go ahead and remove the elastic on the bottom of this braid and, I’m going to start pancaking it and making it as messy and as big as. I want and because we did a mixture of braids it is really going to add to the look and in case you had a hard time doing it once you pull it apart you will see that everything just comes together. So the Messier the better. So using my index finger and my thumb and just grabbing some big chunks pulling them apart and then, I’m going to go in and just look for some little pieces and kind of really pull them out see keep going on it make it really big really messy and really loose we are kind of making pigtails modern and cool again.

So once you are happy with it it looks something like this but what you want to do is just secure it off with one of those little clear elastics. So there you have you guys they should look a little something like this now. I love these it is a really cool way to wear pigtails and, I think they look great with a fall hat in my opinion. I saved the best for last it is a super messy undone fishtail and it always makes a statement. I love this one. So what you want to do is bring actually just divide your hair into two and then take this section here and pull out like a nice sized chunk of hair and just leave it here and then we want to pull the rest to the side that we are going to be doing the braid. If you have a side part like.

I do. I suggest just bring it around to the side that your bangs go it just really flows nicely now divide that into two even sections and then you just want to fishtail it. So, I’m going to grab a nice sized chunk from the back here put over top and join it into the front and the nice slides from the front pull it over join it into the back keep doing this as you are going down you just want to grab some smaller sections and then big sections and small and just keep alternating, and it is really going to help give it that big messy look. So now that you reach the bottom the same thing that we did in the last braid just use your pointer finger and your thumb and just start pulling it apart we really want to make this braid look really thick and undone and messy. So just keep pulling it. I like to start at the bottom of my braid and then just kind of work my way up and just keep repeating that until you get the right look and then remember to grab small little pieces of hair just. So it does not look.

So uniformed just grab really small ones and pull those out now you want to secure it but you also want to leave some hair out just. So that we can wrap it around our ponytail after, I’m just going to leave a section out like that secure the rest and then that section we left out you just want to wrap it around the hair elastic and then take a bobby pin and we are just going to be looping it around that hair and through the middle of our elastic and then when this hair over here we are just going to pull it around and under and just kind of want to mess it up with your fingers and then we are going to wrap it around the base of the braid and then just pin it into place they have you guys those are my three favorite looks – Parris ball hats. I really hope that inspired some of you to kind of put your own spin on this trend and if you guys liked the post please give it a thumbs up if you recreate any of the looks do not forget to share them with me and as always thank you. So much for reading I will talk to you guys in my next post bye.

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