Half-up Half-down Twisted Crown Braid QUICK EASY SIMPLE

Hey guys welcome to my blog today. I want to share to you is this really pretty half of half down twisted updo. I think this hairstyle is so beautiful it looks really detailed and intricate yeah. It’s so simple to do that’s one of the reasons why. I want to share with you guys because it is perfect if you are on the go maybe you are running late or you just want to try out a new hair stab. If you want to know how to recreate it then please keep reading all getting this hair tutorial are two clear elastics as you probably tell my hair is a lot thicker and fuller than it usually is tested.

Half-up Half-down Twisted Crown Braid QUICK EASY SIMPLE Photo Gallery

I went ahead and clicked in my luxy hair extensions.. So I clipped in a three clip left to four clip weft and then. I have a one clip weft on either side of my head Gayla how much on my post some people saying that their hair is not quite as thick or as long as mine.. So I thought. I would incorporate hair extensions to show you guys how you can get the same effect okay.

So first thing is that we are going to do is gather all the hair at the crown of your head and then you just want to secure it with a hair elastic right at the needs of your neck anyone familiar with my blog knows that. I do this to help create volume and lift up the crown of my head without having to tease and damage my hair and then, I’m just going to fish it off with some volumizing dry spray to add more texture. So, I’m happy with my poof, I’m gonna go ahead and create two twists one on either side of my face. So this actually I will be grabbing for these twists is going to be all the hair that’s in front of the pouf all the way down to your ear, I’m going to leave my bags at a perfection just to frame my face. I think that just gives the look a softer appearance. So it definitely feel free to leave some small pieces though with this large section what you want to do is just cut it right through the middle. So that now you have two equal pieces already we do with these pieces is wrapping one around the other all the way to the end once.

I reach the end. I like to just lay it back.. So I can see we are at the top of the twists like and then what, I’m going to do is just gently it pancake them to give them a fuller really pretty appearance and instead of pancaking the whole place like. I usually would. I’m just pulling on the top once you are happy with it just clip it into place. So that we can start on the other side usually.

I just throw a bit up but. I move to top and then, I’m just repeating the exact same steps on the other side grabbing all the hair in front of my crown all the way down to my ear leaving out some pieces to frame my face and then divide that section into two and then wrap those pieces around one another once you reach the bottom do not gets a pancake the top of the twist now join the two twists together at the back of your head right on top of the first ponytail we created and then secure them with the hair elastic. I love how were the two twists coming together almost looks like a braid. I wish. I could say this was on purpose but it looks. So pretty and then just double check it and gently tug out any pieces. So that both sides appear even they have you guys that’s Houston load is decreased it is really pretty half-up half-down a twisted hairstyle and take it over how easy it is to do and it just looks really effeminate and pretty and soft.

I think. It’s so great for every day or if you have a special event to go to you have to let me know if you like these quick and simple hair tutorials because. I have. So many more. I can do for you guys yeah. I hope you liked this tutorial if you did do not you give it a thumbs up comment down below let me know what you guys thought and as always thank you. So much for reading and I will talk to you my next post you.

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