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I’m so excited for today’s video. Can you tell? Hey everyone, Kayley here. Today I have a very special announcement. I’m not gonna beat around the bush. I’m just gonna tell you. I have a product collaboration out with Living Proof. So Living Proof approached me a couple of months ago and asked if I would be interested in doing a collaboration. And I was like, yes please. So, they gave me the opportunity to curate my own box of my favorite products so that you guys can try out some of the best from their line. I wanted something that makes your hair look healthy but also actually healthy from the inside out.

All of these products do that. And I also wanted to pick something that’s good for everybody. You guys know that I have gotten into wearing wigs for my videos so that I can have different lengths and types of hair, and soon to be colors of hair. And I just think that that’s so important to me and my brand. And so I was obviously gonna make this as inclusive as possible. So let’s take a minute for the box. It’s this cute little marble and it has my face on it. And then on the back it has my face in a braid because obviously it has a braid. And there’s little blurbs from me all around here. What I like about the product and all that kind of stuff. So, I’m just really excited. I’m gonna show you guys the products that are in here and tell you all about it. So the first thing we have is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner and these are perfect for, like, if you wanna try it out and you figure that you like it. You can go buy the full size and then keep these for when you travel. I like it. That, like, really got me aboard.

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So, the Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner I picked because it really is like perfect hair day. It gives you a little bit of everything. It’s a very beautifying shampoo. It’s kind of like a good just all around. Which is why I put it in the kit. Not only do I think that it does that really well. That way it is gonna be good for the most of you guys. So that everyone is gonna be able to try it and like it. The next product you guys know I was gonna put in this box. A leave-in conditioner. That is the most OG Kayley Melissa slash let’s make it up one product ever. A leave-in conditioner. If you watch me for awhile, you know. It’s just my thing. So, I chose the Living Proof Restore Instant Perfecting Spray. This is my go-to conditioner. Like, not even like, oh I’m working with Living Proof, this is my go-to leave-in conditioner. No. This is my go-to leave-in conditioner.

I have been ignoring every other leave-in conditioner in my drawer for this guy. It adds strength, it adds shine, it adds smoothness, it helps with the tangling. It protects from UV rays, from heat. It’s just like the all around bodyguard your hair needs. I really really love it. And it’s, I mean, I can’t tell you it is even my favorite in the line. I have so many, I can’t pick a favorite. But this is one of my top ones, which is why it is in my box. So, our next one is a new product and it is a unique product. So, I’m gonna take a minute to explain it. It is the T.B.D Multi-Tasking Styler. So this one, when they first launched it I thought that they actually forgot to name it. Because it just said T.B.D and and I was like, que pasa? What actually is the situation is that T stands for tame, B stands for blowout, D stands for deconstruct. So you can use it for all three of those things on wet or dry hair. On wet hair you can use it and then you blow it out. And it adds just tons of smoothness and shine. It also adds heat protection so that’s an additional bonus. You guys know I love my heat protectant. So I got two in this collection. And then tame, obviously, you can use it on dry hair to tame any little frizz that you have. Deconstruct you can use for separation or definition. So the way that I like to do that is to actually go through and pull specific pieces of my hair through my fingers to get that definition, and then I will scrunch even more. And you get that separation and definition but you still have shine.
So it is a really cool way to get that lived in texture without it looking dry at all. Another thing I really like for this, and it is not an advertised benefit of the product. But it is something I personally enjoy. Is I like the way that my braids look when I pull it apart. The same thing, like the creaminess that makes it really good for definition and separation also makes it work really well when you pull the hair apart. And it does not make the hair look dry. It actually makes it look moisturized and healthy. So you get like a really good, really pretty braid out of it. So, for all those reasons, really like this little guy. And I definitely recommend trying it out. Okay, there is one more thing that is absolutely Kayley Melissa necessary in this box. Can you guess what it is? I’m gonna give you a second. Log your guess in your brain. Ready. Okay. So, my absolute need. My final product that had to be in the box. Is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo. I have been talking about this one for years. So y’all better know that I love this. So here’s the magic of it.

So you spray in your hair, you know, as one does. But, make sure you go that inches away, not up here. It lets a lot of product out. You do not need it this close. Out here, much better. You spray it in. And then you let it sit for seconds to a minute while it absorbs all the oil, and pled, and whatever else else it needs to absorb. And then give it a little massage for another couple of seconds to really make sure everything is absorbed and taken care of. Just pretend like you are shampooing your scalp. Then you take a hairbrush and you brush through your hair. And when you do that the dry shampoo brushes back out. So it literally cleans your hair, and when you run your hands back through your roots it actually feels clean and silky. Not all chalky and buildup-y like it usually would after a dry shampoo. Which is why I like it. Because I do not like that feeling of super buildup right here.

So this guy is my ride or die when it comes to dry shampoo. If you do not believe me try the box out. Because it really is that good. So those are the products that come in my box. You’ve got shampoo, conditioner, a multi-tasking styler, a leave-in conditioner, and a dry shampoo. I’m so excited about this. I hope that you guys love it. At this point you are probably wondering where you can get it and how much it costs. It’s gonna be on and Sephora’s app. So if you prefer using your phone above all else, download the app and purchase this there. But, you can also get it on Either way my face is gonna be on the box, and I do not know how to feel about that.

It’s gonna retail for $. Living Proof is a premium brand. So it is kind of nice to get to try five different products instead of just one. And that way if you go back you know that you really really like it. That’s, I think, everything I need to say about this. I’m so excited. I do not know if I feel like I deserve this opportunity. But I’m so glad that I have it. If you end up buying the box seriously, send me pictures on any social media. I’m @kayleymelissa. I would love to see what you do with this. And if you use it in a way that’s different than I do. Tell me about it, I wanna know. And you know what, let’s get sappy for a second. Black and white, emotional music. I wanna say thank you to you guys for watching my videos and supporting me along the way. I’m an introvert. I’m somebody that struggles to put myself out there. But knowing that you guys are there and that you appreciate what I do and that you guy actually use my hair tutorials. It means the world to me and it keeps me going. So when I say I couldn’t do it without you I’m not like, couldn’t do it if I didn’t get the views. No, literally I couldn’t do it without you guys leaving me the comments that you do and supporting me the way that you do. So thank you so much. Go ahead and go back to full color now and take the music back to normal. So hope you guys enjoyed this. I’m gonna be back on Wednesday with another video for Halloween. I’m stoked to show you guys the next one. It’s insane. It’s actually insane. You’re actually gonna go crazy. Be back here on Wednesday for that. And that’s it. Love you guys. I will see you in my next video bye.

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