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In the last few years, psychology has provided great insight into the formation of habits. One of the most popular blogs on the subject is The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. In his blog, he describes the dynamics and principles behind our habits in a constructive manner.

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One particularly helpful term Duhigg has coined is the notion of keystone habits. These habits have positive effects on other areas of your life. Training is an example of a keystone habit. It increases your energy for other activities, makes you choose healthier foods, and helps you sleep and feel better.

Hard Exercise Works Vs Crossfit

I have found CrossFit to be very much a keystone habit. Realizing the positive effect of WODs on other areas of my life has kept me motivated to keep showing up for workouts despite not “feeling like it” on some days.

Gradually, after showing up consistently for over a year, an interesting change occurred regarding my motivation: it became difficult for me not to train regularly.

Now, if I cannot go for a few days, I feel an urge to show up again, to get my blood flowing, to raise my fitness levels, and to eat, feel, and sleep better again.

Thus, mental resistance gradually disappears as the status quo becomes training instead of staying at home. But because this process takes months, or even years, the risk of dropping out before that happens is large. Hopefully the strategies I have outlined will help you get all the way there.

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Training is the catalyst for physiological improvement. Accordingly, how you train will receive the greatest attention in this blog. In this part, we will first review the most relevant principles of training from science and expert coaches. Then, we will cover the things you need to do to stay consistent, most importantly by preventing injury. Finally, armed with this knowledge, we will determine the optimal way of training for rapid improvement.

Hard Exercise Works Vs Crossfit All Crossfit Exercises

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