Half Up half down Pin Curled Hair Tutorial

Today of partner with Schwartz cuff to bring you this beautiful half up half down pin curled hairstyle I think this hairstyle is beautiful for the holidays is both feminine and classic at the same time for step one we are going to create loose curls we are going to start by splitting your our hair in half then you are going to clip up the top half of your hair so that you can curl the bottom half then you are going to use a inch barrel iron and curl your hair in sections away from your face and do not worry if these curls look a little bit too ring lady right now we are going to tousle them a little later so they look nice and lived in curling your hair.

This way is also feminine and classic you are going to get the nice feminine tousled curls but you are also going to get that kind of classic wave thrown in there as well because you curls all the hair the same direction now that you have finished the hair on the bottom go ahead and unclip the hair that you have on top let it down and then you are going to curl it the exact same way now because this is a holiday hairstyle and I like to have a little bit of extra volume and drama I’m going to add some volume to my roots by adding in the Schwarzkopf stylist little team by a plus volume and texture of magic volume powder I’m just going to lift up some of the hair from around my part and sprinkle this product in along my roots.

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This is going to give you a natural amount of volume without ever being stiff or sticky now you can see this step definitely left us with some volume then if you want you can do a tiny bit of teasing as well so pick up those sections again and gently backcomb with a teasing brush I’m just doing that again on either side of my part and in the crown section of my head and we are ready to move on next I’m going to use the Swartz cough stylus tool team elastin curls and moisture soft hustle spray I’m going to spray this through the ends of my hair and scrunch and you are going to see that this gives my hair both texture and definition now for step two we are going to begin the half updo all you have to do is pick up your hair over your ears on either side then you are going to take both of those sections of hair bring them to the back and secure them with an elastic once you have secured your hair with the elastic go ahead and take a look at how it looks from the front.

And the side make sure you didn’t pull it back too tightly you want it to look nice and loose and effortless now for step three we are going to create three pin curls starting with the hair in your ponytail you are going to wrap it as though you are making a bun but you are not going to twist it first so you are going to use one hand to wrap it around and you are going to use the other hand to hold it in place continue wrapping loosely until all the hair is kind of in this donut shape then you are going to bobby pin it you are going to pin by weaving your bobby pin through the hair almost like you are sewing it together this is going to mesh the pin curl and the hair underneath it together so that it holds really securely and you are not gonna see the bobby pin make sure as you are making this pin curl that you make it kind of higher up on your head than you think you need to because we are gonna stick to pin curls underneath it and you do not want to run out of room and now that we finished that first pin curl we are gonna move on to the second one.

I’m going down and slightly to the left and I’m picking up another section of hair then again you are going to wrap this as though you are wrapping a bun but without twisting the hair what’s different about this one is that I’m only going to wrap it around twice then I wait to take the end of the hair tuck it underneath the little pink roll that we just made and then you are going to pin it in place and you are going to pin this one the exact same way using that weaving or sewing motion make sure as you are forming this pink roll that it is touching the first pink roll that we did we are making kind of a triangle out of these three pin curls and you want to make sure that this is one side of the triangle now you are going to go over to the right to make the last point of this triangle gonna pick up another section of hair and again wrap it like a bun wrap it twice then tuck the end underneath your pin curl and pin it in place without sewing motion and now that these pink curls are complete it is time for set for the finishing touches I’m using the Schwarzkopf stylist fill team crystal shine and hold laminating shine hairspray this finishes the hair and it holds the final style while providing great shine and that is it for this holiday half up hairstyle again I just love these pin curls it is a throwback to really classic times while still being very current and very feminine I think you could wear this with any outfit to any holiday party and feel amazing and it will look good in pictures I hope you guys try this out and I will see you in my next post mwah.

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