Holiday Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Hi friends I’m back with the holiday inspire makeup tutorial fast and easy just the way, I like it just gonna apply some my favorite foundation at the moment armani luminous foundation in shade for just with my clean fingers just spread all over my face evenly yeah very even just get it and then just blend it out with a damp Beauty Blender, I cannot say enough good things about this foundation ice it is seriously amazing amazing and then I’m gonna pry my eyelids with the smudge proof, I shadow base by NARS you do not have to do this step. But it always helps my eyeshadow stays and stay put in that crease and then with the color mouth by the lorac Pro palette this is gonna be our transition color. So just sloppily apply all over your eyelid eyelids does not to be precise or anything and then with the color naked by the original Naked palette with a smaller blending brush this is 2 to 7 by Mac apply in our crease and and just blend it out go with a barely branded tattoo color by Maybelline, I apply with our ring finger from the inner corner about halfway this is gonna be our base eyeshadow is just a sticky base for the next eyeshadow that we are gonna apply this is the Stila in the moment palette the color actually broke I’m your lash trying to post it.

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So it is trying to salvage it this is the color instinct and with the nice shader brush just apply on top with a tattoo color that we just did previously didn’t go with the color say below by lorac Pro palette we are just gonna deepen her crease even more and then blend it out and then to smoke our lower lash line we are just going to go with the color mob with a tiny pencil brush and then, I believe this is the L’Oreal infallible eyeliner with a 2 to 6 brush by Mac we are just gonna apply as close as possible to a lash line I’m gonna just wing it out as much as you want and then applied ton of mascara. If you want it is what, I did and then to make our eyes pop up even more I’m gonna apply the NYX jumbo pencil in milk it is a really really cool effect that it does and then just to make my eyes even more smokier.

I’m going back in with the color sable by the lorac Pro palette and just blend it out here I’m doing my eyebrows. But the Anastasia brow Wiz pencil in the color ash blonde and then I’m just gonna outline my lower bottom portion top and then just fill in where it is sparse and then highlight my brow bone with a color bridge in from the Naked palette and then set my eyebrows with the clear brow gel it is a glue free eyebrows it is really cool and then here with any concealer this is in the color custard I’m just gonna highlight my face and then blend it out with the same Beauty Blender and that was me hiccupping and I’m gonna set my concealer with this hourglass setting powder and diffuse light it is really really pretty and continue contouring my face would benefit hoola bronzer on my cheeks the sides of my face and my jaw bone then just applying your blush this is The Rocketeer by benefit since been my favorite at the moment and then highlight my face with this fluid shear and the number two by Armani it is just a sample size and then set my t-zone with this stay matte in the color translucent and then just Pat it nice white. Because swiping takes your makeup off just Pat it wherever you want to sell your makeup and then with the nude color I’m just good this is fairest nude by L’Oreal you can do what color you want it for more dramatic do a red color red lipstick and then just any lip gloss on top, I hope you guys like it let me know what you think and Happy Holidays.

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