High End vs Drugstore Makeup Dupes Tutorial

Hey all, Welcome back you guys. I’m so glad you could join me a gun for another post obviously you can see have a full face of makeup on it’s. Because, I’m doing that really fun post where, I see on YouTube recently where it is the high end of versus the drugstore friendly budget side and you see.

If you can find a dupe. So, I did my research on Pinterest Instagram Facebook Google my makeup stash and, I think, I find you guys some really great dupes the right side it is the high-end side expensive and the left side is the budget-friendly drugstore side you guys you are gonna save some money. Because these dupes are great first step is the base. So obviously I’m starting with the face primers high-end side is the Smashbox photo-finish and then the low-end or drugstore side is the maybelline baby skin. So far they feel both very similar in texture I’m looking in the mirror right now and they both look exactly the same each side of my face the only difference is the color of the actual product splash box is white as you can see right here and baby’s skin is actually clear next is foundation. So both of these foundations are beautiful love each one of them I’m talking about the NARS sheer glow foundation and the Neutrogena Healthy Skin both of these foundations are beautiful they look healthy and they look like your skin and they just actually look the same, I can’t tell a difference honestly in the mirror which one is which and, I’m really happy with that. Because it seemed like this one it was a little bit more yellow undertone with this one it was a little bit more pink.

High End vs Drugstore Makeup Dupes Tutorial Photo Gallery

But I think it blended out very nicely. So instead of going to the concealer next I’m going to skip that step for now and move on straight to the eyes just in case, I have a little bit of fallout from the eyeshadows that way, I can clean it up with the concealer let’s go to the eye primer first and as you can see this one is super loved, and it is been through, I do not know what. But I’m definitely abusive towards it. But in a loving way this right here is the NARS eyeshadow primer and I’m comparing it or duping it to the snicks proof it, and it is a waterproof eyeshadow primer and I’m gonna see which one does best the eyeshadow primer just like with the face primer there’s not really that much of a difference it feels very good is they set pretty much same time. So I will just move on to the eyeshadow for the eyeshadow I’m talking about a really awesome product the lorac Pro palette versus the makeup revolution icon number one palette it is literally exactly the same thing just cheaper right literally they are all in the same order it is all the same colors how crazy. So cool. So far these dupes are really great they definitely holding their own the makeup evolution palette, I’m very impressed with it is my first time using it, I do want to mention two things that, I was looking for when, I was comparing these eyeshadows first is color payoff the makeup revolution definitely like, I said it definitely held its own when, I was applying swatch on the back of my hand and with the brush to my eyelids it definitely did very good.

But I feel like the lorac pro had a little bit slight edge when it did concerned the more shimmery satin shades, I feel like, I had a little bit more color payoff the next was how well they blended and same here, I feel like the lorac had a little bit easier blending where, I had to put a little bit more elbow grease in the makeup revolution eyeshadows especially the darker matte shades let’s move on to the liquid eyeliner. So I’m comparing one of my all-time favorite eyeliners is the Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner versus this Maybelline master precise eyeliner. So, I like them both they are both have the felt tip liners and, I want to see how well this one will compare it to the Stila one I’m really excited. Because, I love them both for the liquid eyeliner, I feel like they look exactly the same they both have really intense dark rich opaqueness which, I love in a liquid eyeliner the only difference is, I feel like it was a little bit easier to apply with the Stila. Because the felt tip is a little bit thinner, and it is not as long as the Maybelline where it is a little bit thicker, and it is a little bit longer. So, I feel like it had to be very precise where you actually placed your end, I hope that makes sense for my mascara I’m comparing one of my ultimate favorite mascaras this is the Tarte lights lashes cameras mascara versus the L’Oreal voluminous carbon black mascara honestly exactly the same riyo Paik nice and intense, I could build it up very well and they are still separating lashes while giving me a lot of volume. But the only difference is the bristles on the brush for the Tarte mascara is a little bit rougher, I would say compared to the ville Oriole viloria compared to L’Oreal voluminous mascara ville Oriole that’s a new word that should be the name of this mascara ville Oriole welcome you are welcome L’Oreal for the eye brows I’m doing two new products that I have never tried before this is the benefit precisely my brow pencil in the shade blonde and the NYX micro brow pencil in the shade blonde as well let’s quickly talk about these brows Wow the shades the colors are totally off even though they are both blonde, I definitely preferred the benefit side better cuz it is more cool tone where the NYX is definitely more warm toned blonde the only thing is the shade they are both off, I think it has to get like a topi shade in the NYX range overall very impressed for concealer I’m comparing two products that I have never tested before and, I found that these two are dupes for each other online this is the naked skin urban decay concealer and I’m comparing it to the maybelline superstay better skin honestly when, I blend it out it is not that much of a difference the only difference, I do see is right here on the urban decay side it is a little bit brighter and whiter on the inner corner of my eye versus this one.

If you like the consistency is very similar they already set and, I feel like they blend very easy and they do build up very well which is nice, I like that does not look cakey at all underneath my eyes just somewhat under area and the t-zone I’m gonna do it with the NARS loose translucent powder it versus the airspun translucent powder and actually right online these are really great dupes for each other a kiss stop looking at my under eye area is. So smooth. Because, I love the way this looks on my skin especially underneath the eye area it is so smooth and like minimizes the pores and this is doing a great job, I’m very impressed, I think, I found a dupe for one of my favorite bronzers makeup forever versus my Physicians Formula butter bronzer. But the color and the actual kind of has like that very light sheen to it, I think it is a match you guys let’s see. If it is, I think it is confirmed you guys they are equally the same except the Physicians Formula smell it is a whole lot better both bronzers are beautiful they blend very easy and they are very buildable which is great. Because you do not want intense bronzer in your face or maybe you do it is your thing go for it for blushes, I had to try this dupe that, I found on Pinterest this is the tarte exposed blush versus the Milani romantic rose, I mean they look exactly the same they are both matte and they are both beautiful and they are like that perfect rosy pink shade for every single day, I think they are exactly the same honestly the only difference is the size you get point 60 ounces and the Milani blush versus point 20 ounces in the Tarte lush they are exactly the same you go Pinterest kudos that is awesome for my highlighters I’m comparing another Pinterest dupe that, I found this is the Becca champagne pop versus the Physicians Formula shimmer strip in the shade Vegas strip and you basically take the top three shades and you kind of intermix them together to create like the perfect mixture for champagne pop definitely not champagne pop it is all, I gotta say champagne bottles and nothing something’s not popping over here still very beautiful at the actual color. But I do feel like this one’s a little bit more golden where this one’s a little bit more champagne II poppy champagne pop wins, I mean you can’t beat that formula, I have a great lipstick Dupree guys that, I found online and, I really wanted to test it out to face the melted lipstick in the shade int versus Maybelline Color sensational lipstick in the shade 705 blushing bud, I mean just look at that comparison very similar, I feel like if, I didn’t show you guys the swatch or ooh here on my hand you could not even tell a difference with the lipstick shades very impressed.

But I did just say, I feel like on a two-faced side slightly more vibrant pink where the Maybelline is a little bit more muted what do you guys think overall, I’m super impressed with all the dupes Pinterest definitely wins at life there’s. So many great dupes out there and. I’m so glad that, I test them out for you guys and, I found some really great ones and, I never tried before for example this right here, I’m shocked how great, I love those, I just keep staring underneath my eyes at how smooth it looks the only thing, I do have to get used to is the smell not my favorite. But I do not smell it anymore my face. So that’s good, I like that the biggest disappointment for me was definitely the Physicians Formula shimmer stick even though the color was great and it was very similar to the Becca champagne pop the actual formulation is not really good and sad as creamy and soft and it kind of took a while to build up to the intensity that, I wanted and of course share with me your favorite dupes, I definitely want to read them, I probably will find more for you guys let me know what other posts you guys want to see in the future. But for now thank you so much for reading and supporting this blog, I love you all. So very much I will see you guys very soon bye.

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