High Ponytail 10 Different Ways

Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies today we are doing another 10 hairstyles my hair is long enough somewhat long enough. So, I can finally do a ponytail post for you guys we are doing a high ponytail 10 different ways for my opinion, I think all these ponytails look back on medium to longer hair when your ponytail actually has some links to it. But. If you do not turn it here you can still make these work and incorporate these ideas into your hairstyles the first one is going to be a romantic ponytail, I love this one. So I’m going to split it right down the middle to make sure my fringe is equal on each side I’m just going to pick up the rest of my hair to where you want the high ponytail to fit I’m going to make sure where the fringe is going to lay down I’m going to just bring all the hair to the rest of like towards the back and then take any clear elastic or hair elastic, I like using the clear elastics I’m going to wrap some hair around the clear elastic to hide it. If your hair is shorter and you have short layers in the back and they are falling down just take a few many bobby pins and secure it and then to finish it off, I like to pull some hairs out to give it a little bit more texture and volume to the overall log from one side to the other side this kind of hairstyle is perfect for those days when you have like a surprise date and you have to look cute like matter of seconds this one’s for you and, I wanted to mention as well. If you have not watched my latest post, I announced I’m going to put out a post every single day for two weeks on this blog Monday through Friday starting next Monday, I hope you guys are excited, I’m very excited.

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But nervous, I hope it is going to be good let’s continue no matter those is going to be a pompadour ponytail what’s the popular yes it is literally a hump of hair on your head you are welcome. If you have bangs or fringe that you want out of your face this one is for you once the ponytail is up just go back to your pompadour and pull out the front pieces to give a lots more volume and texture and there we have it you have the sleek ponytail. But you still have a little bit of dramatic volume in the front and this completes this look you have sleek you have sexy you have a little bit of drama and the squares have a little bit of volume with the cockpit during the front number three is going to be a French or braided ponytail I’m going to braid the French braid all the way up to my crown or where the ponytail is going to six and then I’m going to pull out the braid a French braid is where you take the outer sections and you cross them over the middle section once the ponytail is up everything is secure I’m going to go back into the braid and pull it apart just a little bit more to give it more dimension and volume we have texture we have dimension we have volume and of course a French braid with the ponytail, I love the combination it always always works number four is going to be a sleek ponytail where everything is just nice sleek back into the ponytail, I like to make the ponytail a little bit messy for this one just. Because everything else is very sleek. If you have baby hairs like, I do and you want to sleek it even more you can take some hair spray spray it in your fingers and just Pat it down or use some pomade I’m using the style sexy hair control maniac just a little bit of it, I do not want my hair to be wet looking. But. If you do go right ahead and sleek it down put it like a sweet ponytail MRA number five is going to be a messy braided ponytail once the ponytail is up where you want it to sit I’m going to wrap some hair around the clear elastic to hide it and then I’m going to braid the entire ponytail it is not going to be a big braid.

Because my pointy tail is very short. But you can do a fishtail you can do a regular three strand braid you can do an infinity braid whatever braid you want. So now I’m going to put everything together I’m going to pull apart the hair on the sides on the top to give it more volume and kind of make it messy and pull apart the braid and just kind of let some hair loose around the face and just kind of finish it off that way make it a little bit more messy, I love the way this looks it kind of looks like a little heart in the back with the fishtail braid one of my favorite looks to do especially for the beach speaking of beachy the six ponytail is super effortless this one is ridiculously easy and, I love this one. Because it is very effortless looking it is very quick do not miss it once the ponytail is up, I go back in and messy it up even more just to make it look like it is very effortless like, I did nothing. But I put a little thought into it that’s it a mere 30 seconds and you are done seven is going to be a ponytail with a really cute bandana or a headband of your choice or you can even braids a headband. So they are really fun, I have a couple of tutorials for that this one is from American Eagle I’m going to be right back, I need to cut off the tag tie it nice and tight, I do a double knot to make sure it is nice and secure and that way it does not move anywhere and this is not a silk scarf it is a nice cotton scarf. So it is going to stay nice and tight on my head super cute and super simple just the way we all love it number eight is going to be a double braided ponytail which means I’m going to have a braid on each side of my head incorporate it into a high ponytail you can do a regular three strand braid or you can get a little bit more complicated with a French braid a Dutch braid a fishtail braid infinity braid whatever you choose once the ponytail is up I’m going to pull apart some hair it is a very top portion just to give it a little bit more volume and dimension and then pull out the braids is just a little bit just to give them a little bit more noticeability.

If that makes any sense doesn’t. But to make it make sense to me to make it a little bit more sophisticated at a couple of braids voila number nine is going to be a vintage ponytail going to do a nice deep part and then make sure to keep the hair out first and then pick up the ponytail. So take that side fringe that we didn’t incorporate into the ponytail give it one or two twists wrap it behind around at the ponytail and then just secure it with a bobby pin there we go go back in. If you want to make it even bigger in the very front pull out some hairs a little bit more texture and you are done and there we have it a little bit of vintage last. But not least is going to be an accessorized ponytail, I love this type of ponytail. Because it is super sexy it is extremely modern and it is very very easy to accomplish to accessorize my ponytail, I love ponytail cuffs and they’re. So sexy and modern and sleek, I just love everything about them I will have several them listed down below in description box where you guys can check them out they are very inexpensive and that completes my high ponytail ten different ways there’s.

So many other ways to do this. But this is just a few options for you guys and do not forget to tune in next week for a hairstyle a day Monday through Friday for two weeks maybe more in full slate and also we are postging every single day on our second blog, I will have it linked down below subscribe. If you want to come hang out with us. But for now thank you for reading and I will see you very soon bye.

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