Healthy Fast Weight Loss Tips

Listen to your body. Set goals and select races you would love to run. You’d be amazed what a powerful motivation it is to know you’ve committed to a race. I really believe that everyone can finish a 5k. For example, this past New Year’s Day, my entire extended family ran one together. My sixty-year-old in-laws both beat me to the finish line! And you know what? I was as proud as I could be! Running that race with their grandparents is a great memory my kids will have forever.

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Now, get out there and move!


Day 1 locate several pairs of yoga pants Day 2 put on your best pair of yoga pants Day 3 locate your running shoes Day 4 realize you don’t own running shoes

Day 5 go to a good retailer or get on Amazon and buy some good running shoes; don’t skimp on the shoes, because taking care of your feet is key to consistent running.

Day 6 put on yoga pants, running bra, a shirt, new running shoes, and take a sexy selfie. Now take a nap, because that shit was exhausting.

Day 7 it’s raining and you don’t want your hair to get wet. Not running.

Day 8 get suited up and run one block. Almost die. Go home.

Day 9 get suited up and run two blocks. You’re going to need headphones to do this again.

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Day 10 get on Amazon and one-click some Beats headphones so worth the price!

Day 11 block one actually didn’t seem all that bad! I’m killing it!

Day 12 block three killed me. I’m dead. Walk home and take a nap.

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Day 13 run four blocks without stopping! YES!

Day 14 run six blocks without stopping!

Day 15 take a day off. Running is hard.

Day 16 take another day off because it’s hard to get upright after all that stupid running.

Day 17 run eight blocks and pass the neighbor’s fat dog that’s out for a walk.

Day 18 run nine blocks at a speed almost faster than walking. Almost, but not quite.

Day 19 run ten blocks with only two stops to stave off imminent death.

Day 20 run the full ten blocks without stopping even once. If you can do that, you’ll totally kill a 5K. You’re always allowed to walk if you need to, and there are usually snacks at the end.

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You’ve got this!

That was a joke, but not really any effort put into being healthy is worthwhile. Each day you try to do something, anything, in an attempt to be healthier is a step in the right direction. No one expects you to become an ultra-marathoner, or try out for the Olympics. I just want you to make the effort. Your body was made to move. You’re strong and you’re ready, right now. There’s nothing more important than your health, so even if it’s just a walk from the far end of the parking lot into the store, take it. Think of each step as a step in the right direction. Take that extra time and do something good for yourself. You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try, and my guess is if we give you one 5k, you’re going to want at least four more to go with it. Once we have the ball rolling, you’re going to be unstoppable. So, lace up those cute running shoes and let’s get moving.

Healthy Fast Weight Loss Tips

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